After Paulina Dethroned Thalia, Thalia’s Career Follows Paulina’s

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Ever since Paulina Rubio dethroned Thalia back in 2000 as the Queen of Latin Pop, Thalia has done nothing else but to follow Paulina’s footsteps. They both released an album that year, but Paulina’s over shadowed Thalia everywhere: on the radio, on TV, on awards ceremonies, at clubs, etc… Paulina released her self-titled album “Paulina” and Thalia released “Arrasando.” After Paulina’s first single was released, everyone quickly forgot about Thalia’s album, and “Paulina” became a global hit and was the biggest selling album on Billboard’s Latin chart.

Thalia Is Jealous Of Paulina Rubio’s Success

Paulina Rubio, seen here in a 'Paulatina' promo photo, has Thalia reportedly jealous

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Cadena Dial (Spain) reports that Thalia is jealous about Paulina Rubio’s international success. The reason may be that Thalia’s last three albums had been total flops, while Paulina’s albums and singles are always on top of the charts. Thalia has never been a success in Europe while Paulina has lots of fans in countries like Italy, France and Russia. That’s why Thalia is currently recording an album with European producers so she can finally be known in Europe. Paulina is also recording a new English album with producers such as P. Diddy and other producers from Sweden, U.K and France.

Thalia And Tommy Celebrate Thalia Candy Launch

The New York Post reports Thalia was joined by hubby Tommy Mottola and execs from Hershey the other night at Da Silvano celebrating her latest venture: Thalia candy. The fruity Thalia hard candies and a creme wafer stick called Cajeta will roll out in stores soon.

Mariah Made Him A Millionaire, Thalia Has Taken Him To Bankruptcy

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El Siglo reports that Mariah Carey, became the feminine singer who has sold more albums in the history of music, as soon as the ex-director of Sony, Tommy Mottola, discovered her great artistic talent. As manager and promoter, Mottola lay down millions of dollars with the privileged voice of his ex-wife, nevertheless, with Thalía, his present wife, the same formula has not worked informed a publication into Magazine FAMA. Tommy is in the total financial ruin because of Thalía, since she failed with her disc, mark of clothes, lenses, chocolates and now with the magazine.

New Rumors Of Marriage Trouble For Tommy And Thalia

According to Roger Friedman of, Thalia and Tommy Mottola are again subject of divorce rumors. Friedman writes, “I’ve had insistent phone calls from ‘insiders’ who swear the marriage is over, and another call from ‘someone who knows’ who says the couple is still together. Come on! Can’t these two crazy kids work it out?”

Thalia Credits Mother With Her Success

May 10, 2004 – Even though she is married to Sony mogul Tommy Mottola, Thalia credits her success to her drive and to the support of her mother. “I’ve always tried to reinvent myself to my fans. I sometimes have wondered how I have dared to try new looks or styles, but I enjoy looking back on my career and what I have done,” she tells Maria Cortes Gonzalez of the El Paso Times. “And my mother has never left my side. She always supported my projects and traveled with me everywhere. And as my manager, she always looked for new venues for me to perform … like France, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, etc.”

Thalia Talks About Paulina Rubio

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Thalia made a short phone interview with Y-100.7 in Miami and talked about Paulina Rubio.

“Paulina seems happy to be at number one, but I have been number one also. My crossover is a huge success everywhere, and I feel happy for that, I’m a recognized name wherever I go, just ask an American who is Thalia and who is Paulina and I know what the answer is (laughs).”

“What I don’t really like from Paulina is the way she acts, she acts like she is so smart but whatever, I’m Thalia.”

Paulina Rubio Attends ‘Sue Os De Un Seductor’

March 16, 2004 – Paulina Rubio was on hand for the 300th performance of ‘Sue Os De Un Seductor’ (Play It Again, Sam) on Sunday (March 14) at Teatro De Los Insurgentes in Mexico City.

Paulina Rubio Receives Gold Record Sales

March 10, 2004 – Contributed anonymously:

Paulina Rubio received a gold record for her album ‘Pau-Latina’ with only five weeks of its release. She also revealed that by September she will be making her first ‘MTV Unplugged’ where she will sing all her hits in live versions. She also wants to invite all her friends from the music business, including Ronan Keating who collaborated with her in the hit song ‘When You Say Nothing At All’. Paulina will be promoting in Mexico for a week to then travel to Spain, France and Italy to start promoting ‘Pau-Latina’ in Europe.

Paulina Rubio Falls From The Top Of Latin Album Charts

March 7, 2004 – This week on, Paulina Rubios’s ‘Pau-Latina’ is no longer #1 on the Latin Album Charts. She is replaced by Intocable’s debut album ‘Intimamente: En Vivo Live’ while Thalia’s ‘Greatest Hits’ falls two to #4.

Paulina Still Number #1 On Latin Charts

March 6, 2004 – This weeks charts at shows Paulina Rubio’s ‘Te Quise Tanto’ is still at the top of Latin Charts with her second week at #1, at #3 is Ricky Martin with ‘Y Toda Queda En Nada’ and Thalia’s ‘Cerca De Ti’ remains the same at #4.

Thalia Losing Momentum As Paulina Holds On Tight

Paulina Rubio 'Pau-Latina' album cover

Last week Paulina Rubio had the number 1 spot on Billboard’s latin album charts with her latest album ‘Pau-Latina’, and Thalia was at #2 with ‘Greatest Hits’. Meanwhile, Thalia had the number one spot on the Hot Latin Tracks chart with her song ‘Cerca De Ti’, and Paulina was at #2 with ‘Te Quise Tanto’. This week Paulina claims the top spot on both of these charts, and Thalia is still at #2 on the latin album chart but falls to #4 on the Hot Latin Tracks chart.

Thalia Scraps EP Plans; New Album Coming Soon

'Thalia' album cover

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Thalia is set to storm the English pop scene once again. Her debut single, “I Want You,” will finally receive its U.K. debut, with the release date of April 26th. Meanwhile, her debut U.S. album, “Thalia,” is getting a facelift and will include half the songs on the original album and half new songs. The EP originally planned was cancelled in favor for this idea. The album’s title is, “I Want You.” The release date for that is July 27th in the U.S. and August 23rd in the U.K. “Forget Me Not,” will now not be the first single, however the single will be one of the tracks below. Read on for the complete U.S. tracklisting.

Thalia – I Want You
July 2004

1. Let’s Dance
2. I Want You (Ft. Fat Joe)
3. Forget Me Not (Ft. Lil Jon and The Eastside Boys)
4. Baby, I’m In Love
5. I Don’t Want To (Let Go)
6. Misbehavin’ (Remix)
7. Take a Ride With Me (Ft. Ja Rule)
8. Save The Day
9. L-O-V-E
10. Another Girl
11. Cerca De Ti
12. Goin’ Out (To The Club)
13. Forget Me Not (Pop Remix Edit)
Enhanced Portion:
I Want You (Video)

The album features 7 new tracks and one updated track. Thalia’s debut album sold 100,000 copies and this time around she hopes to double that.

Thalia’s ‘Back For More’

February 22, 2004 – Contributed anonymously:

Thalia is ‘Back for More’, judging from her new EP title. Thalia is set to drop her new English EP, ‘Back for More,’ June 15th and is headed by the single, ‘Forget Me Not’, (originally titled ‘Not Forgotten’) and features “crunk” rappers Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys. The song drops to Pop, Rhythmic, and Urban radio April 6th. The album’s tracklisting received a facelift from the original one released last month. Read on for the complete tracklisting.

Premio Lo Nuestro Latin Music Awards Winners

Ricky Martin brought down the house as the sensational opening act of the 2004 “Premio Lo Nuestro a la Musica Latina,” which was telecast LIVE from the Miami Arena Thursday night on the Univision Network.

Thousands of passionate fans screamed nonstop while Martin performed the breakout hit from his new Spanish-language album, a Flamenco-style dance tune titled “Jaleo.” Later, Puerto Rican legend Jose Feliciano made a rare appearance to present Martin with the prestigious “Premio a la Excelencia” lifetime achievement award.

Paulina Claims Top Spot In Chart Battle With Thalia

Fans of Latin music were waiting to see what the outcome would be of the chart battle between Paulina Rubio and Thalia which took place due to the fact that both of them releasing albums on February 10th. Paulina came out ahead taking the top spot with ‘Pau-Latina’, while Thalia will have to settle for being second best.

It Only Took 3 Weeks For Paulina To Reach The Top

February 12, 2004 – Contributed anonymously:

It only took three weeks for Paulina Rubio to conquer the Billboard’s hot latin track chart with the amazing first single ‘Te Quise Tanto’ off her new album ‘Pau-Latina’. The single debuted at #22, then climbed 10 spots to #12 to finally reach the #1 spot. The Billboard chart is not the only number one spot for Paulina, she is also in the first spot in Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay and Central America. While she is at the top 10 in Mexico, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Netherland Antilles and Uruguay.