Expect Everything & Nothing On The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s Debut LP

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour vocalist Mette Lindberg took part in a Q&A with Hipster Overkill, where she talked about what fans can expect from the Danish pop act’s full-length debut album in April. “You can expect everything and nothing,” Lindberg said. “Even though you’ve heard the singles you can expect more songs that take us in a new direction. But, at the same time, they have something in common, so it’s a whole piece. I think that makes it fresh. It’s not something we thought about, it’s just the way it is.” The entire interview at hipsteroverkill.com has since been removed.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Live At Pardiso

FabChannel.com has video of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour entire live show at at Paradiso in Amsterdam on January 15th.

Video of the Danish alternative pop group performing ‘The Golden Age’, ‘Lady Jesus’, ‘Around The Bend’, ‘Sunshine Coolin’, ‘The Sun Ain’t Shining No More’, ‘Satellite’, and ‘Push The Envelope’ has since been removed (the site shut down).

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour To Release Debut Album ‘Fruit’ In April

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@theasteroidsgalaxytour) on Thursday (January 15), announcing the release date for their debut album. The Copenhagen, Denmark alternative pop group tell readers:

Many of you have sent in comments and messages asking when The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s album is out… well, we’re excited to tell you that Fruit, their debut album, is set for release in April.

Packed full of catchy, funky gems and soulful gorgeous ballads, sung by the stunning Mette, the album features singles such as The Sun Ain’t Shining No More and the iPod Touch ad soundtrack, Around the Bend, it also features unreleased gems such as the much-in-demand Hero.

Watch this space as we’ll be bringing you a date shortly.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Fruit

Happy New Year From The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Lars Iversen of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour checked in with fans on the Danish alternative pop group’s blog at MySpace (@theasteroidsgalaxytour) on Wednesday (December 31), wishing readers a Happy New Year. Iversen writes:

Hi folks!
Alright, this is our happy new year blog…

but hey, seriously, we mean it…!! :)

Please please please DO have a tremendous ridiculously happiest of all happy new years!!! We will certainly be doin our best here in the galaxy!

Right now Mette is warming up in Thailand while I am coolin’ down at my parents summer house at the stoney shores of freezing cold Denmark, far far and away from the city and civilization.

But it’s NOT summer here! But no regrets, I have a fireplace and lots of carved wood here to keep me warm and alive. And it’s beautiful up here. The air is crystal clear (and clean!) as I am sitting by my fireplace overviewing the sea in my biggest and warmest woolen sweater… I love it. And guess what I brought with me up here (apart from my girlfriend..?) : My little mobile recording studio including a guitar, bass, keyboard, a microphone and my MacBook. Yes, new songs will be born here! I hope that some day you’ll get to know them – by heart :)
Have a great new years eve!!
See you in 09.


The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Check In After Touring Germany

Mette Lindberg of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour updated fans on the Danish indie pop group’s blog at MySpace (@theasteroidsgalaxytour) on Wednesday (December 24). Lindberg tells readers:

Christmas – Hall Ell Ull Jaaaah!!!

Mjallooo Bjalloooo You All!!!

“And so this is Christmas”

We had really good times this December in Germany. Berlin, Hamburg, München and Cologne :-) Thank you so much to all of you groovin’ along and givin’ it up YEAh!!! It was very special for us – Hopefully we will be back soon….
Lars is celebrating Christmas in the country side with great food and harmonie….

I am (right now) on my way to Thailand with my love, chillin’ in da sun, Fruits and Greatness Woop Woop.

Take Care and make sure you give the Best to the ones you love – As with music, the same with love, don’t be tight or afraid ……. give it all you got!!!

Good Vibes from the Galaxy


The Astroids Galaxy Tour Ready Debut Album For March Release

Mette Lindberg of The Astroids Galaxy Tour checked in with fans on the Copenhagen, Denmark indie pop group’s blog at MySpace (@theasteroidsgalaxytour) on Tuesday (November 18). Mette writes:

Mjallooo friends.

Right now we are on the way to the airport taking a plane to NY, our very first time in The United States of America!!! Baby Baby Baby!

Already we have one lost passport…but it’s has been found….but will we get it in time for the flight!!! It’s Drama, danger, stranger! Grapeness!!!

Lars and I have been in London the last week Friday the whole Album was mastered YEAH!!! Finally!! It sounds amazing and we are very happy about it. The Album will come out in the beginning of March… it’s gonna be great, can’t wait!

We are looking forward to play and stay in NY, hope to see you in the crowd for one or all of the shows :-)

Tutti Frutti, and crazy bazzy.