The Cheeky Girls Aren’t Happy With ‘Pineapple Dance Studios’

The Cheeky GirlsThe Cheeky Girls checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@xcheekygirlsx) on Thursday (April 29) with a clarification about their appearance on the upcoming ‘Pineapple Dance Studios’. The manager for the twin sisters writes:

Hi guys ! This is a statement from The Cheeky Girls Tour Manager: The girls gladly accepted an invitation to visit Pineapple Studios, to meet Louie Spence and Andrew Stone, and to be filmed during their visit, without receiving any appearance fee at all. They also, gladly accepted to be invited out for a drink at 5PM in the afternoon on the same day, for an interview at the Embassy Club with Andrew Stone, chatting about their careers and to be filmed again. The girls had one drink sitting at the bar, there no people around at that time of the day, and the filming finished before 7PM. If u watch the show on Sky Channel, u all will notice that the show is a TOTAL FAKE ! Due to clever editing and even more clever misleading from the producers, the show is giving out very surprising and disturbing messages. The show producers promised a promotional opportunity for the girls. The girls also performed a dance routine at Pineapple Studios. Clearly no promise was kept, and the girls image and presence was used by the producers to reinforce Andrew Stone’s shallow image. It is a big disappointment, and I wish to assure everybody who watch the show that there is no connection, cooperation, or friendship going on between the girls and Andrew Stone. They met only once on the day of the filming, and there are no plans to meet him again.Specification: The filming took place on the 3rd of March, when at 6PM it was already dark outside. Leaving the club together, getting in the black cab, was just a scene for filming as a closure to return to Pineapple Studios, which never happened. The girls and Andrew Stone, went on separate ways. The cab never left, they just got out on the other side. So, to end this in a pure showbiz manner: ” S___T happens ! ” – keep cool

The Cheeky Girls Pitch The Cheeky Collection Cosmetics

Monica and Gabriela Irimia of The Cheeky GirlsMonica and Gabriela Irimia of The Cheeky Girls posted a video clip as the twins got ready for a night out clubbing using cosmetics from their own range. The Cheeky Collection will be available in stores at the end of August.

“We are getting ready to go out for a night of clubbing, so for makeup we use our own Cheeky Girls range, can you believe it,” the girls ask. “Everything in our range is very, very fruity, and very, very fresh.”

Watch the pair apply lipgloss and perfume at Facebook.

‘Snog, Marry, Avoid?’ Ft. The Cheeky Girls

Jenny Frost presents the world’s first makeunder show, which sees POD – Personal Overhaul Device – transform OTT girls and boys into natural beauties, in this case – twin sisters Monica and Gabriela Irimia of The Cheeky Girls. Before and after each makeunder, the public will vote as to whether they would rather snog, marry or avoid POD’s willing victims. Watch the ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid?’ feature below.

Cheeky Girls Fame & Fortune Hopes Dashed

December 30, 2005 – The Cheeky Girls are complaining to Now magazine that after getting their break on ‘Popstars: The Rivals’ and releasing a string of hits, the Transylvanian twins earned only a £22,000 advance and nothing else. “When we realized we weren’t going to get any of our money, I was in tears,” Gabriela said. “I didn’t stop crying for two weeks. We’d worked for nothing for so long.”

Skandi Girls Not Bothered By Novelty Act Tag

December 14, 2004 – The Sun caught up with Scandinavian foursome The Skandi Girls where Lene talked about the perception that the group is a novelty act. “We’re not bothered if people think we’re just another novelty act,” Lene insisted. “We’re all about having fun and we just want to put a smile on people’s faces. We’ve been told we are like The Cheeky Girls, only fatter. And that’s fine by us. People may slate them but they’re laughing all the way to the bank, they’ve done really well.”

The story at has since been removed.

Mr. Gay UK Finals

Michelle Heaton of Liberty X, Cheeky Girls, ‘Big Brother’ winner Nadia Almada, and former Atomic Kitten singer Jenny Frost attended the Mr. Gay UK Finals held at G-A-Y at the Astoria in London, England on Saturday (November 27). Check out pictures from TheSun.

Liberty X’s Michelle Heaton Consoles Boyfriend

October 13, 2004 – Michelle consoled her boyfriend Andy Scott-Lee after he was the final player to be dropped from the celebrity squad prior to the live final of Sky One’s ‘The Match’ at St. James’ Park in Newcastle, England on Friday (October 8).

Michelle Heaton’s Nerve Hit By Boyfriend

September 7, 2004 – Liberty X star Michelle and her ‘Pop Idol’ boyfriend Andy Scott-Lee were spotted arguing on a London street recently. “Michelle and Andy were walking in Soho, looking all lovey-dovey,” a source explained to The Mirror. “But then something was said and Michelle began shouting at Andy, saying, ‘I can’t believe you could do this!’ and he was raising his voice, too. She started walking off ahead of him – obviously a nerve had been hit.”

The Cheeky Girls ‘Boys And Girls’ Video

Cheeky Girls 'Boys And Girls' single cover

The Cheeky Girls are out with the music video to their new single ‘Boys And Girls (Christmas Time Love)’, former Hollyoaks star Andy Newton-Lee. Watch it online below.

Danniella Westbrook’s Secret Fling With Robbie Williams

Danniella Westbrook had a secret six-month affair with Robbie Williams, the News of the World is reporting. “They were never in love but were very close friends going through the same celebrity problems with drugs and fame,” a pal revealed. “To the world, they were just good mates who partied together on the London showbiz circuit. Little did people know they were also lovers.”

Robbie Dines At Koi

March 1, 2004 – The Mirror reports Robbie Williams was spotted having dinner with a male friend at Japanese restaurant Koi in Hollywood, while Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and Jack and Kelly Osbourne dined nearby.

Robbie Texting Samantha For Date

February 18, 2004 – The Sun reports Robbie Williams has been texting Samantha Mumba asking for a date, despite the fact that she’s already dating Brian Casey of Jagged Edge. “Sam and Robbie just clicked as soon as they met. They got on like a house on fire,” a source revealed. “They swopped numbers and Robbie has been texting her ever since. He keeps asking her out but she has politely said no. She’s happy with her American boyfriend Brian. But Samantha’s very flattered. Robbie is one of the world’s most eligible bachelors.”

Robbie To Buy $2.8 Million Pad For His 30th Birthday

February 15, 2004 – The People reports Robbie has put in a $2.8 million offer for the 1907 King Edward wing at Rangemoor Hall near Burton-upon-Trent. “He’s definitely feeling a bit homesick,” a source said. “And it means he’ll be in reach of his mum, Jan.” Read more.

Cheeky Girl Pines For Robbie

February 14, 2004 – The Cheeky Girls member Gabriela Irimia’s mother Margaret tells The Mirror her daughter is desperate for a boyfriend and claims Robbie Williams is the ideal man. “It’s hard for my girls,” she said. “They are out all the time but never actually get a chance to meet anyone suitable for a boyfriend. They love dancing and it’s a shame they never have boyfriends to dance with. Gabriela told me the other day that she wants to find a man before February 29 so she can propose like the Leap Year tradition says the woman should. But the only person she wants is Robbie.”

Cheeky Girls Learn The Price Of Fame

October 5, 2003 – Life as a Cheeky Girl isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and they are finding fame a lonely place. As Gabriela told The Sunday Mirror: “We are national heroes in Romania, but we have no friends there now. All the people we knew are envious of us because we have made it and maybe they haven’t yet. I have only two friends now at home, and one of them is my stepsister.”

No Short Skirt Restriction On Girls Aloud’s Nadine

Girls Aloud beauty Nadine Coyle says has no intention of covering up her shapely legs. She tells this month’s Attitude mag: “I have no shortness restriction on skirts. I’ll wear them as short as I like, as long as I don’t actually show my bottom. We aren’t allowed to show off our bottoms. We’ll leave that to the Cheeky Girls.”

‘Legally Blonde 2’ UK Premiere

The Cheeky Girls, Liberty X, former Hear’Say star Kym Marsh, and Triple Eight were on hand at the UK premiere of ‘Legally Blonde 2 Red, White and Blonde’ at the Warner West End Cinema in London’s Leicester Square on Wednesday (July 23).

Kym Marsh Skimps Up Attire To Boost Album Sales

July 20, 2003 – The Sunday People reports former Hear’Say star Kym is pulling out all the stops to make her solo career work after her single failed to make the Top 10 last week. The singer wore a skimpy dress and flashed her legs in a rather unladylike way on a Top Of The Pops kids’ interview.

Kym Marsh Takes A Shot At Less Successful Hear’Say Bandmates

July 11, 2003 – The Mirror reports that Kym appeared on Manchester radio station Key 103 on Wednesday to talk about her successful solo career, and was asked: “What do you think you have that Hear’Say haven’t?” The singer immediately replied: “A recording contract for starters.” Kym then panicked and was quick to try and rectify things by apologizing. “Oh dear, I probably shouldn’t have said that should I?”

Cheeky Girls Plot Airport Tour

June 10, 2003 – The Sun reports that the Cheeky Girls are set to get on the nerves of travelers with a summer tour of Britain’s major airports. Gabriela said, “We can’t wait to send people off on their summer holidays. Airports can be frustrating places and hopefully we can cheer everyone up if they are delayed.” But one traveler said, “I’m not sure if the Cheeky Girls blaring out their pop songs all afternoon is going to help matters much. Still, the kids will probably like it.”

The Cheeky Girls Do Paris

May 4, 2003 – The Sunday People caught up with the Cheeky Girls in Paris and asked the twins why they ditched their trademark hot pants. They responded, “We have a lot of young girls who are fans of ours and we want to grow with them. Like our hero, Madonna, we want to constantly change our look. Mum also thinks that to be a successful act and not a one-hit wonder we need to adapt our look regularly.”

Cheeky Girls Plane Chaos Claims

May 2, 2003 – Radio 1 reports complaints that the Cheeky Girls caused chaos on a flight from Rotterdam to Heathrow to are being investigated by the airline KLM. Passengers are claiming that minutes after the girls went into the cockpit of the twin-propelled Fokker 50 plane, it started lurching all over the place. Some say they thought it was going to crash. One passenger has said he saw one of the girls sitting in the pilot’s lap.

Ex Touting Porno Pictures Of The Cheeky Girls reports one of identical twin pop duo The Cheeky Girls’ ex-boyfriends is now touting soft porn photos of the girls around the European tabloid market. Apparently he took the pictures, and promises he can lay his hands on more even more risque pictures.

Eminem Tops British Chart

December 8, 2002 – Contributed by micky: Rapper Eminem achieved another British number one, beating Robbie Wiliams to the top slot. Williams in fact failed to make the top three, managing only number 4. The Cheeky Girls famous for being so c*** on British show, ‘Popstars: The Rivals’ got to number 2 with their debut effort, ‘Cheeky Song (Touch my bum)’. Daniel Bedingfield who was last week’s number one falls to number three. Other new entries in the top 40 include, Liberty X, Ms Dynamite and Bruce Springsteen. Some consolation for Robbie is that he is still number one in the British Album chart.