Steve Brookstein: The Bitter Past Has To Be Forgotten

Steve Brookstein checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace on Thursday (June 25), alluding to the criticism he received from Simon Cowell in an editorial he wrote for The Daily Mail. “Steve is not a happy bunny,” Cowell wrote of ‘The X Factor’ season one winner. “He never was. He is just a bitter man who the public never warmed to. Steve proved to me that just because you have a winner, it does not always mean that you have a star.”

Brookestein writes:

Who moved my cheese?

I’m crazy – I know how it works but I still make errors. My life has been changing and yet I sit frozen scared to make a change. I wonder how it went wrong and who’s to blame, I try and motivate myself but I can’t find a direction. But then something happens and you run. You run around looking for new cheese in the maze of life that had you sitting around you for so long dazed and confused. I haven’t found it yet but I know it’s out there and I won’t find it sitting around doing nothing!

I’ve added a ‘demand’ widget to profile and I’m working on new album. I am looking for people who want to help me spread the love. The bitter past has to be forgotten in order for me to move forward with what I want to do. I’ll be giving away free songs and promos along the way. Join my mailing list on my website so I can keep you posted.


Shayne Ward’s Flop Worries

Shayne Ward tells the Daily Star even after scoring a #1 debut with ‘That’s My Goal’, he feels pressure to succeed and not end up like the previous ‘X Factor’ winner Steve Brookstein. “Obviously there is a lot of feeling out there, like, ‘Is Shayne Ward going to be another talent show flop?’,” he explained. “I do feel a bit of pressure because of what happened last year with Steve, which is a shame.”

Shayne Ward Humble About Career Chances

Shayne Ward spoke with Ann Montini of Sky News at the ‘X Factor’ after-show party, after he won the reality competition. “I have no illusions about winning,” Ward said. “It’s been a great ride and what a year! So if it all goes like Steve Brookstein, I’ll have lived the dream, if only for a while.”

Shayne Ward: The Next Robbie Or Justin?

Louis Walsh is hyping ‘X Factor’ winner Shayne Ward’s upcoming album, comparing him to some of the world’s more successful male pop artists. “I’m very very confident. This is not like last year’s winner (Steve Brookstein) – Shayne is a star and has a whole career ahead of him,” Walsh insisted to The Sun. “I think this guy could potentially be the next Robbie Williams, Justin Timberlake or Will Young. It’s up to him – if he works hard he can make it. This is just the start of a long journey with endless possibilities.”

Steve Brookstein Fears His Pop Career Is Doomed

Steve Brookstein fumed to The Mirror over the way his record label has handled his career since winning ‘X-Factor’. “I’m fed up with being slated. People shouldn’t judge me until they’ve seen my real work,” the 36-year-old moaned. “At the moment, I’m doing covers and it’s a bit cheesy. BMG wants me to release ‘My Father’s Son’ next. And although I’m happy with the album – and it got to No.1 – I want to do something more creative.”


The Mirror reports that the pop career of ‘X Factor’ winner Steve Brookstein has hit the skids before it got going. Runners-up G4 have seen their debut album go platinum in the first week, while Steve has all but disappeared off the radar. “I’ve written for other artists for so many years and I am struggling now I’m writing for myself,” Brookstein admitted. “I feel I have to write this masterpiece, but I’m not getting my head around it.”

‘X Factor’ Tour Hits Cardiff

Steve Brookstein, G4, and others from ‘X Factor’ performed at the Cardiff International Arena in Cardiff, Wales on February 23rd. Sharp viewers on last night’s ‘American Idol’ would have caught Simon Cowell’s sneaky plug of his program when he corrected Randy Jackson’s description of the “it factor” of a contestant, prompting a chuckle from Jackson. Check out pictures from RexFeatures.

Brookstein Worried Reality Show Fame Will Fade Fast

Neil Sean of Sky News reports that ‘X Factor’ winner Steve Brookstein is worried he could already be going the way of ‘Pop Idol’ season two champ Michelle McManus. The show’s planned UK tour hasn’t been selling well, and Simon Cowell no longer plans to introduce the London shows.

‘X Factor’ Winner Tops UK Singles Chart

Steve Brookstein 'Against All Odds' single cover

‘X Factor’ winner Steve Brookstein has gone to the top of the UK charts after promising to give all proceeds from his debut single to the tsunami relief effort. His cover of Phil Collins’ ‘Against All Odds’ ended Band Aid 20’s four-week reign at number one with ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’

Band Aid 20 Nabs Top Chart Spot For 4th Week

Band Aid 20 has held off a strong challenge from ‘X Factor’ winner Steve Brookstein to notch up fourth week at number one in the charts with ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’. Ronan Keating and Yusuf – formerly known as Cat Stevens – are pushed back to number three with ‘Father and Son’, while Kylie Minogue also slips one place to four with ‘I Believe In You’.