Take That Reportedly Tap Stuart Price To Produce New Album

Take That have reportedly tapped Madonna’s favorite producer Stuart Price to handle the job on their upcoming album, which the veteran boyband want steered towards a disco and dance sound. “It’s a bold move by the lads to make the next album more interesting,” a source told The Sun. “They’ve played it safe in the past with mainstream producers. But this will take things up a notch. The plan is for Stuart to then work on the sound of their next live tour and bring the whole thing together.”

Take That To Release A Follow-Up To ‘The Circus’

After a string of sold out shows in support of their fifth album ‘The Circus’, Take That have agreed to put out another new album. “The lads always thought ‘The Circus’ album would be a good way to bow out,” a source explained to The Sun. “The last thing they planned to release was the DVD of the show which is being filmed at Wembley this weekend. The bond between them is so strong at the moment that they decided they should keep the momentum going.”

Take That’s ‘The Circus Live: iTunes Pass’ Preview

Take That’s ‘The Circus Live: iTunes Pass’ is a digital package that gives fans behind-the-scenes access to the band, including live recordings, dedicated video footage, bonus material and interviews. The twelve installments over six weeks are available for a one-time payment of £4.99. Watch a preview via YouTube below.

Take That ‘Up All Night’ Video Making Of

Howard Donald of Take That behind the scenes on their 'Up All Night' music video

Polydor has behind-the-scenes footage for the new Take That single ‘Up All Night’, off the veteran boy band’s fifth studio album ‘The Circus’. The Daniel Wolfe directed video features Take That performing at a street party.

“I think we’ve all said it, it reminds us of our own hometowns actually,” Howard Donald said. “It’s a great atmosphere. We’ve got basically the director went around knocking on all of the doors and all the people in the video all live on the street that we’re on, which is really nice I think. It’s great. It’s a good atmosphere here actually. They’ve done a great job dressing the street.”

Howard later added, “This is the first time we’re actually playing instruments on a video. We haven’t done a video where it’s the four of us playing as a band. So yeah, it’s different for that reason and enjoyable for that reason.”

Watch the video, also featuring commentary from Gary Barlow, Jason Orange and Mark Owen, via YouTube below.

Howard Donald Admits To ‘Group Wank’ With Robbie Williams

Howard Donald tells Q magazine he and ex Take That bandmate Robbie Williams once had a “group wank”, admitting the masturbation session took place when the British boy band started out. “It were me and Rob… it only happened once,” Donald claimed. Mark Owen added that he observed the activity, but didn’t participate. “That was an odd one, that,” Owen said. “I think I was more of an observer.”

Robbie Vows Never To Return To Take That

January 25, 2009 – News of the World reports Robbie Williams has vowed never to return to the boy band that launched his career, Take That, and that his next solo album will top the group – or anyone else for that matter – when it comes out in the summer. “There’s no way I’ll ever go back to Take That,” Williams told a friend. “I’ve got plans which involve me and nobody else. I’m going to beat them in the charts — I’ll sell more records than anybody else.”

The entire story at newsoftheworld.co.uk has since been removed.

Gary Go On How He Landed Take That Tour Slot

ITN caught up with virtual unknown singer Gary Go to find out how he ended up on the line-up to support Take That on their huge summer tour. The singer songwriter credit a chance run-in with Gary Barlow at a pub. “The band just seemed to get into my music, which is great,” Gary said. “I guess I kinda got to know them, they got to know me a little bit, and it seemed like they were into my music enough to ask me to go on the road with them which was amazing.” Watch the interview below.

Take That Member’s Paris Hook Up

A not so blind item in The People asks: “Which (single) member of Take That didn’t make it back to his Parisian hotel on Monday? Fans hoping to see the hunk were disappointed when he decided to take up a better offer from a girl.”

Take That Almost Renamed ‘The Circus’ Because Of Britney Spears

Take That star Mark Owen tells TV Times the veteran boy band nearly renamed their just-released album ‘The Circus’ after learning Britney Spears had named her new disc ‘Circus’, releasing the CD on the same day as theirs. “It ruined it,” the 36-year-old admitted. “We considered renaming the album. But that wouldn’t have worked. Besides, the artwork was already finished.”

Take That Discuss ‘The Circus’, Amy Winehouse

RTL Boulevard caught up with Take That as the veteran boy band were riding a train from London to Paris to promote their new album ‘The Circus’. The guys talked about the reason behind the trip to France, naming their album because their life is a circus sometimes balancing their music career and family life, and Jason Orange supposedly trying to get Amy Winehouse’s phone number.

The video clip at RTL.nl has since been removed.

Barlow: Britney’s ‘More Famous Than She Deserves To Be Now’

In addition to blasting Britney Spears to The Sun, Gary Barlow taking on the pop tart in comments to The Mirror. The Take That star, promoting the veteran boy band’s similarly titled new album ‘The Circus’, tells 3am: “I don’t see the point of Britney anymore, she was rubbish on [‘The X Factor’]. I think she’s more famous than she deserves to be now.”

Barlow added, “Why come on a show like that and mime? I don’t like her new song either. Her old stuff was great but maybe she should have spent more time on this one.”

So far, Take That are beating Spears in this week’s UK album chart battle, selling 133,000 copies in the first day to sit atop the mid-week charts, while Spears is at #3. Read more.