Keanu Reeves Hooks Up With Sophie Ellis-Bextor

The Sun reports Sophie Ellis-Bextor has been spotted out with actor Keanu Reeves. The pair were introduced when their paths crossed in Sydney, Australia, and decided to get to know each other over dinner at the plush Catalina restaurant. Keanu is in Oz filming the new ‘Matrix’ sequel ‘The Matrix Reloaded’, while Sophie is there to promote her album ‘Read My Lips’.

Sophie Gets Back At Australia’s Fox FM For Misspelt Name

July 22, 2002 – The Mirror reports Sophie Ellis-Bextor got sweet revenge against Fox FM when the station misspelt her name as “Baxter” on tickets to an exclusive gig in Australia sponsored by the station. Sophie deliberately thanked Melbourne station Radio Nova many times, the arch rival to Radio Fox FM. She said afterwards, “Don’t worry, they’ll edit this out before it goes to air.”

Ronan And Sophie Draw Over 600 At New Zealand Signing

July 20, 2002 – The New Zealand Herald reports recent meet and greets with fans in New Zealand by Ronan Keating and Sophie Ellis-Bextor drew over 600 fans, though each had a distinct demographic. Keating attracted mainly women aged between 20 and 50, while Ellis-Bextor’s fans included a lot of gay men, said one of her minders, “and a few cute straight ones”.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Anything But Stylish Down Under

July 11, 2002 – The Sun has a photo of Sophie from an appearance on Australian TV which has her looking more like a waitress than the chic beauty of pop. One Aussie TV worker said, “I thought she was supposed to be a stylish Sheila but she looked as though she had come straight from working at a diner.”

Sopie Ellis-Bextor Clears Up Rumors

July 6, 2002 – Cathrin Schaer of the New Zealand Herald caught up with to have her clear up some of the rumors that have been floated around about her. Sophie denied being pregnant, or having any thoughts on posing for Playboy. As for the rumor she’d be the next Bond girl, Sophie admits she met the casting director of the new Bond film, Die Another Day, but she also decided that none of the parts were suitable for her. There was some truth to the beef Victoria Beckham has with her though, likely inspired by jealousy of her dominance when the two met head to head in the pop charts.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor ‘Get Over You’ Video

Sophie Ellis-Bextor 'Get Over You' single cover

Yahoo! Music UK & Ireland has Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s new video for her brand new song ‘Get Over You’ posted to watch before it’s release on Monday. In the video Sophie plays a shop window dummy that comes to life. Check it out via YouTube below.

Enrique & Sophie At London’s Hyde Park

May 13, 2002 – Enrique Iglesias and Sophie Ellis-Bextor got together in London’s Hyde Park for the official announcement of the Prince’s Trust ‘Party in the Park’ on July 7th in which they will both appear. No doubt rumors of the two being an item will emerge in the British press as the pop pair look ready to kiss in one photograph – and are arm-in-arm in the others.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Is A Mannequin In New Video

The Sun has a sneak peak of Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s new mannequin look for her latest video ‘Get Over You’, which had her spending three hours in makeup to achieve the look. Sophie said, “They put horrible gunk on my face and shoulders and it kept sliding down my neck. It wasn’t the most comfortable video I’ve filmed but the finished look is well worth it.”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Lets Official Domain Expire

May 7, 2002 – Cybersquatters have nabbed pop stunner Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s official website from right under her nose. Anyone going to the singer’s official website at get greeted with a bunch of pay-per click links from The web hijackers are a Sarasota, Florida group called Nationwide Marketing Inc., the same group that runs, a domain accumulator that snares unsuspecting sites that carelessly let their domain names expire. Sophie’s new official website is at

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Explains Stance Against Nude Pictures

A fan on Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s official site message board quizzed the singer as to why she is so quick to have the near topless pictures of her removed when posted on the message board. Sophie explained, “The reason is simple. I did them for a contracted job to advertise somewhere. The time period allowing them to be printed anywhere or up in the shop elapsed about two years ago. They were using my fame to get themselves publicity. Now, would you like someone doing that with your face? Thought not.”

Ellis-Bextor Pulls Out Of Charity Event At Last Minute

February 24, 2002 – Sophie relayed bad news to fans on her official site’s message board Thursday telling them, “I feel really bad about this but unfortunately I will not be appearing at the Bloomsbury theatre Gala on Sunday. I am genuinely pained to be writing this as I very much wanted to be there but due to a unavoidable set of circumstances I am unable to make it.” Sophie added, “Pulling out is not something that was undertaken lightly but I was put in a very difficult position.”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Reacts To Brits & Skinner’s Diss

Sophie Ellis-Bextor reacted to fans on her official site message board following her going home empty handed at last night’s Brit Awards. Sophie was also victim to host Frank Skinner telling her on stage, “Why the wide face?” Sophie said in response:

There are a few nasty things I could say about you, too.” Sophie told fans online, “Thanks for the comments you lot. I enjoyed myself last night and as you said, I always knew I had no chance of winning. If it hadn’t been Dido, I would have wanted PJ Harvey to win.

Frank Skinner was rude but you can’t blame him – he was just trying to be funny. I’ve thought of lots of possible retorts since but I feel I may have set the ball rolling by declining to go on his show last year. oh well.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Jaws About Jaw Bone Reduction Surgery

Sophie Ellis-Bextor replied to a fan asking about her comments earlier on in her career where she revealed she was considering jaw reduction surgery (if that’s possible!). Sophie addressed that and Robbie Williams satellite dish comments saying:

As I’ve said before, I don’t mind if Mr Williams thinks I’m dishy. Hoho.
As for the jaw I didn’t say I would have surgery just that I considered it (not seriously!)when I was about 14 as I hated looking any different. I disliked other things about myself too but I think that’s all part and parcel of growing up. Now I enjoy what makes me different. What about you?

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Lacks Phoney Showbiz Bonhomie

February 17, 2002 – A fan on Sophie’s official site posted an article in a Irish TV magazine (at Sophie’s own urging) focusing on the “lack of phoney, showbiz bonhomie” she projects. Sophie talked about upcoming tour she promises will be rather simple. “I don’t even think there’ll be any costume changes” she laughs. “I might do what I did at the Scala, which was change my shoes for the last few tracks.” Deadpan, she adds: “It was a riveting moment.”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Taking Part In Fundraiser Later This Month

February 13, 2002 – Sophie told fans on her official site’s message board she’ll be taking part in a fundraiser soon. Sophie said:


Just thought I’d let you know that I’m taking part in an event on 24th Feb called Scene and Heard. It’s a fund raising event for a company that helps children put on plays and get creative. I’m dueting with someone – a surprise and you’ll never guess who!

There’s also lots of comedy from people like John Hegley, Richard Herring and the Comedy store players. It’s hosted at the UCL Bloomsbury and tickets are GBP20 available on 020 7388 8822. I’d love to see some of you there.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Lays Down Law On Nude Pics

A poster on the Sophie Ellis-Bextor official site message board suggested he had nude photos of Sophie but were later proved to be partial nude pictures that were in Heat magazine. Sophie said, “No truly naked photos of me exist. Sorry. DHC and I have decided that any time those photos from Heat are posted, they will be removed.They were not supposed to be published ever.”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Addresses US Market Attempt

February 6, 2002 – Sophie answered a series of fan questions on her official site’s message board including any plans on trying to bring her act to the U.S. Sophie said, “There were some questions about the States. I loved Fei de Sei’s question where they said I was a one hit wonder in America who had been forgotten. Sorry, but not even a one hit wonder! Groovejet made very little impact over the whole country. It was popular in certain states, but there wasn’t really lots to capitalize on. America is somewhere I’d love to visit for work but the time I go there is not for a while yet as I’ve got so much to do in Europe first.”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Insists She’s The Real Deal Online

February 5, 2002 – After a message board poster questioned whether it was actually Sophie responding to questions on her official site’s forum, she responded, “I can totally understand your suspicions [sic] but – apart from anything else – who could I employ that would post for me at such random times?! Like now… 11pm on a Sunday! When I do webchats on other sites there is someone who does the actual typing. Here I don’t have to submit – it’s my choice – and so no one would pay for someone to do that typing. I’ll be doing the qu and a’s tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it…”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s Bond Role May Require Being Topless reports the role Sophie Ellis-Bextor is going after in the latest James Bond flick may require her to appear topless in a lovemaking scene, the first since the series began in 1962. The production company Eon is said to feel it must spice up the storyline to move with the times, but they say the scene will be shot tastefully.

Top Sophie Ellis Bextor Search Queries

British pop babe Sophie Ellis-Bextor drew little search interest in November but the numbers likely will continue to grow as she establishes herself as a solo artist. Incredibly, unlike most her American counterparts, the drop dead gorgeous model-singer has more searches for ‘lyrics’ than ‘nude’, perhaps a sign of a cultural difference outside of the U.S.? Sophie Ellis-Bextor received 2,157 searches, while Sophie Ellis-Bexter was second at 575. ‘Take Me Home’ was her most searched song with just 63 queries.

Sophie’s Integrity Questioned After Lipstick Deal

January 2, 2002 – Fans on Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s official site message board and both chimed in followed reports that the singer had signed a lipstick deal with an unnamed cosmetics company to manufacture her own lipstick. Many questioned the integrity deal as it seemed to tie into her latest album, ‘Read My Lips’. Bextor took a break from her vacation to assure fans, “Don’t believe all you read!
Wait and see…”

Brave Fan Asks For Sophie Ellis Bextor’s Measurements

A male poster on the official Sophie Ellis-Bextor message board quizzed the singer on her measurements saying, “What are you vital statistics? You know, bust, waist, hips?” The pop singer responded:

A friend of mine suggests that you are not particularly large in the bosom department, whereas I put to him that you are perfectly well developed in that area, but do not flash your bits around, like many other young ladies these days. My estimate was around 36C.” Sophie’s response? “You are close! That’s all you’re getting…