Timbaland ‘Morning After Dark’ Video Ft. Nelly Furtado & SoShy

Nelly Furtado 'Morning After Dark' music video

Timbaland is out with the music video to his new single ‘Morning After Dark’, featuring Nelly Furtado and SoShy, which is the first release off the American producer’s third solo album ‘Timbaland Presents Shock Value II’, out now on Blackground / Mosley Music. Watch the Paul “Coy” Allen directed video below.

SoShy Hits The Studio With Timbaland

SoShy updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@soshymusic) on Saturday (October 11). The Los Angeles based pop singer writes:

I know I haven’t been really updating u on my schedule since I posted this previous blog announcing my deal with TIMBALAND/UNIVERSAL, it’s just that it’s been so hectic… lol, I guess I need to digest it myself first before to share it, in order to give you an honest, proper and deserved report…

This one might not be THE ONE, but I can already tell u that Mr Baland and I already been in studio together, I actually just got back from Miami, and also participated to this “sweet sixteen” MTV show celebrating Tim’s step son Demetrius 16th bday… I had the honor to see him introduce me OFFICIALLY as his new artist, to the audience, the press present at this venue and to the beautiful panthers and tigers listening carefully and safely in their cages, located on stage haha… I couldn’t feel more in my element!

SoShy Signs To Timbaland’s Label

SoShy checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Friday (August 22), revealing that she’s landed a record deal. The Los Angeles based pop singer writes:

I haven’t been able to really take care of u virtual but so real “friends” lately for the good and simple reason that I been closing my deal, finally, and I’m happy to announce that I’m officially signed to TIMBALAND’S …. MOSLEY MUSIC GROUP/Interscope UNIVERSAL… it just happened a few days ago so u are pretty much the first ones to know!!! So we planned to finish up and produce the album in September and I of course will keep u inform weekly on how this beautiful collaboration evolve!!!

PLEASE don’t expect anything u haven’t heard yet lol!! Even tho u know a lil bit now bout my musical vibes and knowing the genius of MR BALAND (lol thats how I personally call him)… this is just gonna sound like nothing u’ve really heard before and he will surely help me to make a “good” project a FANTASTIC project!!! So that’s all for now, I am myself conscious each day that I’m one of the most blessed artist and woman…

The full post at MySpace has since been removed.

SoShy ‘Hot Stuff’ Video

SoShy is out with the video to her first single ‘Hot Stuff’, from the French-born American singer’s self-titled debut album, coming soon. Watch it via Yahoo! Music below.