V Factory Perform ‘Love Struck’ On ‘The Wendy Williams Show’

V Factory gave Twist magazine a shout out before taking the stage at ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ to perform their hit single ‘Love Struck’. Watch the comments and a bit of the performance via YouTube below.

V Factory Perform ‘Love Struck’ On ‘Good Day Philadelphia’

V Factory visited ‘Good Day Philadelphia’ on Monday (August 17) at Fox 29 studios, where the “man band” talked with the host about Nick Teti’s Philly roots and their music video moves before performing ‘Love Struck’ a cappella. Video at the group’s MySpace has since been removed.

V Factory At The Grove

Popstar! was at The Grove in Los Angeles last weekend to see the V Factory and Ashley Tisdale perform a free concert. Watch the clip, featuring Jared Murillo offering a warm thank you to his ex-girlfriend Ashley, below.

Jared Murillo On How V Factory Came About

Jared MurilloV Factory is out with a new webisode featuring Jared Murillo and Nicky T. The guys open up about how the band got started, how they chose the group’s name and how they have become their own entity.

“When you come together you get this name thrown on you,” Jared explained. “It’s like cold hard letters, and you don’t really know what that name means. Ever since this long process of shaping us and figuring out who we are and who we are as a group, it’s become much more than just letters V Factory. We’ve become our own entity, our own group.”

The video has since been removed.

V Factory Discuss Summer Plans, Twitter & Fans

Popstar! caught up with V Factory at a recent photo shoot for the magazine and asked each member about their summer plans, which included doing shows and promoting their new single ‘Love Struck’. In another clip, they talked about twitter. A third clip has Wesley and Jared talking about the boy band’s loyal fans. Watch them all via YouTube below.

V Factory ‘Love Struck’ Video

V Factory

V Factory are out with the music video to their new single ‘Love Struck’, the first release off the American boy band’s upcoming debut album on Warner Bros. Records. Watch via Vimeo below.

V Factory ‘Love Struck’ Video Behind The Scenes

Popstar! magazine was on the set of V Factory’s debut music video ‘Love Struck’, getting a behind the scenes look at the filming. The video features the boy band dancing around the couch with some girls in a factory, which they describe as “dark, edgy and sexy.” Watch the highlights below.

V Factory Shooting ‘Love Struck’ Video Next Week

V Factory

Nathaniel Flatt of V Factory checked in with fans on the boy band’s official web site on Wednesday (April 22), talking about a ‘Love Struck’ video shoot and merch. The 25-year-old tells readers:

I am so excited about the stuff that is coming up I’m dying to tell someone! Haha.

Next week we are finally shooting our video for Lovestruck. Finally!
It’s gonna be worth the wait because we just got the final treatment in
today! It’s gonna be so hot.

The entire message at vfactorymusic.com has since been removed.

What “Love Struck” Means To V Factory

V Factory members talked with Popstar! magazine about what being “love struck” means to them. The boy band were also seen signing autographs and checking in on their Twitter pages. Watch video via YouTube below.

Happy New Year From V Factory

V Factory

V Factory checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@vfactorymusic) on Friday (January 9). The American boy band tell readers:

Happy New Year! After a nice holiday break, we are back in action! 2009 is going to be filled with all things V Factory!

To start it off on January 27th our new single “Love Struck” will be available on iTunes! Be sure to check it out. Album in stores this summer, hope to see you in your town soon!

Much Love,
Asher, Wesley, Nicky T, Jared and Nathaniel