Sophie Ellis-Bextor Calls Robbie Williams Battles Immature

Sophie Ellis-Bextor participated in an online chat with the Sun and was asked about Robbie Williams comments in the media about her. Sophie said, “I do think it’s immature to engage in media battles and that’s why I haven’t spoken about him since I was 18. I think it’s a real shame that he’s spoken about me, on the other hand I think his comments were quite funny.”

Bizarre Award Winners Include Blue, Robbie, & Filan

December 28, 2001 – The Sun’s Dominic Mohan has announced his Bizarre Awards for the year and amongst the winners were Westlife for Best Band In The World, Kylie Minogue for Best Female Singer, Robbie Williams for Best Male Singer, Blue for Best Newcomer, and a few others.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Denies Plastic Surgery

Today when someone strangely going by ‘sophie’s no1 fan’ asked if the singer has had a nose job, Sophie replied, “Wow! I am so flattered! I haven’t had any plastic surgery but I love the fact you think I have!” Others on the board later attacked the poster in light of his name.

Sophie Says Lyrics Are Really Important

December 26, 2001 – Sophie Ellis-Bextor told fans on her official site’s message board that she considers lyrics the most important facet to a song. Sophie suggests, “I think lyrics are really important. That’s why the album is called ‘Read My Lips’, because I wanted people to listen to what I’m singing about! However some people just don’t mind too much what the singer is saying. I guess there will always be some of us who care about lyrics and some who don’t. Personally I can be put off a song entirely by bad lyrics.”

Sophie Wishes Happy Christmas

December 25, 2001 – UK pop goddess Sophie Ellis-Bextor left a holiday greeting for fans wishing them Happy Christmas and saying:

Well, we’ve come to the end of an amazing year and I want to thank you all for your fantastic support. I don’t want to boast, but I do have splendid fans!

I’ve loved watching the member’s numbers grow and I’m often here, even if I don’t always post. I find your input invaluable.

Anyway, I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and give yourselves a toast at New Year. I’ll be back soon all refreshed from my rest but possibly a bit slower after multiple Christmas dinners!