The Ting Tings Create “Varied, Eclectic Record” On Sophomore Effort

Iain Lee of Absolute Radio in London spoke with Katie White and Jules de Martino about touring, Germany, cherries, biscuits, cats, their band name’s funny meaning in Japanese, collecting bird noises, the secret title to their new album, and more. “We really wanted to make an album that kind of stood for how we listen to music,” Jules explained. “So we kind of sat in a studio in Berlin and nobody bother us, just made a record where we felt like if they played it, it didn’t have to be a Ting Tings track. We didn’t want to get caught up in like, everyone’s like ‘You have to make another Ting Tings record.’ We’re just gonna make a record, so we made a really varied, eclectic record that has been inspired by bands like TLC, which Katie loved like ’90s R&B.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

The Ting Tings Answer Which One Is More Talented

The Ting Tings played celebrity chicken with Georgie on T4, where the British indie pop duo were asked to answer all the questions or “chicken out” because they are too invasive. They revealed their least favorite Ting Tings track and who of the two is most talented.

The video at YouTube has since been removed.

The Ting Tings Backstage At London’s Wireless Festival

The Ting Tings at Wireless Festival

Barclaycard Unwind caught up with The Ting Tings backstage at the Wireless Festival in London, England over the weekend. Katie White and Jules de Martino discussed how they’ve been in the studio in Berlin the last few months and were looking forward to performing, why the decided to go outside their native England to record the new LP, incorporating different technology on the new album, and more. Watch the interview below the cut.

The Ting Tings 9 Songs Into New Album

The Ting Tings checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@thetingtings) on Saturday (April 10), offering an update on the follow-up to their 2008 debut album ‘We Started Nothing’ and what they think about BBC proposing to close their alternative channel 6music. Katie White and Jules de Martino write:

Greeting from Berlin,

Quick update.

We are now 9 songs into our album.

We think it is good ya.

The raccoon ran away. But for the record we would have called it nightcap thank you.

On a more down note… Please let it not be true about 6music. They supported a little unsigned band from Salford like us… they helped us on our way and gave us an audience for our early live shows. The amount of people who emailed on MySpace from the UK and ALL OVER THE WORLD to say they had found us through 6music was incredible. it’s a shame if other new bands don’t get that opportunity. We even recorded our drums for our album in Marc Riley’s (lovely music adoring man) bbc studio after playing our first session for him.

In honesty it’s the only radio we have been listening to in Berlin whilst writing our next album. The radio here plays Phil Collins and happy hardcore megamixes ) :

bye bye
k and j

The Ting Tings Return To Berlin To Record Second Album

The Ting Tings checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@thetingtings) on Friday (February 5), discussing their visit to Los Angeles for the Grammy Awards, where they were nominated for Best New Artist (Zac Brown Band won the award), and progress on a second album. The message states:


We arrived back in Berlin today after a strange week in LA for the Grammys. I think we dealt with the red carpet OK, normally we try to avoid them at all costs, in fact I think we have managed to get away with doing about three in our lives ( : they are the antithesis of what we want to do with 4 hours of our life…….this probably makes us terrible *pop stars*- but we trotted along with the rest of them!

It was good to be nominated and to people watch, and fun to navigate ourselves around Los Angeles for 2 days after but it was a joy to be back in Berlin with no more interruptions for our recordings. 7 songs along and it feels great to loose ourselves in ideas for writing, productions and stupid little videos. I’m going to try and keep you updated on our recordings and stupid little video’s whilst here.

We have time to think again and make sense of it all xx

The Ting Tings Perform On ‘Saturday Night Live’

The Ting Tings performed ‘That’s Not My Name’ and ‘Shut Up & Let Me Go’ last night on ‘Saturday Night Live’ in New York City, getting introduced by show host Sigourney Weaver. Watch ‘Shut Up & Let Me Go’ via Hulu below.

The Ting Tings Delighted About Grammy Nomination

The Ting Tings

The Ting Tings checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@thetingtings) on Thursday (December 3), reacting to news that they’ve been nominated in the Best New Artist category for the upcoming 2010 Grammy Awards. The British indie pop duo write:

Hello everybody,
Just wanted to say we are delighted about being nominated for a Grammy. All that hard touring of the USA did us proud! Thanks to everyone that came to see us and supported us.

We got the news at 5 am this morning as we got up to take a flight from Berlin to LA for some more shows out there. We got into our drivers car in a daze of gobsmacked-ness and forgot to take our bags to the airport… so we ended up missing our flight.

We are currently back in our studio in Berlin, waiting to leave again tomorrow-hopefully more successfully ( :
We have been working on our album for the past 4 weeks. Cant wait to play you some new tunes next year. I think you might like it.

katie and Jules

The Ting Tings ‘Great DJ’ Live Adidas Video

The Ting Tings are out with a live video for ‘Great DJ’, recorded in September before an audience of 350 fans in Los Angeles, who were all wearing matching black Adidas tracksuits and invited to go wild with some glow-in-the-dark paint. Watch it via YouTube below.

The Ting Tings Discuss New Album, Katy Perry & More

Absolute Radio DJ Ben Jones spoke with Jules De Martino and Katie White of The Ting Tings backstage at the Isle of Wight Festival 2009. The pair talked about how they work out their setlist, if they’ve found time to write some new material, their weirdest gig yet in Germany, who they were looking forward to seeing at the festival, who they’d like to work with on the new album, and what they think about Katy Perry, and their stage outfits. Watch the interview via YouTube below.

The Ting Tings Perform At Nylon Magazine’s Music Issue Party

The Ting Tings and Amazing Baby were on hand for Nylon magazine’s annual music issue bash in Los Angeles. Attendees were asked about what music makes them do and what they’ve been listening to. Watch the highlight reel, featuring The Ting Tings performing, below.