Tyler Hilton Celebrates Christmas In LA

Tyler Hilton checked in with fans on his official web site blog on Tuesday (January 5), talking about how he celebrated Christmas and visiting Canada to celebrate the new year, where he had a chance to ride with Ron from the Ontario Provincial Police on patrol for a day. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Sitting here in 36C. Aisle seat. Got the drink cart blocking me in. I think they’ve decided to sell turkey wraps to the whole plane while leaving the cart right next to me. Ah well…good a time as any for a blog., right?

Where did I leave you off? I think I need to back up all the way to Christmas. This year my sister and I begged my mom and dad to drive to us (as opposed to making us travel…like we do every year) and have Christmas at my snug little condo in LA. There were the expected grumbles, but it worked! A set of Grandparents even drove up as well! Britt and I were stoked and organized a Christmas Eve dinner (she even sent out an email designating who should bring what) and I invited all family who were in town with no other plans to join. No travel: awesome. Hosting Christmas: way more work then I thought. But! It turned out to be so much fun! Cramped spaces can make things pretty chaotic. I think it adds to the vibe. Like seeing a band in a crowded club? Fun.

The entire blog at tylerhilton.com has since been removed.

Tyler Hilton Performs ‘Merry Christmas Baby’

Tyler Hilton played ‘Merry Christmas Baby’ and spreads holiday cheer with his latest YouTube video, a blooper filled clip with the singer songwriter sharing Christmas memories and exercising. Watch it via YouTube below.

Tyler Hilton – Speed Christmas Shopper

Tyler Hilton checked in with fans on his official web site on Friday (December 18), talking about going to do some shopping ahead of Christmas. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m blogging in the car on my way to do some Christmas shopping. I’m not driving…don’t worry. I’ve got a bunch of people to shop for….aye, I haven’t even started yet. Got a budget for myself (so I don’t get too carried away) and a list (so I don’t leave anyone off). I’m a necessity shopper in that I’m only here at the mall to get what I need. No browsing, no delaying, no strolling. I’m up and down the aisles. In and out of stores. I know what I’m here to do and I will not be distract-…oooo, what’s that? Well, I suppose one gift for myself wouldn’t hurt.

Tyler Hilton Proposes A Christmas Dance

Because there isn’t really a dance that unites us on Christmas, Tyler Hilton was thinking he would love for his fans to come up with a dance and send it as a YouTube video reply. Watch the video for all the details and get more info at tylerhilton.com. The singer songwriter also talked about the Ustream chat he had and plans to record some cover songs to put online. Watch the clip below.

Tyler Hilton: I’ve Never Been Happier In My Career

Tyler Hilton checked in with fans on his official web site blog on Monday (November 23), talking about his birthday the prior day and completing his new album. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I’ve never been happier to be exactly where I am in my career…which is strange, cause, where am I? I don’t have a record out yet, I don’t have a movie or TV show I’m working on. But this feeling of completing something that took so much time and all for the purpose of doing good work so as not to ask for yours and your friend’s attention only to sell you something I could’ve done better, but instead something that took all of these 26 years to make and is worthy of all that time!….this feeling is great. I haven’t gone to college yet, so next to completing regular school, this record has taken more time then anything else I’ve ever done in life! Ha! And there’s how young I am.

The entire message at tylerhilton.com has since been removed.

Tyler Hilton Promises A More Active Online Presence

Tyler Hilton sat down today to update fans and let them know what he’s been working on. He talks about appearing on MTV’s ‘Styl’d’, prepping the new album, and promising more YouTube videos and social media updates. Watch the brief clip below.

Tyler Hilton Turns His New Album In to Warner Bros.

Tyler Hilton checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@tylerhilton) on Saturday (October 31), having completed his new album, preparing for promo and getting the itch to do some acting. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Dang… you’d think I’d be used to losing my phone by now. But somehow every time it happens it hurts just the same. Ugh. I twitter from my phone so I’ve had to forgo my usual updates. Anyway, I want to fill you in on some highlights of the last week (and I suppose it was time to blog anyway). I officially turned the record in to Warner Bros. to be fussed over, listened to, thought on, and to generally cause sparks (the good kind). No more recording. That phase is closed. Chapter written. We move on.

It’s time I leave the world of producers and studio musicians and step into the world of brainstorming and working with my friends in the radio departments, the internet team, the arty album artwork folk, and the go getters in the sales dept. who will get this new music into your hands. I’m getting excited just watching my fingers clack away at this good news. I’ve been reading scripts since being out of the studio as well and looking at maybe doing some acting pretty soon. I kinda miss it and I won’t be going out on tour until next year anyway so…why not?

Tyler Hilton Excited To Start Mixing New Album Today

Katie Krause of Hollywire talked with Tyler Hilton at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party, where the singer songwriter/actor discussed his upcoming projects, feeling pressure by his mother to be a good role model, advice mom has given him, and his new album.

“I just start the mixing process on Monday,” Hilton said. “I’m gonna release it next year. I’ll be done in like a month. I’m so excited. I’m done recording everything, so it really sounds cool I think.”

The interview at YouTube has since been removed.