Mollie King On Being The Saturdays’ Only Single Member

Mollie King single

The post show party for ‘Chasing The Saturdays Episode 3 #SatsOnTheBeach’ has been posted online. The clip features Frankie Sandford, Mollie King, Rochelle Wiseman, Una Healy and Vanessa White talking with Terrence Jenkins about the episode, which featured Rochelle attempting to purchase $23,000 in lighting before getting rejected by her man and by Una, Mollie trying to hit it off with a surfer dude before he revealed he’s not single,

Rochelle explained in regards to her attempted shopping trip, “The reason it was so expensive was because I had planned to ship it back to London. Anyway, I sort of realized if I wanted to not get divorced, I better not spend $23,000.”

Talking about the difficulties in being the only unattached member of the girl group, Mollie said, “Well, I’m kind of like the 9th wheel, because of them and all of their boyfriends. It’s fine, because I get really involved in their (relationships) as well. I tried to invite myself on holiday with Frankie and her boyfriend. I was like, ‘Do you guys want to go skiing?’ because I really do, and they’re like, ‘Not with you Mollie’.”

Asked about the three things she looks for in a guy, Mollie listed one and said, “Firstly, they have to get on with the girls. If they don’t, the girls will tell me about it. They’re so hard, any poor guy that would come in, they’d be getting the 21 questions.”

Watch the webisode via YouTube below.

The Saturdays Discuss First U.S. Gig & Dating Status

The Saturdays dance

Frankie Sandford, Mollie King, Rochelle Wiseman, Una Healy and Vanessa White sat down after ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ Episode 1 ‘#UnitedSatsOfAmerica Premiere Party’ aired on E!, where the girls talked about working in America, having their first stateside show, attending the VMAs, and their individual dating status.

On working in the U.S., Frankie said, “It’s so weird. When we first got together, it was like we always said ‘world domination all the way’. Now it’s like we’re actually started trying to put that into motion and it’s just strange.”

Talking about their first U.S. show, Mollie said, “We were so nervous because it was our first show over here, but they were incredible. Some of them even knew the words to the songs.” Rochelle added, “We literally couldn’t have asked for a better crowd for our first show. It was amazing.”

Discussing the chance to see some of their UK music peers at the MTV Video Music Awards, Una said, “We kind of saw our old friends One Direction and The Wanted and the screams that came for them. They’re doing so well and we think that right now is a great time for pop music.”

Watch the webisode via YouTube below.

The Saturdays Discuss Neighbors’ Sex Noises & UK/LA Time Difference

The Saturdays post-show interview with Frankie Sandford, Mollie King, Rochelle Wiseman, Una Healy and Vanessa White

‘Chasing The Saturdays’ Episode 2 ‘#SatsCriesAndVideotape’ Post-Show Party on VEVO LIFT featured Terrence Jenkins talking to Frankie Sandford, Mollie King, Rochelle Wiseman, Una Healy and Vanessa White about the show. The girls talked about the time difference when phoning loved ones in the UK, how Rochelle and Vanessa dealt with their neighbors always making noise while love making, and the hot temperatures they dealt with filming their ‘What About Us’ music video.

Sharing details about her tearful phone call with boyfriend Gary, Vanessa said, “I think it was more frustration at the fact that I couldn’t really get through to him and the time difference and everything else. It’s a bit crazy. We got over that. We kept missing each other. That’s what it was. It was just annoying.”

Explaining about how she deals with the time difference in the UK and Los Angeles, Rochelle said, “It’s not easy. When we’re working so much and we get a break. Then you go to ring and you remember, ‘Oh it’s like three in the morning there and they’re asleep.'”

Talking about her sex mad neighbors, Rochelle said, “We were on the roof one day and Vanessa was calling out, ‘Is anyone having sex on her floor?!’ I was like, ‘Oh my god.’ It was a little bit awkward and I was like ‘Vanessa, please don’t ask. I don’t want to see them. I don’t want to put a face to the groans.'”

In how they dealt with 110 degree temperatures while filming their music video, Mollie said, “It was a heat wave and we were out in the Valley, which everyone tells us is particularly hot, so we were boiling, weren’t we? We were sweating, which is not a good look for anyone.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

The Saturdays Talk Fitness, Americans And James Bond

The Saturdays crossed legs

The Saturdays sat down with VEVO LIFT to let American fans “Get To Know” them, with Frankie Sandford, Mollie King, Rochelle Wiseman, Una Healy and Vanessa White talking about their E! reality show, what they enjoy most about being in America, having an issue with hitting the gym, the night owls of the group, and their favorite James Bond, or Harry Potter, or something.

“Filming a reality show has been really exciting for us,” King said about their E! show ‘Chasing The Saturdays’, filmed in Los Angeles. “It’s something that we’ve all wanted to do. We’ve actually done two reality shows already back home, so it’s exciting for us to be able to come over here and do one in America as well.”

Talking about her favorite thing about being in America, Una said, “My favorite thing about the U.S. is the people. I go in the elevator and they go, ‘Hi, good morning, nice to meet you. Very, very friendly, and we love that about the Americans.'”

As for the girls staying in shape, Rochelle confessed, “Sadly, there’s not a fitness buff. I can’t remember the last time I heard one of us say we’re going to the gym. It just doesn’t happen.”

Sharing the sleeping habits of a couple of her bandmates, Frankie said, “The night owls have always been, from the beginning, Vanessa and Una. They stay up until ridiculous hours of the morning. We tend to try not to give, especially Una, the early morning call, because you’re not very good in the morning, are you babe?” That prompted Una to say, “I’m not myself. It takes me a while to warm up, so sometimes myself and Vanessa tend to go for a coffee, an extra shot, to wake us up.”

Discussing their favorite ‘007’ character, Frankie said, “I love James Bond. Pierce Brosnan is our original, our guy, but the other one, what’s his name, (Daniel Craig) Daniel Radcliffe (laughs). Daniel Radcliffe is a great James Bond. You know who I meant.”

Watch the webisode below.

The Saturdays Valentine’s Day Memories

The Saturdays Valentine's Day

Frankie Sandford, Rochelle Wiseman, Mollie King, Una Healy, Vanessa White of The Saturdays checked in with VEVO Lift, talking about their Valentine’s Day memories, which of late include the girls spending time with each other due to their busy work schedule.

Rochelle said, “I love Valentine’s Day. I really do. It reminds me of being at school. My mom still writes me one every year, so, I probably shouldn’t admit that, but she still does. I’m a big fan of Valentine’s Day, but we usually spend it with each other.”

Frankie added, “One of my main Valentine’s Day memories was being at school, and I got one from my boyfriend at the time. I used to always wear a red beret to school, because that’s just how I rolled. Liam Kelly wrote me a Valentine’s Day card and I’ve still got it and the picture on the front was me with my red beret.”

Mollie shared, “Just once I went out with my mom. I actually didn’t realize it was Valentine’s Day. I was younger. We went out to the cinema, and everyone around us were couples and it was just me and mom there. It was an awful movie, that’s why we walked out.”

Watch the comments below.

The Saturdays ‘All Fired Up’ Tour Dates

The Saturdays

The Saturdays are prepping for their ‘All Fired Up’ tour taking the British girl group to eleven cities across the UK, starting in Bournemouth and ending at Wembley Arena. Dates, venues and a commercial promoting the tour are below.

December 2nd – Bournemouth BIC
December 3rd – Liverpool Echo Arena
December 5th – Cardiff Motorpoint Arena
December 6th – Brighton Centre
December 8th – Birmingham LG Arena
December 9th – Manchester MEN Arena
December 10th – Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
December 12th – Nottingham Capital FM Arena
December 13th – Glasgow SECC
December 15th – Sheffield Motorpoint Arena
December 16th – London Wembley Arena

The Saturdays ‘Notorious’ Video Behind The Scenes

The latest episodes of ‘Behind The Headlines’ feature The Saturdays behind the scenes of the ‘Notorious’ music video shoot in Los Angeles. In part one, Mollie King styles the hottest belt, while Una Healy and Rochelle Wiseman try their hand at an American accent.

The second episode sees the British girl group in high spirits after ten hours of shooting, with the girls getting restless. “Sometimes I feel really embarrassed,” Una Healy said about getting into the club scenes on the video shoot. “There’s no room for embarrassment when you do the music video. You have to just go for it.”

Watch the videos via YouTube below.

The Saturdays Are Fabulous This Weekend

The Saturdays

Fabulous magazine’s cover stars this week are The Saturdays, who are promoting their new single ‘Notorious’. in the interview, Frankie Sandford confessed that “I don’t know if I’ll ever be friends with Dougie,” while Rochelle Wiseman said, “If I lost my big bum, Marvin [from JLS] would kill me!”

The full interview and picture set at has since been removed.

The Saturdays T4 Interview

The Saturdays visited T4 for an interview. The girl group talked about how some of their behind the scenes tour action didn’t make it to camera, their new single ‘Notorious’ and the song’s sexy music video, being a gangsta on the dance floor, and what’s next on their schedule. Watch it at YouTube.

The Saturdays Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes

The Saturdays are out with the latest episode of their online series ‘Behind The Headlines’, featuring the British girl group behind the scenes at a photoshoot. “We feel like we need a bit of tips to work the camera, because we’ve been on tour and everything, and now we’ve had like one or two quiet weeks,” Mollie King explained. “It’s been ages since we’ve been posing for the camera. So I’m trying to find the inner sexiness, but I’ve got to search really really hard to find it.” Watch it via YouTube below.