Faye Tozer Lands Movie Role, Readies Solo Debut

Ex-Steps singer Faye Tozer spoke with Neil Sean of Sky News about her busy schedule, which includes a topless role in the new film ‘Lady Godiva, Back In The Saddle’. “It’s a role I relished and I think that this will be the breakthrough that I need,” she said, adding, “I am playing Sally in ‘Me & My Girl’ this summer too, plus, I plan to have my solo stuff out by the end of the year. I have no plans to get back with Steps. Why would I? I’m far too busy.”

Steps May Reunite

Faye Tozer tells The Daily Star that she’s hoping to get her ex Steps bandmates back together to record new material. “I really think Steps have more to achieve and I’d love the group to do more songs together,” she said. Tozer admits it will probably be toughest to convince Lisa Scott Lee, who had a solo album but was dropped by her label. “Lisa isn’t keen as she’s enjoying being a solo artist. We just need to convince her,” Tozer said.

H And Claire At HMV Record Store

November 7, 2002 – H and Claire, former members of Steps and now a duo were at the HMV record store in London’s Oxford Street where they were promoting their new double ‘A’ side single ‘All Out of Love’ b/w ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

All Out Of Step

The Sun reports Lisa Scott Lee has said she hasn’t spoken with ex-Steps bandmates Claire Richards and Ian ‘H’ Watkins since the group split 14 months ago, but she has spoken with Lee Latchford Evans and Faye Tozer, who are supporting her solo effort. “I haven’t spoken to H and Claire since we last performed. But I’ve spoken to Lee and Faye,” she said. “They’re supportive of my solo stuff.”

H And Claire Steps From Oblivion

The Mirror reports less than a year after they left Steps, H and Claire look set to be dropped by WEA records. “A record company makes their money from good sales with albums, but their album flopped badly,” said an insider. “It’s not really a big surprise that they are near to being dropped.” Their album only debuted at #58 last autumn.

Fans Give H And Claire Bizarre Gifts

The Sunday People reports former Steps stars H and Claire have been showered with bizarre gifts before gigs, including vegetables, mops and even plastic cockroaches. H said, “It’s really weird.” Claire added, “I used to get lots of Crunchie bars – much nicer.”

Former Steps Star H Had Breakdown

The Sunday People reports former Steps star H has revealed how he booked himself into a a top rehab clinic after suffering a nervous breakdown. H says the breakdown occurred because he wasn’t able to sleep. “In Australia, my body just couldn’t handle it any more and I collapsed,” he said. “As soon as I arrived I began to feel sick and dizzy. I had gone without sleep for three days which was caused partly by jet-lag. I just couldn’t stop crying. I thought I was having a nervous breakdown. I nearly walked out on Steps at that point. My body was shouting out, it was torture. After that I booked myself in for sessions at The Priory.”

Faye Tozer Admits To Almost Having Boob Job

The Sunday People reports former Steps star Faye Tozer had admitted to almost having a breast enlargement. Tozer said, “I was all ready to do it but when I arrived at the plastic surgery, I got all freaked out and thought it was gross.”

Former Steps H And Claire More Mature As Duo

May 4, 2002 – Former Steps star H tells OK! magazine the new partnership between he and Claire is “more mature” than the duo were in Steps.”I’ll never be totally mature but it’s definitely a much classier package, which is great for us as the clothes budget we’ve got is fantastic.”

The Real Evil Is Groups Like Steps And Westlife

Radio 1 spoke with Q magazine’s John Harris about the weak state of pop music with the breakup of Steps and the rumored departure of Hear’Say singer Kym Marsh. Harris was happy about the news saying, “If it means they are out of the way quicker, I think it can only be a good thing. The real evil is groups like Steps and Westlife who add nothing to the musical canon. Even in two years’ time, let alone 22 years’ time, they will not be remembered. They are utterly ephemeral rubbish.”

Claire & H Submitted Steps Resignation Papers

News of the World’s Rav Singh reports Steps members Lee Evans, Lisa Scott-Lee, and Faye Tozer received resignation papers from Claire Richards and Ian “H” Watkins at the final date of their tour in Manchester on December 22, leaving Fay to say, “I’m numb and I feel betrayed.” Lee admits, “To say we were shocked is an understatement. There we were, about to go on stage, then Claire says she’s going to leave the band. Then within minutes, H tells us he’s going too, and gives us his letters. It was all very sudden.”

Steps Fans In Fury Over BBC Portrayal

December 30, 2001 – Following reports by BBC listing messages from fans stating how upset they were after the band announced their breakup, fans have now focused on BBC for taking their comments and putting them in a story. One of the posters who’s comments were in the BBC story (stepsfan70) blasted, “I’m angry cos they put on their site what I had wrote but didn’t include all the times I said sorry.”

Steps Website Provides More Details Of Split

The Steps website added a new news entry providing more explanation behind the groups split in a Q&A format. Read on for what they had to say about when, why, and what next.

When did it happen? Although the decision to part company was very well considered by all of the band, it was only made very recently.

What about the old rumors? All of the previous rumors were untrue and as you know there have been many of them over the years.

Why? STEPS have always said that they did not want to be a band who gradually declined and things could not really get better than they have been in the last few months.

What are STEPS doing now? Everybody is taking a break with their families and friends now but they want to send a special thank you and love to all the fans who have been so supportive and understanding.

Steps Fans In Shock Over Split

December 26, 2001 – Fans on the Steps official Artists Direct message board are in shock over the band’s decision to break up today even after reassurance from band members that they were working on a new album just weeks ago. Said robertxs:

My two daughters are heartbroken. In the Steps Gold book under the section entitled ‘Future’, the whole band is positive about the future.

In fact, Lee says that they already have a load of songs for the fourth album and that they are not going to split up soon.

We went to the latest concert at Wembley. How much more enjoyable would it have been if we had known it was the last we would see?

My daughters feel cheated and abused.