V’s Farewell Letter To Fans

V 'You Stood Up' album cover

V made news of their breakup official on their website Monday (February 28) after being told by their label Universal they were being dropped. The letter said, “We’re sure you’ll see more of us in the future as we take various career paths – Mark is going to travel to the moon like Lance out of *NSYNC, Leon has set up his own Elvis lookalike agency, Antony can be seen flying harris hawks around various parts of Indonesia and Kevin and Aaron are going to live in New York with Sarah Jessica Parker. But seriously, we’ve loved every single second of being in V and wouldn’t change a thing. Well, maybe the album cover perhaps, hehe…”

V Reportedly Dropped & Splitting Up; Fans Plot Protest

With talk Friday that V have split up after being dropped by their label Universal Records UK, the boy band’s fans are planning a protest against the action on Sunday. Leons*sock*girl writes, “Right! Ok So We Ain’t Gonna Get our Band Back But **** It are We Giving Up On Them! Everyone Is Meeting Up On Sunday At Victoria At 10am! EVERYONE PLEASE TRY AND COME because We are Going to Find Them and If We Don’t We are Going to T4 TO LET THE NATION KNOW THAT WE CARE AND HOPEFULLY V WILL SEE WE DO!Yes….if V are Reading We are Coming to Get you because you Have Let Us Down! We R Also gonna Stage A Protest Outside the Record Company! I Have Been Asked to Write This On Behalf Of Myself And The Rest Of The Mmc Who are All In London All In Tears! Please Everyone Turn Up! We are Seriously Gonna Walk Around London and Get More People Will Us I Am Gonna Get A Big Microphone Thingy!”

V Perform On ‘Top Of The Pops’

V performed their new single ‘You Stood Up’ on BBC’s ‘Top Of The Pops’, which aired on Friday (October 8). Watch a brief clip from their performance here.

Shaving Talk From V

V’s Mark, Leon, Antony, Aaron, and Kevin took part in a Q&A with teentoday.co.uk, where the guys also questioned each other. When Mark asked Antony, “Do you shave your balls?”, Mark said “no” but Aaron piped in, “I do.” Kevin then revealed, “We all have monthly sack, back and crack wax, all 5 of us – that’s a secret for you. It’s in our contracts.”

The entire chat transcript at teentoday.co.uk has since been removed.

Who’s The Most Vain In V?

Top of the Pops caught up with guys from the boyband V and wondered since V is for vain, who was the most vain guy in the group. Aaron Buckingham responded, “We all are. That’s to be expected when you’re on telly in front of millions of people every day.” Bandmate Mark Harle added, “Kevin [McDaid] spends the least time in the bathroom because he’s got no hair. He just has to do his make up.” And Antony Brant concluded, “Leon [Pisani] spends ages on his hair because he’s got that quiff. I wouldn’t say I was really vain but I have to get it right.”