Stefy ‘Lucky Girl’ Video

Stefy singer Stefy Rae wrote in a bulletin to her MySpace friends on Friday (June 5): “Stefy has a new music video for ‘Lucky Girl’. Hope you guys enjoy it!! Still working on new music but it will be out soon. Love you guys!!!” Watch it via YouTube below.

Stefy Rae: ‘Orange County’ Baby Isn’t Mine

Stefy mainwoman Stefy Rae posted the following bulletin to fans on the group’s MySpace on Monday (August 13):

About the video…

Ok… A bunch of you guys are wondering if that’s my kid in the new ‘Orange County’ music video… NO IT’S NOT! She’s my niece. Also the guy dancing with me in the video is my brother… So I don’t have a baby or boyfriend/husband. Thanx for all the love guys!

Stefy Rae

Stefy ‘Orange County’ Video

Stefy are out with the music video to their new single ‘Orange County’, from the Orange County, California pop band’s aptly titled debut album ‘The Orange Album’, released soon on Wind-Up Records. Watch it below.

Stefy’s New Rules Q&A

Stefy Rae of Stefy spoke with Popjustice in a Q&A about potential rule changes in the world, including how off-the-rails pop stars should be put back in the studio by force. “If they are really good at music then yes we should be able to force people go back in the studio,” Stefy said. “If it was U2 doing that then of course, get them back in the studio, make another great record. Now, if it was just a crappy musician then they can go ahead and do what they want, I don’t care!” Read more.

Stefy ‘Chelsea’ Video

Stefy 'Chelsea' single cover

Stefy are out with the music video to their new single ‘Chelsea’. The song is featured on the Orange County, California pop rock group’s debut album ‘The Orange Album’. Watch it via Yahoo! Music below.