Tristan Prettyman Discusses Writing Songs About Jason Mraz Breakup

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Tristan Prettyman took the time to Michelle Buchwalter of 97.9 WRMF in West Palm Beach, Florida about her new album ‘Cedar + Gold’, touring, staying in shape on the road, touring with The Script, the story behind ‘My Oh My’, still believing in love after the end of her engagement with Jason Mraz, and the decision to write the songs ‘Say Anything’ and ‘I Was Gonna Marry You’ about the breakup.

Discussing ‘Cedar + Gold’, Tristan said, “The record has been a long journey. It was like a year that I took off and it turned into three years, or almost four years actually, a ton of traveling and just trying to connect with myself again and what I wanted to do and really check and make sure I wanted to be playing music. Then a vocal surgery, an engagement, an un-engagement, and I slowly found myself coming back to music. I think throughout my life I’ve always come back to music when I feel the need to get something out and express it. I definitely did not rush this album, and I just sort of moved out of the way and let it be what it was going to be. I think everyone has that place they either will get to in their life or they’ve had in their life they sort of get it all together and they have the moment of like, is this really what I want to be doing? You’ve got to check and really take the time. It’s sort of my journey of finding my feet back on the ground.”

On touring with The Script, Tristan said, “They are the most nicest, kindest politest, most fun, one of the most fun bands we’ve ever toured with. They’re always running around being goofy. We have an open door policy, so if our dressing rooms are open, we’re always in and out. I’ve been trying to get them to do yoga… They’re all just great. They’re all supposed to be Rodney and Danny and Glen, for the first couple of shows I didn’t know who anybody was, because they all had accents, and the crew all sounds the same. They just had that Irish spirit that’s so fun and it’s just wonderful to be around.”

Talking about how she stays fit, Tristan said, “I’ve been running on the road actually. When I’m home I love yoga. I grew up in a really active family. My mother was an aerobic instructor, my parents run marathons, and so I’ve always been active. I can only do three miles and then I can barely do that. Running is great because you get your heart rate up and do just 30 minutes of it. On the road we’re traveling city to city and I want to save most of my energy for the show.”

Asked if she still believes in marriage after her engagement to Jason Mraz broke off, she said, “‘Say Anything’ was the first song I wrote for this record and that song represents speaking your truth and when it comes down to it and a relationship starts going sour and people start being resentful for making decisions based on thinking they’re gonna make the other person happy, and the lack of communication that’s going on, that song was written right after the first talk that we were gonna break up. ‘I Was Gonna Marry You’ was the second song that was written after we had a talk about how we were just gonna split up, but we weren’t gonna make a big deal about it. We weren’t gonna make a public press release and then he one night felt the need to be on the red carpet and just spill the whole story to someone and called me and said ‘I just want to tell you I gave the whole story to so and so reporter’. I was like, ‘Okay, what happened to the talk we just had a week ago?’ I had a moment like wow, I’ve been in a relationship with someone for nine years and I don’t really even know them, or what they’re capable of.”

Questioned whether she and Jason still talk, Tristan said, “No, not really. That song was written because I didn’t have an outlet at the time. I didn’t have a record. The record wasn’t out yet. I didn’t want to blog about it. I didn’t want to react to it. I went to my friend Dave Hodges house the next day to write and I literally was so ‘What the F!’ and I was like I want to write a song ‘I Was Gonna Marry You’, and Dave and Steve, who was writing with us at the time, looked at me and were like, ‘Are you sure you want to go there?’ I was like, ‘Yes! Why am I beating around the bush?'”

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Tristan Prettyman On ‘Cedar + Gold’ And Finding Her Voice

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Tristan Prettyman spoke with Indaba Music about the story behind her ‘Cedar + Gold’ album title, finding her voice on the album, and liking how music is spread over the internet instead of the sole discretion of record labels.

“I wrote this album in the middle of my house, which is the house my dad bought in the ’70s, my mom was pregnant with me there, and my dad and I recently remodeled it and I moved back in there,” Tristan said in regards to ‘Cedar + Gold’. “So I wrote a lot of songs there in the inside of the house and the ceiling is all cedar wood, so it’s this beautiful recycled cedar wood, and the title is sort of based on alchemy, so I consider the cedar as what held the space for me to spin my misfortunes and the songs into gold.”

As for how she’s evolved from her 2005 debut ‘Twentythree’ and the 2008 follow-up ‘Hello’, the 30-year-old explained, “This record is different than the last two records because I feel like I’ve found my voice finally on this record. The first record is your first record, so you have all these songs from when you first started playing music and you record them. The second record was written on the road, and this album the songs just came out of me. I literally had to catch them and transfer them to the recording studio. It feels like the record that I’ve been waiting to make.”

Talking about the leaking of ‘Cedar + Gold’ tracks, Tristan confessed, “If I had it my way, I’d probably give my album away for free. Don’t tell the label that. I want people to hear it, so at the end of the day we said it’s been leaked and there’s songs that are coming out, but they’re being spread and they’re being liked, and the feedback is great. It’s amazing. The internet, everything just spreads like wildfire. Someone likes something and tells a friend and it’s on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and sharing it. It’s pretty great because years ago it wasn’t like that. It was solely up to the record label.”

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Tristan Prettyman Performs ‘Cedar + Gold’ Tracks, Discusses Breakup Themed Album

Tristan Prettyman shows off her arm tattoo, which reads 'find and follow the good path' in Balinese script, during her Walmart Soundcheck performance

Tristan Prettyman visited Walmart Soundcheck to promote her new album ‘Cedar + Gold’, a record that chronicles her breakup with singer Jason Mraz. Prettyman also performs an exclusive five-song set, including ‘My Oh My’, ‘I Was Gonna Marry You’, ‘Quit You’, ‘Come Clean’ and ‘When You Come Down’.

During the interview, the tattooed San Diego singer songwriter talked about why she titled the new album ‘Cedar + Gold’, the process of writing songs for the album, working with producer Greg Wells on the project, what inspired the song ‘Come Clean’, playing the songs from the new album live, how some fans talk about how she has put their life into song.

Discussing the story behind the album’s name, Tristan said, “The title of ‘Cedar + Gold’ kind of comes from a long winded story, but I’ll try to compress it as best I can. There’s three main components to how I came up with the title. The first has to do with the house that I live in, which is also the house that I grew up in until I was four. It’s the house my mom was pregnant with me in. My dad bought this house in the ’70s, lived there, met my mom, and now I just moved back into that house. The second part is, I was having lunch one day with my friend. He was talking to me about alchemy. He was working with this alchemist and he was explaining to be about alchemy, the process of turning lead into gold and he looked at me and said it’s essentially what you’ve been doing with your music. You’ve been turning all this stuff that’s been happening to you into positive, making something beautiful out of it and making your art with it. I really loved that concept. Alchemy is sort of mystical and magical. I took that and I dwelled on that for a couple of days. One day I had a dream. I woke up from a dream where my grandmother literally came to me. She was like the genie in Pee Wee Herman, the head. I just saw her face right before I woke up and it was her, she just said, ‘Cedar and gold’. I walked out into my living room and looked at the living room and thought, ‘Oh all the walls are cedar. The ceiling is cedar. I like to say the cedar of my living room held the space for me to make the songs and make them into gold.”

On the songwriting process, she said, “When I started writing it, I thought this is definitely going towards kind of a breakup album. As I began to finish the record I could see the journey of the record really started after I stopped touring on the last album, which I got really burnt out on music. I wanted to just take some time for myself. I wanted to travel and find my anchor again. I was feeling very lost. I didn’t even know if I wanted to keep playing music and it’s sort of like starting over again because when I started writing music in the first place, it came from that place. Music was just this thing that I went to because I needed to purge these things or get my emotions out or tell a story. In a roundabout way all my travels, I also had a vocal surgery, two polyps removed. I got back together with an ex-boyfriend and got engaged and un-engaged and music was the first place I ran to. Most of these songs were written in the moment right after a fight, right after a conversation, right after getting a voicemail. I showed up at the writing session and the guy is like, ‘What do you want to write about?’ ‘I want to write about how I was going to marry this person’ and I said I want to put that in the song. He looked at me and said, ‘You really want to go there?’ ‘Yes, I don’t know how else to say that except just to say it’.”

Talking about writing the track ‘Come Clean’ with a friend, she said, “He sort of had this idea for the song about coming clean. Come clean when things get blurry, when they become hard to understand, when lines are crossed, and I had recently been in a situation where I had crossed a line. That song is about you have something happen and it’s not something you had planned to happen. You never had it planned, but for some odd reason, you got yourself in a pickle and now you’ve got to get yourself out of it. You’ve got to take responsibility and own up to what you did. It’s basically admitting when you’ve done wrong.”

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Pop Artists React To Colorado Theater Shooting

Several pop artists took to Twitter to react to the shooting early Friday during a crowded midnight screening of the new Batman movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in Aurora, Colorado. The murder spree, allegedly carried out by James Holmes, 24, left 12 people dead and 50+ wounded. Among the Tweets:

Hilary Duff, seen here at a book signing, comments on the Colorado theater shootingHilary Duff (@HilaryDuff): Heartbroken for the family’s dealing with this horrible violent act in Colorado! Saying prayers #theatershooting

Aly & AJ Michalka (@78violet): We are horrified over what’s taken place in Aurora Colorado. Our prayers and love are with the people recovering and the victims families

Mandy Moore (@TheMandyMoore): The news of the horrific tragedy in Aurora literally takes me breath away. All thoughts and prayers are with victims and their families.

Paris Monroe (@ParisMonroe): I don’t think I’ve been this disturbed about something in a while #Aurora #Shooting my heart sincerely goes out to the families affected!
One of the last innocent family things to do has now been corrupted. So sickening. Can’t even feel safe going to a movie theater. #wow

Victoria Justice in a hoodieVictoria Justice (@VictoriaJustice): Just heard about the Colorado shooting… Wow, absolutely devastating. My heart goes out 2 the families that lost their loved 1’s. #StayStrong

Jordyn Taylor (@JordynTaylorNow): My heart goes out to everyone affected by the Colorado theater shooting. :(

Kreesha Turner (@KreeshaTurner): Prayers to the families and loved ones of those lost in such a senseless way. There are some very evil people in this world. #Colorado

Elizabeth and the Catapult (@thecatapult): So saddened by the Colorado shootings. What a nightmare.

Elizaveta (@elizavetaka): So sad about Colorado. My prayers and thoughts go out to those touched by this tragedy.

Tristan Prettyman (@tprettyman): Love going out 2 Colorado. I was just in Denver yesterday. I’m speechless. How senseless. Love yourself & your neighbors. The answer is still love

Savannah Outen on guitarSavannah Outen (@therealsavannah): Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved in the shooting last night in Colorado. Still can’t believe how sick-minded people can be.

Nikki Yanofsky (@NikkiYanofsky): RIP to everyone who lost their lives in the #theatershooting in Colorado, my thoughts are with all of the victims.

Rachael Yamagata (@rachaelyamagata): Heart going out to all in aurora…

Jessica Simpson (@JessicaSimpson): Praying for the victims and families of those involved in the shooting in Colorado. My heart is broken. So awful. God Bless…

JoJo (@JoJoistheway): Goodness gracious… Aurora, Colorado. Those affected by this unthinkable massacre are so heavy on my heart & mind today.

Kimberley Locke (@KimberleyLocke): Shocked and saddened by what happened in Colorado. Prayers going to the family and friends of victims.

Katharine McPhee (@katharinemcphee): #Aurora Praying for you…

JewelJewel (@jeweljk): Aurora. How terribly sad for the victims. And my heart breaks 4 all the mothers & fathers- even the gunmans parents. Can u imagine?! So sad

Toby Lightman (@TobyLightman): Oh man.. To wake up to news of a shooting is very sobering. My heart hurts..

Josh Hoge (@JoshHoge): just awful news in Colorado! folks can’t even go to the movies in peace anymore. thoughts go out to everyone involved.

Drew Seeley (@DrewSeeley): Feel so sick waking up to the news about Colorado. So many why questions… I’m sending prayers, but just feel so helpless want to do more. Let’s tell people TODAY we love them. Let’s not wait. Let go of all the petty sh** in your life and appreciate every minute. #WakeUpCall

Nick Jonas (@nickjonas): My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the shooting last night in Colorado. This news is so sad.

Joe Jonas, seen here in a texting PSA, talks about the Colorado theater shootingJoe Jonas (@joejonas): The news today is so sad.. I’m praying for the families of the innocent who where attacked today.

Justin Timberlake (@jtimberlake): So saddened to hear of the tragic theatre shooting last night in Aurora, Colorado. Sending my prayers to the victims and their families.

BC Jean (@BCJean): My heart hurts for those at the Batman premiere in Colorado who were injured or killed. Babies, kids to adults! How devastating & cruel!!!

Tristan Prettyman No Longer Engaged – Jason Mraz Wasn’t Ready

Tristan Prettyman checked in with fans on her Tumblr moments ago, confirming that her engagement to fellow singer songwriter Jason Mraz is off. When Jason was interviewed by The Daily Beast earlier this month during the Samsung Hope for Children gala, he talked about the split. “My greatest mistake right now is, I’ve been clinging to my art,” Mraz said. “In that, I have victory for my art and a great loss for my heart. At the moment, my beautiful fiance is no longer my beautiful fiance.”

Tristan writes:

I am no longer engaged.

Why: He wasn’t ready.

It’s all good though, we are still friends.

I am committed to him being a happy human, growing into a great man, that will one day rock someones world.

As for me, I am ready to get the show on the road…

There is a saying that goes: Force, is most always met with resistance.

So please, note to self (literally I note this to myself, post it note it to my forehead style): I am not in any rush to find a replacement.

I am SOOO excited for my next record.

I am SOOO excited to raise this new puppy.

I am super excited to see what the universe has in store for me…

Check out the entire post here and watch Jason’s Daily Beast interview below.

23 Connects Jason Mraz And New Fiance Tristan Prettyman

Jason Mraz at a radio station in Paris, FranceJason Mraz checked in with fans on his Freshness Factor Five Thousand blog on Tuesday (December 28), talking about proposing to Tristan Prettyman on December 23rd and how the two singer songwriter’s are connected by the number 23. Jason writes:

Tristan Prettyman’s birthday is May 23rd. We first met at pal Anya Marina’s birthday party – September 23rd. We hit it off instantly by syncing our interest in this magical prime number. Whenever she or I come upon it, whether being sat at table 23, or assigned seat 23 on a plane, we almost-always and/or involuntarily think about the other. We currently live 23 miles apart. She too has the number 23 inscribed on her body, and on November 23rd, I bought her a diamond ring.

… I designed the ring to hold 46 stones – 23 for her. 23 for me. The section surrounding the main diamond is laid out with 11 on one side and 11 on the other. This way, it’s always 11:11. The stone on top, that which symbolizes our coming together as one, makes 23. The Carat Weight? What else: 2.3.

We both see this being a long engagement, but would love to get married within the next 2.3 years. She will likely retain her beautiful name, but should she decide to hyphenate, Tristan Ann Prettyman-Mraz makes 23 letters.

Read more.

Tristan Prettyman Isn’t Down With Processed Foods

Tristan Prettyman checked in with fans on her blog at tumblr this evening, talking about her diet. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Generally speaking, I hate processed foods. Anything found in the middle of a supermarket, I stay away from. My basket is always filled, with fresh produce, and the occasional boxed drinks of coconut water, or boxes of quinoa.

Its interesting though, because now that I have been told to lay off the dairy & wheat items, I have been trying to find replacements..gluten free english muffins, pasta, vegan cheese, pizza dough, etc…when in reality, i never ate much of this stuff to begin with. I guarantee that the replacements, are filled with the same calories as the original stuff, or in some cases more. Plus most of the vegan/gluten free/low fat/nonfat options are worse for you, than just eating the original form of the food.

That is something I always followed. Even when I was vegan, I never liked to eat the soy sausage. Its probably worse for you, and more ingredients than regular plain sausage. Dairy free cheese, while I love it, often uses more ingredients than just plain cheese, from the cow..hopefully a happy cow.

I’ve always felt its important, that if you are going to eat something, whatever it is. Eat it in as close to its natural state as you can eat it.

Check out the entire post at

Vocal Cord Surgery Forces Tristan Prettyman To Postpone Tour

Tristan Prettyman checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@tristanprettyman), talking about how she’s been dealing with a polyp on her vocal cord and how hopes for it to heal haven’t been successful, forcing the singer songwriter to postpone her fall tour to have surgery done, sidelining her for three months as it heals. Tristan writes:

I don’t want to perform live for my fans without being able to give the best performance I can. So for now the tour is on hold, but I PROMISE the tour will be rescheduled. Everyone should receive a full refund if you had purchased your ticket. Apologies if ticketing companies don’t refund ticketing fees!!!

I will be getting surgery now, and taking the next 3 months to properly heal. Right now my voice is more like a rickety old appliance. You have to hold the cord this one weird way for it to work, and some days its works and some days it doesn’t. So I’m sending her in, I’m getting her fixed. She’s going to come back so shiny and new, and purring better than ever!….

Happy New Year From Tristan Prettyman

Tristan Prettyman

Tristan Prettyman updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@tristanprettyman) on Tuesday (December 29), discussing yoga and the New Year. The singer songwriter tells readers:

My wish for you, for 2010. Do what makes you happy.

Acknowledging your surroundings, be apart of your community.
Branch out, get challenged, stay put, be content.
Do it all, be it all.
Do what makes you happy.

Whatever it may be. Enjoy yourself.

Happy New Year!

Its gonna be a great one :)

Thanks you all for your continued support! I am seriously having the time of my life.
Its been amazing being able to be this open and honest with everyone I know.
I have so much love and light for all of you.

Tristan Prettyman: Keep Beaches Clean

Tristan Prettyman

Tristan Prettyman checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@tristanprettyman), talking about getting fellow singer songwriter pal Anya Marina hooked on surfing, and how humans have impacted the oceans. Prettyman writes:

My family has been an active member and participant in the Surfrider Foundation since as far back as I can remember. When I started playing music, I was able to get even more involved; I donated a track I did with Dave Quicks to the ‘Music for other Mother Oceans CD’ and this past year I did a whole bunch of beach cleanups around the country… from the beaches of Montauk in New York, to Lady Bird lake in Austin, Texas and onto Ocean Beach in San Francisco. Picking up trash and raising awareness everywhere we went. Our oceans, lakes and waterways are becoming so polluted these day, and its up to us to turn it around. I cant even believe how many cigarette butts I saw at some of the beaches, and to be honest, I can’t even imagine why anyone would have the desire to smoke on a beach in the first place… but if the beach inspires you to light up, HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTT! Something I noticed when I was England; there are a lot of smokers, but everyone holds on to their butts, they even have these nifty little containers they put them in… especially in the beach communities I visited. No one litters, it’s highly shunned upon, it’s not cool. Littering in general is not cool, so put your shizzy in the trash can already. So much of our litter, even yours – beautiful person that lives in the middle of the country, ends up on people like me’s local beaches. So put it in the trash, put in the recycle or throw it in a compost bin.