Terra Naomi Keeps Busy Autographing Items

Terra Naomi updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@terranaomi) on Tuesday (October 14). The Los Angeles based singer songwriter tells readers:

Yesterday was spent signing things for you people. I asked for some special free gift ideas, and you guys basically wanted everything I already had planned for you – signed guitar picks, shirts, buttons, etc. Some of you wanted predictably weird sh** like “go on a date with you!” and i’m sorry to inform you that I will not be sending “go on a date with you” along with your CDs. First of all, I have no concept of how to package and ship that, and secondly… Just NO.

As many of you know, most “autographed” band stuff is not actually autographed by the band. (and for those of you whose dreams I just shattered, I apologize.)

HOWEVER – now, when you order TERRA NAOMI AUTOGRAPHED SH**, it will actually be SIGNED BY ME.
not a printed signature (like the guitar picks that came with my ‘virtually’ cd – those were printed in a factory. I never even touched ’em.)

Terra Naomi Guilt Blogging

Terra Naomi updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@terranaomi) on Tuesday (September 30). The American singer songwriter tells readers:

My friend James is writing a blog so I felt like I needed to write a blog, too.
I feel guilty and lazy when I think about the fact that somewhere, someone is blogging, and it isn’t me.
Thing is, there are people blogging all over the world, all the time.
People are twittering and zanneling and blogging and fu**ing and… I’m off topic.
And Then I start to feel bad because I know my blog won’t be as good as James’ blog.
See, he’s blogging because he actually has something to blog about.
Also, he’s really mean, so his blogs are more fun to read.
I’m guilt-blogging.
Just wanna keep up.
Nothing to say.
Not really.
Just don’t want to be lazy.

Terra Naomi Covers ‘Girl You Know It’s True’ By Milli Vanilli

Terra Naomi does a cover of 'Girl You Know It's True' by Milli Vanilli for her 'Terra Naomi loves lesbians' video seriesTerra Naomi posted a cover of the 1988 Milli Vanilli hit ‘Girl You Know It’s True’, featuring her buddies Jeremiah on the keyboard and 3rdi on the turntable.

“I invited my boys over and we had some old school fun,” Terra writes. “Another installment of my ‘Terra Naomi loves lesbians’ video series. The cool thing about lesbians is that girls like ’em and guys like ’em, too.”

Watch the video below.

Terra Naomi Covers Johnny Cash’s ‘Blue Train’

Terra Naomi performs a cover of 'Blue Train' by Johnny CashTerra Naomi posted a cover of the Johnny Cash’s trck ‘Blue Train’, off his 1962 release ‘All Aboard the Blue Train’.

The London based singer songwriter said, “It’s late, I’m rehearsing for my show this Tuesday, I’m thinking about Johnny Cash, and here’s one of my favorites of his. The only good thing about the incredibly disruptive mobile phone noise in the first part of the song is that it happens to be in tune with the song. Strange, that. Anyway – hope you are all doing well. I have lots of new songs and I’ll share them with you soon..”

Watch the performance via YouTube below.

Terra Naomi ‘Time After Time’ Home Video

London based singer songwriter Terra Naomi posted an acoustic performance of Cyndi Lauper’s 1983 hit ‘Time After Time’ on her YouTube channel. Watch the performance below.

Terra Naomi ‘Temptation’ Live At The Miller Video

Terra Naomi performs 'Temptation' at a secret showTerra Naomi posted footage of her performance of ‘Temptation’ live at The Miller in London, England on Friday (November 30).

The singer songwriter writes, “I played a secret show last night. And I really do mean secret…. not even my managers knew about it! I posted the info at 1 am the day of the show and lots of you guys showed up and it was cool!”

Watch the performance via YouTube below.

Terra Naomi And Jay Brannan ‘Say It’s Possible’ Videos

Terra Naomi and Jay Brannan perform 'Say It's Possible'Terra Naomi and Jay Brannan teamed up on a ‘Say It’s Possible’ performance posted at Naomi’s YouTube channel before performing together for the first time in London, England.

“We had never met in person, and it was amazing to hang out and sing with him,” Naomi said. “He has an otherworldly voice. I mean it. So anyway – we rehearsed for 10 minutes before the gig. (I was late. I’ll admit it. but it wasn’t my fault.) And then went to the Barfly in Camden for his 2nd sold out London show. The crowd was great – Jay has such lovely fans!”

Watch the clip, also featuring footage of the ‘Say It’s Possible’ duet at the Barfly gig, below.