Amelle Berrabah Sad To Leave Barbados

Amelle Berrabah sad to leave Barbados

Amelle Berrabah checked in with her Twitter followers (@Amelle_berrabah) earlier today as she wrapped up a vacation in Barbados and prepared to return home to London. The Sugababes singer, who ran into ‘American Idol’ season three winner Fantasia Barrino, tweets:

Last day 2day. Just chilling on the beach 4 a couple of hours then gotta get ready 2 go back 2 the UK.x
Just met Fantasia. She’s really nice.x
There’s a music award happening 2morra night and she’s 1 of the performers.x
I think I’ve broke a bone in my foot.x
Goodbye barbados!!!!! Weep weep,x

Sugababes’ Restaurant Resolutions

Amelle Berrabah, Jade Ewen and Heidi Range of The Saturdays talk about New Year's ResolutionsJanuary 8, 2010 – Sugababes talked about their New Year’s resolutions for 2010, with Jade Ewen revealing she’d like to dine at a dark restaurant. Amelle Berrabah was so impressed with the idea she agreed they should try it, though she suggested she’d like to hit a Thai restaurant called Roxy. Heidi Range said she “wants to find a really good Mexican” restaurant like Saddle Ranch, which the girls went to when recording the new album in Los Angeles.

“Basically it’s a restaurant where it’s almost like a dungeon and you cannot see anything,” Jade explained, “not even in front of you, and you are served by blind waiters and you’re sat down. The whole experience is supposed to be really good because it heightens all of your senses. You’ve got to try and guess what you’re eating and you can’t find the cutlery. You can hear voices but you don’t know where people are. In the end they’ll bring you out and ask what do you think you had? Apparently everyone that’s every been there has never gotten it right, to be honest.”

The video has since been removed.

Heidi Range And Dave Berry Are Engaged

Reps for Sugababes confirmed reports that Heidi Range and Dave Berry are engaged on the girl group’s blog at MySpace (@sugababesofficial) on Monday (January 4). They write:

Congratulations Heidi!
We’re really excited to announce that Heidi is engaged! Dave popped the question at midnight on New Year’s Eve, surprising Heidi with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring. The happy couple jetted off on a romantic holiday together soon after.

Sugababes Talk About Their Christmas Plans

Amelle Berrabah, Jade Ewen and Heidi Range of Sugababes talk about their Christmas plansDecember 24, 2009 – Sugababes checked in on their official web site’s to reveal plans for the Christmas holiday. Amelle Berrabah said she’ll be chilling out most of the time and seeing her family. Jade Ewen said she’ll be eating loads of food and unwrapping presents. Heidi Range said she’ll be going home to Liverpool to spend time with the family.

“Me and the girls just want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,” Amelle said. “For this Christmas, I think I’m gonna just be chilling out most of the time, seeing my family, which will be really nice. I haven’t seen them for awhile. Lots of kids running around, lots of food and loads of presents hopefully. So that’s what I’m doing.”

For her part, Jade said, “Yeah I think we’re all gonna be pretty much doing the same, eating loads of fun, sitting in pajamas, and opening presents. We hope you’ll get some amazing presents too.”

Heidi concluded, “Yes, I’m going home to Liverpool, spending it with my family there. Then I’m looking forward to a nice, long holiday. But yeah, have a great Christmas and we’ll see you in the new year.”

The video update has since been removed.

Sugababes Discuss Twitter

Jade Ewen and Heidi Range of Sugababes talk about TwitterSugababes are out with their latest video clip promoting ‘About A Girl’, featuring Jade Ewen and Heidi Range offering their opinions about Twitter. Jade talked about deleting her Twitter page due to all the negative comments surrounding her replacing Keisha Buchanan, though she’s since gotten back online.

“I did have a Twitter page and I did recently delete it, which I’m really sorry about because there are some lovely fans out there who have shown us loads of support,” Jade explained. “But it is difficult, because you do also get some people that send some quite nasty and spiteful messages, so it’s a shame for those of you who have been lovely. We do appreciate it, and I think as well it’s a good way to say thank you and to be direct with you guys.”

Heidi continued, “I think the same. I really enjoyed doing my Twitter and it’s nice to chat with fans and stuff, but it’s been a tough few months and a lot has been going on, and really we’ve just been concentrating on dealing with that, rather than taking on board some of the negative comments that people feel the need to put on there. I’m sure we’ll be back on there soon when things settle down.”

The brief message at has since been removed.

Amelle Berrabah: I Needed An Escape For A While

November 19, 2009 – Amelle Berrabah is opening up about her time away from Sugababes after being diagnosed with severe nervous exhaustion and seeking treatment at a retreat in Austria.

“It was a great chance for me to retreat from the real world. When I came home I cringed when I read in a magazine that I had been in a depression clinic but thinking about it, I guess that’s exactly what had happened,” Amelle told The Sun. “Everything had just got too much for me to cope with in recent months and I needed a place to go to make sense of the madness.”

The star added, “I just needed to escape for a while and feel good about myself and I was lucky enough to get the full support of my bandmates, the record label and all our loyal fans. I am back now and can’t wait to get started again.”

Read more, including comments from newest member Jade Ewen and the girl group’s longest serving member Heidi Range at

Jade Ewen’s Favorite Sugababes Songs

Jade Ewan is joined by her Sugababes bandmate Heidi Range as she talks about her favorite song from the girl group before she became a memberThe latest video from the Sugababes features new member Jade Ewen revealing her favorite Sugababes song before she joined the band.

“It’s always a really difficult question for me to answer because I have two,” Jade explained. “I’d say ‘Stronger’ and ‘Freak’. They’re completely different, but I just love the fact that in both of them the girls are incredible vocalists and you get to really hear them sing.”

The message at has since been removed.

Sugababes Original Lineup To Reunite… Or Not

November 17, 2009 – It’s rumored the original Sugababes – Keisha Bunchanan, Mutya Buena and Siobhán Donaghy – are getting back together with the help of Katie Price’s PR guru Claire Powell. Watch a report from ITN below.

Keisha has since shot down the report, telling her Twitter followers (@keisha_buchanan):

:) I’m not re-forming the sugababes. We’ve spoken & I’m pleased they’ve lent me their support & vice versa. But we’re 100% NOT reforming xxx

I’m talking about the original line up by the way ;-) xxx

Sugababes Aspirations

Jade Ewan and Heidi Range of SugababesNovember 11, 2009 – The latest ‘About A Girl’ video features Sugababes members Jade Ewan and Heidi Range discussing their aspirations for the future.

“I would really like to be a part of, hopefully, the biggest selling Sugababes album,” Jade said, having just replaced the girl group’s last founding member Keisha Buchanan. “Hopefully for the next album, because I plan on their being lots more.” Heidi agreed, adding that they have “a new challenge” with another band shakeup.

Video of the commentary has since been removed.

Jade Ewen And Heidi Range Talk About Their Childhood

Sugababes members Jade Ewan and Heidi Range talk about how they were as kidsThe latest video from Sugababes in support of their new single ‘About a Girl’ features Jade Ewen and Heidi Range discussing what they were like as kids. Jade said she liked to play tricks on her younger sister, while Heidi said she was always singing and wanting to do make plays or dance routines for her family members to watch.

“As an older sister, I’ve got one sister, Shereen, but she was born on my mom’s birthday, so she’s very sensible, and quite bossy, so people always thought she was the older sister. I’d get quite annoyed, to be honest. I’d love to play tricks on her and I wasn’t really good at sharing to be honest. I really struggled giving her my toys. Shereen says she was told it’s fine, she’s creative, she’s gonna be a singer, so you can forgive her for her madness.”

Heidi for her part said, “I was just always singing, like always wanting to do shows for my mom or my aunty. I’m sure they absolutely hated it and were sick of it. Yeah, I was just always like making plays or making dance routines, getting them to watch me. They had to sit down and pay attention. I was a bit of a pain basically.”

Video at has since been removed.

What Makes Jade Ewen And Heidi Range Happy

Jade Ewan and Heidi Range of Sugababes talk about what makes them happyJade Ewen and Heidi Range of Sugababes talked about what makes them happy in their latest video posted at the British girl group’s official web site. Heidi cited family get togethers, while Jade confessed to being a bit shallower, mentioning food and shoes. Meanwhile, Sugababes have announced the release date of their upcoming album ‘Sweet 7’, pushed back now to a February 22, 2010 release.

“What makes me happy is I just absolutely love it when all of my family get together,” Heidi said. “Same room, having a good time, because my family live up in Liverpool, and I’m in London. If I go there, usually my boyfriend is not with me, and when I’m here, I’m with him and they’re not here. So getting them all together is brilliant and that actually happened on Saturday for a family wedding, so that was great. All of us together having a nice time.”

For her part, Jade said, “Two things really make me happy. I love food, and I love shoes. Now I feel really shallow (laughs). I absolutely love food, it just makes me happy. Even when I’m full, I just love things that taste nice. Shoes, I’m obsessed with heels. Everybody knows I have one pair of trainers, and one pair of flip flops, and other than that, it’s just heels all the way. I’ll wear them in the kitchen, up and down the stairs, just because they look great.”

Jade and Heidi’s video at has since been removed.

Sugababes’ Jade & Heidi Thank Fans After Rough Few Months

Jade Ewan and Heidi Range of Sugababes thank fans after rough few monthsNovember 3, 2009 – Jade Ewan and Heidi Range of Sugababes checked in with fans on their official site with a video clip thanking them for the support after a rough few months, which saw the exit of the British girl group’s lone founding member Keisha Buchanan and Amelle Berrabah being hospitalized with nervous exhaustion in wake of backlash over getting blamed for Keisha’s departure. Amelle is not in the video.

“We just want to say thank you so much for your support,” Heidi said. “It’s been a tough few months, but your support really helped us.” Jade continued, “People have been so lovely and welcoming as well, so thank you. I’m really looking forward to meeting you all.” Heidi concluded, “We just want to say, we don’t take for granted that you’re helping us out, and it really means a lot. We can’t wait to come out and do live performances and see you all soon.”

Video has since been removed.

Sugababes ‘Sweet 7’ And ‘About A Girl’ Covers

Sugababes 'About A Girl'Sugababes 'Sweet 7'

Sugababes are out with the cover of their upcoming single ‘About A Girl’ ahead of its November 9th release, as well as the girl group’s upcoming seventh studio album ‘Sweet 7’, out November 23rd on Island / Roc Nation. ‘About A Girl’ is the first Sugababes single not to feature Keisha Buchanan nor any founding member of the band.

Sugababes ‘About A Girl’ Video

Sugababes 'About A Girl' single cover

Sugababes are out with the music video to their new single ‘About A Girl’, the first featuring Keisha Buchanan’s replacement Jade Ewan. The video was filmed in Santa Clarita desert just outside Los Angeles and includes stunts, leather outfits and some fight scenes. The track is off the British girl group’s seventh studio album ‘Sweet 7’, out November 23rd via Island/Roc Nation. Watch the Martin Weitzs directed video below.

Tensions Already Within Sugababes’ New Lineup?

October 5, 2009 – Sugababes star Amelle Berrabah caught the ire of her bandmates Heidi Range and Jade Ewan during a photo shoot in London on Friday when her cell phone kept going off. “The others were kept waiting and got increasingly wound up,” a source told The Sun. “Heidi has seen it all before but Jade just wanted to get on and get the job done. Their management had to come down hard on the girls and tell them to behave.”

Amelle Berrabah Frets Over Threats

September 28, 2009 – Amelle Berrabah has been in tears and afraid to leave the house following abusive messages being sent her way by those who blame her for ousting Keisha Buchanan from Sugababes. “Her management have received thousands of abusive letters whilst her Twitter page has been overrun with them,” a source tells The Sun. “She’s petrified – some have been really threatening.”

Amelle Berrabah Responds To Keisha Buchanan Rumors

Sugababes singer Amelle Berrabah is speaking out about rumors that led to Keisha Buchanan being forced out of the British pop group. Amelle told her Twitter followers (@Amelle_berrabah) moments ago:

People have been tweeting me saying something about hair pulling. Where has this come from. There was nothing like that going on…

Nothing like that has ever happened between anyone. It really hasn’t. First time I heard of it. Please don’t believe it.

Just rumors. There will probably be a lot more. All I know is that I only speak the truth and that all that matters. Night everyone. xxx

1 more thing. When I said I can’t be arsed in an interview with Scott Mills. He asked me what really happened and I said I can’t be arsed to get into it because, just like I said, I don’t want to talk badly of anyone ‘coz that’s not me. Don’t want to go into too much detail because I still have a lot of respect for her. It’s not in my nature.

People can think what they like because I know that I can truly say I have done nothing wrong and have really tried my best.

Mutya Buena Discusses Her New Boobs, Keisha’s Sugababes Exit

Ex Sugababe Mutya Buena visited GMTV to reveal details about plastic surgery she had done on her breasts and bottom, discuss her new single ‘Falling’, and she offered her opinion on Keisha Buchanan being forced out of Sugababes. “Me just personally, I just don’t think the Sugababes is the Sugababes anymore,” Mutya said. “It would be different if Keisha had stayed in it and someone else had gone. I suppose now there’s no original Sugababes we should just reform again.”

Update: The video at YouTube has since been removed.