Chris Kirkpatrick Offers An Update On Sureshot

Chris Kirkpatrick posts a video update talking about what has been going on with SureshotIn Sureshot’s video blog #5, former *NSYNC star Chris Kirkpatrick took some time to fill everyone in with what’s been going on with the group, and how things have been since they filmed the VH1 show ‘Mission Man Band’.

“We’re trying to keep you guys up to date on what’s going on with us as individuals and what’s going on with the band and the show,” Chris said. “So far, I think we’re all really glad that the show is finally out, because it was a good opportunity for us to get in the studio, make some music, have some fun and get to know each other. Since we recorded all of that stuff, since we recorded the show and the show has been airing, it’s been a lot of fun. We’ve been out on the road doing a lot of promotion from the road and seeing the other guys again. Hopefully, if you guys keep writing in and requesting, there might be another season and we can all do this again.”

The video at MySpace can be viewed below.

VH1’s ‘Mission: Man Band’ Screening Party

Rich Cronin, Jeff Timmons, Lance Bass, Gene Simmons of KISS, and Chris Kirkpatrick were on hand for VH1’s “Mission: Man Band” Screening Party – VH1’s ‘Mission: Man Band’ Screening Party took place on Monday (August 6) at Runway in New York City. Check out pictures from WireImage (arrivals / inside).

‘Mission: Man Band’ Trailer

A trailer for the upcoming ‘Mission: Man Band’ VH-1 reality series, featuring comments from Chris Kirkpatrick of *NSYNC, Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees, Rich Cronin of LFO and Bryan Abrams of Color Me Badd – the new members of Sureshot. The series debuts on August 6th. Watch the trailer below.

‘Mission: Manband’ Promo

A commercial aired on VH-1 to promote the premiere of ‘Mission: Manband’ on August 6th is out. The series unites Chris Kirkpatrick of *NSYNC, Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees, Rich Cronin of LFO and Bryan Abrams of Color Me Badd, who will be challenged to create new music and a dynamic stage show, and then perform as the new pop group Sureshot. The video at MySpace can be viewed below.

Super Boyband Coming To VH1

After the success of ‘Totally Boyband’ in the UK, it appears MTV is following the same formula for a U.S. audience. The still untitled VH1 “Orlando Project” features former *NSYNC member Chris Kirkpatrick, former Color Me Badd star Bryan Abrams, LFO’s Rich Cronin, and former 98 Degrees singer Jeff Timmons.

Ex Boyband Summit In Miami

Former *NSYNC star Chris Kirkpatrick, former 98 Degrees member Jeff Timmons, and former LFO star Rich Cronin were on hand for VH1 Presents Sureshot at Mansion on Tuesday (January 30) in Miami Beach, Florida. WireImage has since removed the pictures.