Take That Hope To Knock Westlife Off UK Album Perch

Take That’s Gary Barlow spoke with The Sun about their hopes to knock rival boy band Westlife off the top of the UK album chart with ‘Beautiful World’. “We will do our best to knock Westlife off #1 but it’s a tough job,” he said. “They have sold so many albums it’s quite unbelievable. I don’t know who is buying it, but we will do what we can to make ours #1.” Read more.

Take That’s Barlow Takes Hits At Robbie Williams & Westlife

The Sun caught up with Take That, where Gary Barlow weighed in on former bandmate Robbie Williams’ new album. “I didn’t like ‘Rudebox’ at all,” he said, “but I really liked ‘Lovelight’.” The guys also commented on the album chart battle between Oasis and Westlife. “I just don’t get the whole Westlife thing,” Barlow said. “I don’t understand who would go out and buy their records. I haven’t got it and I won’t be buying it, but I have got the Oasis album. I’m definitely backing Oasis over them – I thought Oasis would storm it to No1 with their best of.”

Robbie Keeping The Kids Happy

November 22, 2006 – Robbie Williams tells Neil Sean of Sky News he wants to make his new expletive filled album ‘Rudebox’ accessible to his younger fans. “I will release a swear-free version of the album in order to keep the kids happy,” he said. “I’m also writing a new book about my adventures in LA. It’ll be far more upbeat than my previous offering.”

Take That’s Songwriting $etup

Though all the tracks on Take That’s comeback album were penned by lead singer Gary Barlow, Neil Sean of Sky News reports on the reason all four members have received writing credits. “It’s where the real money is and all the boys want a slice of that action,” a source explained. “It was part of the agreement in reforming the band.”

Take That ‘Patience’ Video

Take That 'Patience' single cover

Take That are out with the music video to their new single ‘Patience’, from the band’s fourth studio album ‘Beautiful World’, released November 27th. Watch it via Yahoo! Music below.

Sugababes Bitter Over Gary Barlow

Sugababes stars Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah spoke with The Daily Star about their experience opening for Take That on their comeback tour, which was soured by the behavior of Gary Barlow. “Three of them are lovely blokes,” Range said. “Amelle asked for an autograph for a CD one of her friends had bought and he was rude to her.” Berrabah explained, “One of them was a right old c***. He was really rude. He was up his own arse. He was like, ‘See you later love and why are you even speaking to me?'”

Bizarre Podcast Featuring Sugababes

October 2, 2006 – Sugababes took over The Sun’s Bizarre Podcast this week, as Heidi Range, Amelle Berrabah and Keisha Buchanan chatted and played some of their greatest hits. In an exclusive interview, the girls revealed all about the making of their “saucy” rubber-clad new video, single Keisha’s life on the dating scene and the surprising acts they’d like to collaborate with.

Audio of the show at thesun.co.uk has since been removed.

Sugababes Won’t Be Able To Rewrite History On Greatest Hits

September 28, 2006 – Neil Sean of Sky News reports Sugababe’s record label are refusing to allow Heidi Range, Keisha Buchanan, and Amelle Berrabah re-vocal all the old tracks for their upcoming greatest hits album, which feature former members Siobhan Donaghy and Mutya Buena. Because of this, the trio will be forced to share the profits with the two ex members.

Sugababes Offer Hospital Performance For Injured TV Host

September 27, 2006 – ‘Top Gear’ host Richard Hammond suffered head injuries test-driving a jet-powered dragster at 300 mph, and now Sugababes tell The Sun they are willing to perform an intimate private gig at his hospital bedside if it will speed up his return. “Richard is a cute bloke with a great smile of course we’d sing for him,” Amelle Berrabah said. “I love ‘Top Gear’. Richard is a great presenter and Jeremy Clarkson is brilliant too.” Keisha Buchanan added: “Richard is really popular. It was a shock to hear about his crash. If our singing can do any good we’re happy to perform.” And Heidi Range said, “Richard has two young daughters so maybe they’ll convince him that our offer is a good idea. But it’s great he’s already making a good recovery. He is a brilliant presenter.”

Westlife Happy To Take On Take That

Westlife star Nicky Byrne spoke with The Mirror about the boy band having some competition with the Take That reunion tour at the same time they’re on the road. “Bring it on. It’s about time there was some decent competition,” Byrne said.

East 17’s Mortimer Blasts Take That Comeback

East 17’s Tony Mortimer is attacking rival comeback boy band Take That, who are currently on tour for the first time in a decade without Robbie Williams. “They are just a trumped-up Village People tribute band,” Mortimer said. “They covered Barry Manilow!” He added, “Would there be that much interest in Take That if they hadn’t played the Robbie card?” Read more.

Howard Donald Enjoying Take That Comeback Tour

The Sunday Mirror caught up with Take That star Howard Donald, who has been joined on the band’s comeback tour with daughters Lola, 1, and Grace, 6. “It’s great to be back. The tour is really hard work, but having the kids around is fabulous,” he said. “I am spending as much time as I can with them. We’re having a great time.”

The story at mirror.co.uk has since been removed.

Take That Museum

Neil Sean of Sky News reports that inspired by Dolly Parton’s Dollywood tourist destination in America, Take That are considering their own museum in England. Gary Barlow revealed: “It would make sense to have a proper place for fans to meet up and hold conventions. The idea is to look for a venue in and around the Manchester area.”

Take That Relights Their Fans’ Fire

The Mirror was on hand for Take That’s comeback gig at the Newcastle Arena on Sunday. “Looking tanned, toned and (almost) as nimble in their Libertine-inspired get ups as they did in their 90s heyday, Gary Barlow, 35, Mark Owen, 35, Howard Donald, 37, and 34-year-old Jason Orange were greeted with screams the likes of which Westlife would die for,” they write. “Despite their ages, the tempo of the show – heavily influenced by lavish Las Vegas productions – was frenetically paced rather than tailored to fans with pacemakers.”