Terra Naomi Covers ‘Baby’ By Justin Bieber

Terra Naomi posted a cover of Justin Bieber’s hit ‘Baby’ on her YouTube channel. The performance was a rare case when she received some negative reactions, writing to her Twitter followers (@terranaomi):

Wow. Poor Justin Bieber. People are so mean. Even to me, & all I did was cover his song. Poor little dude. :*( At least he’s rich as f*ck.

Watch it via YouTube below.

Happy Holidays From Terra Naomi

Terra Naomi checked in on her YouTube channel with a message for the holidays. “Christmas means a lot to me. It’s a great time of year and I love to decorate my home,” the singer songwriter said before a receptionist answered a phone call and she had to confess the Christmas scene wasn’t actually her house.

The video at YouTube has since been removed.

Terra Naomi ‘Time’

Terra Naomi posted an unreleased demo called ‘Time’ on her YouTube channel, featuring footage from her iPhone filmed through the window of the bus on her last US/Canada tour. Watch it below.

Terra Naomi ‘The Other Man’ Live In Fabriano

Terra Naomi posted footage from her ‘The Other Man’ performance at Teatro Gentile in Fabriano, Italy on December 11th, the first night of her Italian tour. “What an experience…one of the highlights of my life,” she writes. “Thank you to all who made these shows possible!” Watch it via YouTube below.

Terra Naomi Covers ‘You Are Not Alone’ By Michael Jackson

Terra Naomi posted a cover of the Michael Jackson 1995 single ‘You Are Not Alone’ on her YouTube channel. “Learned this in memory of one of our greatest recording artists,” Naomi writes, “and a tragic example of the way we love to chew people up and spit them out, build them up and tear them down…. RIP Michael. Sorry your life was so painful.” Watch below.

How (Not) To Make Friends At A Major Label

Terra Naomi checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@terranaomi), offering thoughts on her brief tenure at Island Records and suggesting a semi-humorous list of how (not) to make friends at a major label and walk away with as much free sh** as possible, such as:

1. When they send you shopping with a stylist, buy every possible thing you can and spend every cent of that budget! Don’t bother thinking about the money you’ll have to recoup (pay back) somewhere down the line. Chances are, you’ll never sell the number of albums needed to pay the label back anyway or make any real money.

2. When you have a photo shoot, always try to keep the proof sheets from the session. The label owns the photos, and you cannot technically use them for anything, but it sure is fun to make collages with them and write nasty things about the dumb way they made you look!

3. When your album is released, always take as many boxes of CDs/records/promotional merchandise as you possibly can. Once they shelve your album or drop you from the label or keep you legally bound to the label but stop putting any money into promoting your album, you will love having these things to sell at shows. (That is, if you still derive any pleasure from playing music.)

4. The label also gives you the opportunity to take CDs/promo sh** from their other artists. You should do this. Somewhere along life’s journey you will meet someone who would absolutely LOVE a little wooden boat manned with figurines of the boys from Mcfly. (Who?)

Terra Naomi Covers ‘Heaven’ By Warrant

Day ten of Terra Naomi’s Christmas performance series ’12 Days of Hair Metal’ features the singer songwriter covering Warrant’s 1989 hit power ballad ‘Heaven’, with filmmaker James Gunn behind the camera. Watch the acoustic performance via YouTube below.

Terra Naomi Covers Faster Pussycat’s ‘House Of Pain’

Every day from December 13th to December 25, Terra Naomi and filmmaker James Gunn will post a new video interpretation of a classic hair metal song in a ’12 Days of Hair Metal’ series. “James and I dug deep into the 80’s… we looked past the liberal application of man-makeup, excessive use of aerosol hairspray, and over the top 1980’s production in search of some real songwriting gems, and we think we found them,” Terra writes. “Just to be clear, we are not making fun of the genre of Hair Metal, out of which came some of the best pop songs ever.”

Watch Terra’s Faster Pussycat cover ‘House Of Pain’ – and the original – below:

Terra Naomi Weighs In On Today’s Election

Terra Naomi checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@terranaomi) on Tuesday (November 4), commenting on today’s elections and Proposition 8, which will change the California Constitution to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry in California. The Los Angeles based singer songwriter tells readers:

It’s election day. In under 24 hours we will know the results. It’s looking good, at least from where I sit, but I can’t relax until I know the final counts.

And, to be honest, I’m VERY concerned about prop 8. The fact that I’ve seen “yes on prop 8” banner ads on MySpace, non-stop, ALL DAY LONG, is really upsetting. This is 2008. There was a time in our country’s history, not so long ago, when it was illegal for a white person to marry a black person.

Why is proposition 8 even an issue? It is a discussion which should exist only between groups of bigots… not something which is up for debate while we are about to elect our first African-American president. We have come so far, in some ways… and saying that we’ve “come so far” feels ridiculous to me since “coming so far” simply means overcoming our disgusting natural states of hatred, bigotry and ignorance.

That being said, better that we overcome it than NOT overcome it, since it was (and still is) there to begin with. Ok. Enough of that… at least for now…

Terra Naomi Selling All Kinds Of Stuff To Fund Album

Terra Naomi updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@terranaomi) on Thursday (October 16), talking about progress on her new album and a trip to a Beverly Hills dentist. The American singer songwriter tells readers:

Now I’m off to sign more CDs and guitar picks. And sort out the details of recording my album. And because I’m so excited about all this stuff and can’t keep myself from telling you before I’m supposed to, here’s something really cool:

I’m selling all kinds of stuff in order to help fund this album, and one of the things which will be up for sale on the website when it launches in the next couple of weeks is A DAY IN THE STUDIO WHILE WE RECORD THE NEW ALBUM!!! and I’ll give you lunch, too. (I think the studio will be up in Malibu, which will be super cool, but don’t hold me to that, because details could change.)