Not Your Average Boy Band

The Click Five lead singer Eric Dill is shrugging off the band’s critics. “The difference with us is, where people might think a boy band is not very valid because maybe they just dance and have background music or play to a track, you can’t really go there with us,” he tells The Christian Science Monitor. “Because we play our instruments and we sing. We’re like a rock band. The things that are negative about [boy bands] don’t apply to us. The positive things, being decent-looking guys – if people want to call us that – then that’s good.” Read more.

The Click Five’s Ben Chats With KISS 106.1

Ben Romans from The Click Five phoned in to the Jackie & Bender Show on KISS 106.1 FM in Seattle on Tuesday (October 18), promoting their upcoming performance on the Jingle Bell Bash on December 4th. They talked about perhaps altering their wardrobe for the Christmas show, their new song ‘My Girlfriend Forgot Me For Christmas’, which they might play at the gig, and his key-tar. has since removed the audio.

The Click Five Visit KISS 106.1

The Click Five dropped by the Jackie & Bender program on KISS 106.1 FM in Seattle on Monday (October 10). They talked about travelling on a tour bus and dealing with crazy female fans, avoiding romance with their fans, getting Christopher Knight (aka Peter Brady) to star in their video, recruiting Paul Stanley for a new video, their dating status, and more. They wrapped up with a performance of ‘Just A Girl’. Audio has since been removed from

Selling The Click Five A Challenge For Lava Records

Andy Karp, senior vice president for Lava Records, tells Gannett News Service the label signed The Click Five because it was something different. But that’s also a potential roadblock in trying to help the group catch on with the public. “One of the challenge has been, “How do you sell this band?’ ” Karp said. “How do you sell it to young people and at the same time sell it to people who are older who would like the music? It’s definitely going to be a balancing act for us to appeal to younger kids without alienating older folks.”

Click Five Say Positives Of Touring With Backstreet Outweigh Negatives

Before The Click Five went on tour with the Backstreet Boys, they decided “the positives outweigh the negatives.” Drummer Joey Zehr tells the Bradenton Herald: “I think when people see us play live they’ll realize we’re a different kind of pop band than what you’re normally getting these days. Really, we’re a full-on rock band with good melodies and shimmering guitars.” He added: “No one is worried about being labeled as a boy band. All that is saying is that we’re, like, big time. We’re so amped about the whole thing. We knew from the start there would be plenty of haters.”

Zehr: Click Five Are Pop That Still Completely Rocks

Click Five drummer Joey Zehr describes the boy band’s sound as pop. “When I say ‘pop’, I mean melody-driven and positive stuff that still completely rocks,” Zehr explained to the Gwinnett Daily Post. “We’re all about the fun and not taking ourselves too seriously.”

The Click Five Visit Radio Now 93.1

The Click Five were in studio with Mysti on Radio Now 93.1 FM in Indianapolis earlier this month. The guys introduced themselves, then talked about how they hooked up being from different parts of the U.S., their matching suits, signing girls’ arms when the opened at the Ashlee Simpson concert, how they spend their time on tour, and more. The interview audio at has since been removed.