The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Live On ‘Go’ Morgen Danmark’

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour appeared on the Danish morning show ‘Go’ morgen Danmark’, performing their hit ‘Around The Bend’ on Tuesday (September 22). “I think we managed not to look to tired,” Mette Larsen told the band’s MySpace friends. “You have to get up really early to be in this show hehe…” Watch it via YouTube below.

“Jelly Boy” Dances With The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour posted footage from the last show on their summer tour, where the Danish alt-pop group had a dancer join them on stage for ‘Around The Bend’. “How great is it to have spontaneous stage show with a jelly-boy like that,” Mette Lindberg writes. “Wooop, and I borrowed a hat and jacket from the festival for ‘Hero’. The sound is not recorded perfect with our Flip, but what the Fu**!!!” Watch it via YouTube below.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour ‘The Golden Age’ Video

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour 'The Golden Age' single cover

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour are out with the music video to their new single ‘The Golden Age’, off the Danish alt-pop group’s debut album ‘Fruit’. Mette Lindberg and Lars Iversen again teamed with director Diego Vasquez on the project, who helmed the videos for ‘Around The Bend’ and ‘The Sun Ain’t Shining No More’. Watch it below.

Mette Lindberg Discusses Inspirations, Summer & Monkeys

Who Killed Summer? got the chance to meet up with Mette Lindberg from The Asteroids Galaxy Tour at the Secret Garden Party for a little chat about musical inspirations, monkeys, advising concertgoers not to get too drunk or fall asleep in the mud and who she think killed summer. Watch it below.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour At The Secret Garden Party

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour posted highlights from their appearance at The Secret Garden Party in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire on Friday (July 24). Before hitting the stage, Mette Lindberg is seen singing a bit of Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’. “The weather was really bad in the sky, but we survived and got there on time to play late at night,” Mette writes. Watch the highlight reel below.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Make Sushi Rolls

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, with the help of some special friends at Bond Street in New York City, showed viewers how to make delicious sushi rolls as Nylon TV cameras rolled. Watch via YouTube below.

Markus Molinari Hangs Out With Mette Lindberg In Luxembourg

While joining BFF Katy Perry tour in Europe, Markus Molinari met up with Mette Lindberg of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour in Luxembourg. Mette talked about how long they’ve been a band, having their own record label, and her chain of hotels. Watch the backstage pass via YouTube below.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Virgin Radio Paris Highlights

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour documented their live session on Virgin Radio in Paris, France on June 16th. “We had a good time at Virgin Radio,” singer Mette Lindberg wrote on the band’s MySpace. “Here you can see how it went and how it looks when stuff like that is made!!” Watch below.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour At Southside Festival

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour documented their time making new friends outside the hotel and live at the Southside Festival near Tuttlingen, Germany on Friday (June 19). Watch on and off stage moments via the Danish band’s YouTube channel below.