The Green Children ‘Possessed’ Live At Bedrock LA

The Green Children 'Possessed' live

The Green Children have premiered a new live rendition of their single ‘Possessed’, filmed at Bedrock LA in Echo Park, California. The Norwegian electro-pop duo recently released their new album ‘Connection’, which officially dropped in July, and also recently partnered with electro DJ M4SONIC for a remix video for ‘Possessed.’

After some downtime spent in their home country of Norway, The Green Children will head back to the U.S. in late November for a few live performances, including a Peace4Kids benefit show at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood on November 30th.

Watch the live performance of ‘Possessed’ via YouTube below.

The Green Children 'Possessed Remix' cover art

The Green Children Unintentionally Unplugged In London

The Green Children Milla Sunde

The Green Children checked in with their Facebook fans on Wednesday (December 15) after technical issues forced them to do an acoustic set at The Cobden Club in London, England. Milla Sunde and Marlow Beva write:

A bit of a disastrous evening. During sound check our equipment was fried, too bad we didn’t bring marshmallows! Our set disappeared with the technology and we only had one unrehearsed acoustic track! We’ll return to London for a proper Green Children show soon :)

The Green Children ‘Black Magic’ Video (Moguai Remix)

The Green Children

The Green Children have premiered their latest music video on Yahoo! Music. The remixed version of ‘Black Magic’ features German DJ Moguai. The track will appear on the band’s recently announced release of ‘Encounter Remixed’, which features A-List remixers Paul Oakenfold, Digital Dog and more.

Moguai stated, “Working with The Green Children was really an honor for me, I like what they do, their story and what they represent. Milla´s voice is absolutely outstanding, and listening to the original track was so inspiring, that I ended up making two versions of the remix. There were just too many ideas floating in my head. Meeting them after a gig in Düsseldorf (Germany) was a pleasure, it’s the music that connects!”

Watch it below.

The Green Children On Influences, Guitars & Being Just Friends

The Green Children caught up with Milla Sunde and Marlow Bevan of The Green Children in a video interview, where the pair talked about how they met at Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute of the Performing Arts, how they’re “best friends” but are not romantically involved, how they got their group name, Marlow’s guitars, what inspires their music, how they got involved with Jackson Browne’s label and more. “We’re best friends,” Milla said. “We were probably twins in a last life.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

The Green Children Are Pleased To Fit An Undefined Genre

The Green Children

Milla Sunde of The Green Children spoke with Holywood Dame about how she’d describe the sound of the duo’s music:

Although many people like to define music by category, our music has so far not been placed. Personally I have been pleased by this undefined musical observation. Who wants to be typecast anyway? Marlow and I have basically played written and produced every thing on our record so the sound will naturally be derived from who we are as individuals. We have both grown up in magical small towns blessed by exiting history and natural beauty. We humbly hope that these elements have been well reflected in our music and wish for our listeners to be taken on a magical journey. I believe a short description of our sound would be ethereal electro pop. One recent review said we were a new more new-agey La Roux, but who knows!

The complete interview at has since been removed.

The Green Children ‘Dragons’ Video

The Green Children 'Dragons' music video

The Green Children are out with the music video for their new single ‘Dragons’, the first release European pop duo’s debut full-length album ‘Encounter’. The unique video features lead singer Milla Sunde, who has developed a sickness due to being bitten by a dragon. Bandmate Marlow Bevan waits by her side as she tries to recover. ‘Encounter’ will be released on October 12th and will feature 12 original songs ranging from upbeat dance tracks to acoustic ballads. Watch the Mark DeLong directed video, the second part of three, via YouTube below.

The Green Children Debut Album ‘Encounter’ Out October 12th

The Green Children

The Green Children, comprised of Milla Sunde and Marlow Bevan, are a musical duo whose songs blend pop with post-modern dance beats. The two European-born songwriters will release their debut full-length ‘Encounter’ on October 12th in association with Knightingale Entertainment and Los Angeles-based Spinside Records. ‘Encounter’ will feature 12 original tracks ranging from dance-driven to acoustic ballads including ‘Tell Me’, ‘Black Magic’, and the album version of the new single ‘Dragons’.

The Green Children’s first single off of ‘Encounter’ titled ‘Dragons’ has received special remix treatment from Paul Oakenfold. The upbeat dance track can now be heard on Soundcloud and purchased on iTunes. Three other remixes of ‘Dragons’ by Digital Dog will hit clubs on September 21st. Listen to the album version and remixes via Soundcloud below.

The band’s music reflects their influences ranging from underground electronica to alt-rock and classic pop. Lead singer Marlow says, “Our songs come from the heart and the spirit. Sometimes it feels like we almost channel things that have happened along the way. We don’t have any rules about making music.”