Tristan Prettyman’s Dream Baby

Tristan Prettyman

Tristan Prettyman checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@tristanprettyman) on Thursday (August 13), discussing her dreams and touring Europe. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Had a really strange dream that I had a baby….
Weird thing was, in my dream, I didn’t even remember delivering the baby.
But next thing I knew I had one, and she looked just like me when I was a baby.
And she even inherited my crooked pinkies!
I just remember, in my dream, I had no baby things, so we had to go to Target, or something of that nature.
I was stocking up on diapers and baby Bjorns and things of that nature.
I remember in my dream, they had bio-degradable baby accessories, so I was pretty psyched about that.
I also remember in my dream, it was a lot of work. It was about a full day in the life of having a baby, day one.
Except in my dream my baby was already acting about how a 5 months old would.

Also, I didn’t even breast feed, or change any diapers in my dream, and I left the baby in the car seat with the dog and my cousin for about 4 hours.
So def didn’t not get the full taste of having a real kid, in my dream.

Tristan Prettyman Reflects On Community College Experience

Tristan Prettyman

Tristan Prettyman checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@tristanprettyman) on Saturday (June 20), talking about her limited college experience, living it up lately, and visiting Bali. The singer songwriter tells readers:

From time to time, I trip out on the fact that I never completed college. I mean I went to community college for a couple years, but like all my other peers who had no idea what they wanted to do with their lives at 19, I was studying business communication. I thought I might like to be a rep for a surf company, that way I could be creative, yet still be social, remain in the surf scene that I grew up in, all while holding down a good job, with a steady income. It was a safe bet. Then music came along, and changed everything.

I’ll never forget my parents pulling me aside, after one of my first shows at the Belly Up Tavern, and saying, “We think you should go play music, this seems to make you really happy, you can always go back to college if doesn’t work out”. I was psyched, and confused. Was this some sort of reverse psychology move? I was cautious and didn’t want to seem to enthusiastic just yet. I enrolled in some music classes, guitar and vocal lessons. The guitar course was a nightmare, I already knew too much, one day the teacher said to me, after failing the last 3 quizzes, ‘You’re like trying to teach English to someone who already knows the slang’. I quickly dropped that class. I did however, last a bit longer with the vocal lessons, I recall being really shy and nervous singing in front of my other classmates… I completed the course and began seeing the teacher privately. That was the extent of my college experience.

Tristan Prettyman Performs ‘Speckled Frogs’

Tristan Prettyman in a quad boxTristan Prettyman posted an acoustic performance of ‘Speckled Frogs’.

“My friend Whitney asked me to come into her classroom not long ago, and sing for her kiddies, I told her heck yeah,” Tristan writes on her blog at MySpace (@tristanprettyman). “She asked me to learn the Speckled Frog song, which to be honest, I had never even heard this song. But I learned it and its pretty awesome.”

Prettyman said her next kids song will be ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ and adds that “Maybe a kids record is in the works :)”

Watch the video via MySpace below.

Future Uncertain For Tristan Prettyman

Tristan Prettyman

Tristan Prettyman checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@tristanprettyman) on Sunday (December 21), where the San Diego singer songwriter responded to a fan wondering why she hadn’t posted an update lately. The 26-year-old suggested that it may be a while, if ever, until we see a follow-up to her second studio album ‘Hello…x’. Prettyman writes:

Yes I am drifting a little bit, I’m a bit lost…don’t really know what lies ahead, what I want to do next. I haven’t written anything in a year and a half or maybe more. I had a light year compared to the last record. I really wish I would have gone on some more tours, really wished my record would have done better. Especially with the bit of success I had at radio, I thought this was gonna be my year. I still love my record to pieces, in fact I love all my records. If anything, I think I will alway be happy with the records I have made. I have 3 now, if you would have told me I was gonna get this far, I would have looked ya in the eye and said, ‘get outta town!’.

With the radio success across the country, came more and more pressure, to go sell myself, my songs, my album. I think my record label has never really figured out how to market me, they tried the surfer girls thing, but I don’t really see myself as a female Jack Johnson or anything. I see myself more as a girl, that likes to multi-task. I write about what I know, and I am a bit of a weirdo, a bit complicated and I’ve been surfing since I was a little kid. But I can’t say that surfing has ever really influenced my music, or has ever really played a very big part in it for that matter. I do know that I love to surf, and I love summers in San Diego more than anything, and the one thing that I can’t live without, is being able to surf in the summer time in nothing more than a bikini. Needless to say, I thoroughly hated being away all summer long in a rental car, driving from radio station to station, sometimes visiting up to 6 stations in 3 different cities a day. Some stations were fans, and some looked at me as if I they thought I thought I was really cool and they could see right through me. I tried to remember why I was doing all this. You know, why I play music in the first place, and that in the end, this all benefits me, that I should get out there, mingle, mingle, I quickly realized that forcing a smile through closed teeth is not the way I want to go through life.

…I have no plans for the future. I’m not really sure what I’ll do. No tours scheduled, no travel, no recording. Nada. The world is my fishbowl. Maybe I’ll get married and have 6 kids. Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up and finally be inspired to write a song. Maybe I’ll stumble upon a new path, go back to school, get my degree. Maybe I’ll become a raw/vegan chef… I’m getting really good at that.. Or perhaps I will become so dedicated to my yoga practice, I will become a Yoga teacher. I’m not really sure. But I do know, that everything happens for a reason, and getting lost is usually the most memorable part of the adventure.

I might seem like I’m losing touch, drifting away from internet land… and it’s because I am. If I stay here too long, I end up wasting my whole day, looking at ex boyfriends websites and trying to figure out what makes Katy Perry so interesting. I get sucked into Perez Hilton and wonder if I should reinvent myself into something more like Lady GaGa. The internet is a sensory-overloaded, sequenced mess. I once was entertained, but I’m quickly loosing interest. I realized that any true inspiration, or enlightenment isn’t gonna come from technology. In my experience, it never has.

Tristan Prettyman Finishes Off Promo Run

Tristan Prettyman

Tristan Prettyman checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@tristanprettyman) on Wednesday (October 15), as the San Diego singer songwriter was wrapping up her current tour. The 26-year-old writes:

Hello, I just wanted to stop by and say hi! I’m rounding up this promo tour, got 2 dates left. Right now I’m on my way to Dayton, Ohio and then will be off to Louisville, KY on Friday before I head back to LA on Saturday. This little promo run, has been pretty good so far. Played some real cool little shows and last night did a acoustic show with Chris playing percussion, it was great! I couldn’t believe how many people turned up at the local Home Team BBQ in Charleston, SC. What a great crowd, and because it was all ages, I was finally able to meet some under 21 fans.

Tristan Prettyman Thrilled After Finally Getting A Tour Bus

Tristan Prettyman

Tristan Prettyman checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@tristanprettyman) last night, talking about finally having a tour bus after many tours where she had to ride from town to town in Geo Metros, Ford Explorers, or Lincoln Town Cars. “I can’t even tell you how awesome it is,” the San Diego singer songwriter tells fans, “it’s just like crazy, it’s moving, we are in traffic, don’t matter, we still can hang out, geek out, make food, surf the internet, watch TV, read a book, do yoga on the floor, watch a movie, play guitar, and when you have to pee, you don’t even have to pull off to the rest stop, you can go right in the bus!!! AHHH AMAZING…. The bus does have one rule: No number 2! You have to ask our lovely driver to make a quick stop for that… but he gladly will, quickly, so even number 2ing is awesome!!! It’s just great, and there is only 4 of us on the bus; Chris, Matty, our tour manager Mike, and me! Its just swizzlin.”

Tristan Prettyman Visits The Bob Rivers Show

Tristan Prettyman

Tristan Prettyman visited the Bob Rivers Show on KZOK 102.5 in Seattle on Friday (March 10). Prettyman talked about her debut album ‘Twentythree’, being shy about singing in front of audiences, hiring a band, songwriting, dealing with a major record label, and more. Audio at has since been removed.

Tristan Prettyman Considers Product For Songwriting Surfers

Songs come easy to Tristan Prettyman while she’s out in the water practicing her other love – surfing. “But I forget them all,” she tells Tom Lanham of Inside Bay Area. “I’ll start singing in the ocean, and I’ll try and write it down, sketch it in my board wax. So now I want to invent a wax where you can write on your surfboard out in the water. But I don’t think anybody else would use it except me and Jack Johnson, because who in their right mind would be composing while they’re out there?”

The story at has since been removed.