The 14th Annual ‘Divas, Simply Singing’

Soluna, The Pussycat Dolls, and Deborah Gibson were on hand for The 14th Annual ‘Divas, Simply Singing’ sponsored by M.A.C Viva Glam to benefit Project Angel Food and The Black AIDS Institute at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre on Saturday (October 2) in Los Angeles, California.

Soluna’s Pilot

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Latina quartet Soluna, best known for their 2002 ballad smash ‘For All Time’ and debut album of the same name are finally making their much awaited foray into television. The pilot for their UPN-slated sitcom will be shot at Paramount Pictures on Wednesday, April 28th.

Celebrities Rock Von Dutch Clothing

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Von Dutch Originals has received a lot of love from celebrities over the past year. And they are showing it on their website. Hear are some of those shown wearing Von Dutch clothing in November 2002: Fred Durst, Tommy Lee, Weeman. December 2002: Carmen Electra, Chris Judd. January 2003: AJ McLean, Britney Spears. February 2003: Shannon Elizabeth, Dave Navarro. March 2003: System of a Down, Tara Reid, Tom Green. April 2003: Anastacia, Eve, Tyrese. May 2003: Beyonce, Da Brat, Bow Wow, P. Diddy. June 2003: Alice Cooper, Andy Dick, Jay Z. July 2003: Brandy, Dennis Rodman, Ryan Starr. August 2003: Soluna, Jason Richardson, Robbie Williams.

Soluna Sitcom Coming To UPN

Soluna’s official website announced that a sitcom based on the group’s experience in music will be coming soon to the UPN network. The series will feature musical performances and borrow pieces from Soluna’s adventures in show business.

Soluna Brings Appreciation Of Spanish To English Fans

The Olympian spoke with Soluna, who see their music as representative of the changing picture of American demographics. “We see the boundaries fading away between the cultures, because that’s really what’s going on here in the United States right now,” Aurora Rodriguez said. Their debut album includes a combination with English, Spanish and bilingual tracks. “Because we’ve started our music career in both languages, we’ve been able to bring an appreciation of the Spanish language to English speakers,” Rodriguez said. “To bring some classic pop music to the Spanish audience is also a great thing.”

Soluna Pride Themselves On Opening A Cappella

The LA Daily News caught up with Aurora Rodriguez and T. Lopez of Soluna, who kick off every one of their shows singing a cappella. “We really pride ourselves on it as musicians — and as singers and as artists,” Rodriguez, 24, says. “We feel like if you’re in a group with four singers, you might as well use them.”

Nick Carter & Soluna Performing At PST’s Popfest 4

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New Jersey radio station 97.5 WPST has announced: “Last month, the crowd at PST’s PopFest 3 was one of the largest in Sovereign Bank Arena history. On December 1st, we’ll make history again! It’s PST’s PopFest 4 starring Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys in one of his very first solo concerts, plus, Angie Martinez, Simple Plan, Soluna and more!”

Top Soluna August Search Queries

Searches for Soluna last month on pay-per search engine were about on par with their UK all-girl pop group counterparts Atomic Kitten. Soluna was searched for 28,383 times, compared to 25,135 for Atomic Kitten. The most common misspelling as Saluna, with 2,957 searches. The most frequently searched song was ‘For All Time’ with 1,431 queries, followed by ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ with 36.

Success Is Amazing For Soluna

The girls from Soluna are on the cover of the September issue of Tinta Latina. In their interview, Aurora was asked how her parents feel about the group’s success. “It’s amazing for us, like when we played Madison Square Garden with Marc Anthony, but for our parents, to see them filled with such pride and to hear them talk to their friends about it and hear them tell us how proud they are, that’s really what makes everything worth it.”

Soluna Explain Best Indication How They’ve ‘Made It’ chatted with America and Aurora of Soluna recently. Asked what was going to be the biggest indicator that would show the group that they’ve “made it”, Aurora commented, “I think the best feeling that we ever get is watching other people sing our songs back to us. Having little kids call us up–friends that have the album and their kids call up and they sing us all of the lyrics. We have three songs in Spanish, and we have kids that don’t speak a word of Spanish sing the songs right back in Spanish to us, with their little phonetic interpretations of it, and that’s just the greatest feeling. The we were walking by and somebody that we knew had seen our video and he started doing our dance moves to the music video. And I just felt like Britney Spears for a minute–like, ‘Yeah, they knew our moves!’ That’s the coolest feeling, to watch other people enjoy what we made.” The entire interview at has since been removed.