Vanessa Carlton-Sui Generis, Nonpareil, A True Sensation

Contributed anonymously:

With the burning sensation ‘A Thousand Miles’ gave most of us, Vanessa Carlton is back once again, after a maybe a 3-year-break, with another incomparable piece, ‘White Houses’.

Vanessa, a true sensation in the ear is such a talented person. Think about it, she plays the guitar, piano; she dances beautifully just like a butterfly liberated. See her video. Seriously, this girl can rock even without percussion instruments. She encircles you into this hypnologic state which doesn’t make you sleepy, it drives you in her music. I’m not really a fan, but she’s just beau ideal! Nobody could ever be like her.

This is the kind of people, what we need right now. Michelle Branch is one more thing. We need artists who can make music, NOT all that mutilated animated stuff! It’s sick in the ear! ARGHHH Hilary Duff and Haylie Duff are some bad examples.

There are thousands of artists out there who are more than Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Haylie Duff, Britney Spears, etc etc. But look at them they’re still in the state where they practice in their garages. MANAGERS, PRODUCERS!! ONE THING, you better be careful on to whom your giving contracts to, you have to make sure they can sing! Hilary Duff she can’t sing, but she’s making millions! There are many more out there who can be nonpareil, amazing and flabbergasting, who deserve a contract. The Philippines have some great balladeers and singers, maybe you should look there! That’s something new. Venture beyond the borders and look for great unique artists.

That’s all folks.

Vanessa Carlton ‘White Houses’ Video

Vanessa Carlton 'White Houses'

Vanessa Carlton is out with the video to her first single off ‘Harmonium’, due out September 21st. Watch ‘White Houses’ online below.

Vanessa Carlton Urges Fans To Vote For John Kerry

August 7, 2004 – Vanessa Carlton posted a message to fans on her official forum on Thursday (July 5), urging them to register to vote and to vote for the Democratic candidate John Kerry. Carlton wrote, “I hope you guys (over 18) have registered to vote! If you haven’t, go to That website will show you the light. If you all vote Kerry, I’ll give you invisible cheek kisses. All of us together have the power to improve and change our government (which could make our lives a whole hell of a lot better. Health insurance anyone?). Anyway, can’t wait for you all to hear the record! Peace V.”

On TV: Ashlee Simpson, Duffs, Vanessa Carlton

Pop acts on television this week include *NSYNC, who sits down with ‘Total Request Live’ on Monday; Ashlee Simpson, who performs on ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’ on Tuesday; Hilary Duff and Haylie Duff, who appaer on ‘The View’ on Wednesday while Hilary goes solo on ‘TRL’ on Thursday; Robbie Williams, who performs on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Wednesday; Vanessa Carlton, who previews her new music on ‘TRL’ on Wednesday; and Alanis Morissette, who perform on ‘The Tonight Show’ on Thursday.

Vanessa Carlton Previews ‘White Houses’

Vanessa Carlton 'Harmonium'

Vanessa Carlton is reclaiming her love of ballet through a song that takes her back to her teenage years. ‘White Houses’, the first single off her upcoming ‘Harmonium’, due October 19th, tells the tale of a girl coming of age, experiencing her first passions and reflecting on what she’s gained and lost in the process.

“It’s about jealousy, it’s about losing your virginity, it’s about living on your own,” she tells MTV News. “It’s a story that most people can relate to, that chapter in your life from 16 to 25, where you’re trying to figure out who you are, and you go through all these triumphs and tragedies on a daily basis, and how they shape you. It’s really the journey of one girl and her perception of her environment and how she starts out as a wide-eyed person, but everyone gets hardened by life, but not necessarily to the point where you can’t feel anymore – all these things, in one little snapshot of a song.”

Read more.

Vanessa Carlton’s Finished Creating ‘Harmonium’

June 15, 2004 – Vanessa checked in with fans on her official website’s forum on Monday night to break the happy news that she just wrapped up recording ‘Harmonium’. She writes, “I’m listening to the album as we speak. what a coup! I cannot wait for you all to hear it. The wait time is gonna kill me. I’m doing a video in a few weeks with Sophie Muller. Also the website is gonna get a makeover. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of it now. Look out for ‘White Houses’ mid-July. And the album to follow in September. ‘Harmonium’ lives… for real …and you’re all gonna freak. I just know it.
I need sleep. Peace. V.”

Vanessa Carlton Provides Album Update To Patient Fans

May 25, 2004 – Vanessa checked in with fans on her official forum on Monday (May 24), giving an update on her new album. She wrote, “Hey all. I’m mixing my record right now. It sounds so great. I’m working on artwork (my favorite thing ever). Single is out in mid July. Album drops September 21st (not official). All in good time. Peace out my patient peeps.”

Vanessa Carlton Provides Album Scoop

April 28, 2004 – Vanessa posted a message to her fans on April 14th. She writes:

Too long.
I’m wearing an extremely itchy sweater right now. I’ll never understand how fabric can totally alter one’s mood. Anyway, I am feeling the eve of a really special year. I’ve never been in such good spirits (aside from violent scratching). My album makes me want to eat it. I’m thinkin that’s a good thing. I looooooooooove it. Don’t mean to tease, but thought you should know the wait is worth something. Also there’s a cool ‘making of’ DVD that will come out with ‘Harmonium’. Look for ‘White Houses’ in June (with a rad video). Album drops in early August. Things get pushed back for excellent reasons. See you all at the shows. Peace v. PS: Only ten songs!

Vanessa Carlton Leaks Word On Harmonium’s First Single

March 11, 2004 – Vanessa leaked some news about her forthcoming album ‘Harmonium’, due in June, to fans on her official forum on Wednesday (March 10). Carlton writes, “Because I love you all so much (including my loyal Nessaholics) I’d like to leak some news. My label is gonna kill me, but the fan love overpowers me. Sooooooo, my first single is probably ‘White Houses’ (it so is) and guess who plays the most amazing acoustic guitar on the track!!… Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac. That’s all I can divulge in this top -secret -under – the – rug – non label -informed email. Peace. V”

Vanessa Carlton Gets The Hives Prepping For ‘Harmonium’

Vanessa Carlton 'Harmonium'

Vanessa Carlton wrote a diary update for Teen People’s April issue, the final entry the singer is providing the magazine. Carlton wrote, “I recently went to the ER with a killer case of hives – I think it was from the pressure of making the most important record of my career. One of the best ways for me to combat stress is to play music, so I was psyched when the Counting Crows asked me to do a show with them. Bob Weir from the Grateful Dead came out onstage – too cool! Anyway, my new album will be out in June. So get ready for ‘Harmonium’ domination. It’s a-comin’!”

Vanessa Carlton Teases Fans About Surprise Guests On New LP

February 5, 2004 – Vanessa posted a message to fans on her official forum on Wednesday (February 4). She writes, “Sooooo. Its been awhile. perhaps too loooooooong. But I’m working on my pride and joy and time seems to fly by. I’ve got a few surprise guests on this record. You’ll never believe it! I’ll leak out who it is soon enough. Being in LA is prime real estate for running into legends I suppose. Guys you’re gonna freak. I am. Peace. v.”

Vanessa Carlton’s Teen People Diary

December 30, 2003 – In the February issue of Teen People, Vanessa’s has a segment called Vanessa’s Diary. It reads, “So you wanna know what I’m going through? Well, I’ve been in San Francisco recording my sophomore album. My days usually consist of waking up and driving to ballet class, where I proceed to sweat my brains out. As noon approaches, I head to the studio and meet up with Stephan Jenkins, my producer. Yes, I also date him (what a coup!). He’s the fantastic songwriter and the frontman for Third Eye Blind. After two months of discussions, tantrums and revelations, I am more than halfway through my record. I’ve decided to name it ‘Harmonium’, and it’ll be out later this year. This is my grassroots record-no bells and whistles, no drumloops, just harmonies and rhythms.”

Vanessa Carlton Reveals Name Of New Album

December 24, 2003 – Vanessa posted a holiday message to fans on her official forum on Sunday (December 21). She writes, “It’s been too long. First off, I’d like to thank the few people who were picked to come to the DVD taping. I was overwhelmed by how far some of you traveled (through the raging snow no less!). For the rest of you, our time will come. I’m in the desert right now. I almost got bucked off a horse named Whitecloud about an hour ago. I squeezed for my life. Whew. Can’t think of a better way to spend the holidays. On to the record, look out for Teen People cause I’m doing little diary entries about the album for the next three months. By the way, I just wrote two new songs that are bumping some old ones off. I’m so proud of them. I do believe I have a new first single. Woohoo. Also, everything is moved back. I’ll be finished in March, the record is scheduled to be released in June. I promise it’s worth the wait. One last thing, out of respect for my online posse I will announce my album title before everyone reads it in the Teen People column… Drumroll… the name of the album is… ‘Harmonium’… Put that in your pipe and smoke it (not too hard though). Love you guys. Until next year. Peace.”

Artists’ Faves… Aren’t Bush

December 1, 2003 – Spin magazine caught up with several artists to get their take on their favorite music for the year, and their predictions for 2004. Many took the opportunity to jump from music to politics, predicting a bad November for President Bush. Vanessa Carlton said, “The bullsh**-coffee-house-singer backlash begins. This will be complimented by the end of Bush.” Moby added, ‘Everything will finally start to get better, and George Bush will be impeached for lying to Congress and the American people.” And Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly concludes, “Bush will be voted out of office.”

Music & Sex – Baby – Do It One More Time

Contributed by MusicHomme:

Why are these two supposedly different elements seem to be appear as such odd and irrelevant fellows but when together, make such powerful alliance? And the translation of the previous statement in English – Why sex and music sell?

Lavigne has not done, Spears did it first, Aguilera has done it way too many times, Beyonce Knowles is getting to do it more and Branch is just starting to do it. With a wiggle of their aerobically enhanced booty and a flash of their womanly bosoms, the world just cannot resist watching.

Michelle Branch To Use Mistaken Identity To Her Advantage

JoJo of KIIS FM caught up with Michelle Branch in Las Vegas ahead of the Radio Music Awards and asked the singer if she was going to do any gambling in the city. The 20-year-old responded, “I have… I am.. I have a year to go. Well I have until July.” JoJo wondered if she had some special pass that allowed her to, and Branch, who is often mistaken for her piano playing contemporary responded, “Well I think I’m going to go around and tell everyone I’m Vanessa Carlton so I can gamble.”

Vanessa Carlton ‘Be Not Nobody’ Review

October 20, 2003 – This is a very interesting album. It combines pop with Classical music. I think that it works. Vanessa doesn’t have a great voice,but the music makes up for that. “Sway” is worth the price of the album alone. Other standout tracks are “Wanted”, “Ordinary Day”, “A Thousand Miles”, and ” Rinse”. Her cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black”as unnecessary because she adds nothing to it. Also, there is some filler. Overall, I enjoyed the album. It’s good to chill out to.

Reviewer: Nikkia Davis

New Clues From Vanessa Carlton On Upcoming Album

October 16, 2003 – Following a article in that Vanessa Carlton was going goth on her next album, the singer reassured fans that wasn’t the case on her official website. Carlton said, “I just thought that article didn’t quite capture what I was trying to say. You all deserve the crystal clear facts. Cuz I love ya. Rolling Stone failed to mention the Cure sounds that I’ve been toying with, along with a jammin’ booty rockin’ song called ‘Private Radio’. There are dark themes and creepy sounding strings (you guys should here ‘She Floats’!), but I’m not writing an industrial record and though I love NIN, Wiccan culture (it’s rad), and corsets, I am not a descendent of a Germanic tribe. My advice, ignore the press ’til you have the record.”

Vanessa Carlton Goes Dark On New LP

October 12, 2003 – Vanessa tells that the follow-up to 2002’s ‘Be Not Nobody’ will have a decidedly Goth feel to it. She said, “I’m singing about suicide, insomnia, and paranoia. There’s nothing piano recital-y about it. It’s Goth.” Carlton says that now that she’s 23 years old, she thinks she’s “more evolved and more secure,” adding ,”I’m beyond the diary-confessional chapter of my writing. It can get a bit heavy, but it’s kind of tongue-in-cheek at times, and it’s not so end-of-the-world.”

Vanessa Carlton Appoints Boyfriend As Record Producer

Vanessa Carlton spoke with Blender magazine about having boyfriend Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind produce her second album. “I feel like anyproducer is trying to get in your pants one way or another,” Carlton joked. “The good thing about this is at least it’s out in the open.” Carlton added, “He really gets what I’m going for. I’ve never felt such freedom as I have with him. Maybe that’s because I can threaten him with ‘other things’ in our relationship.”

Michelle Branch’s ‘Hotel Paper’ “Remarkably Good”

Michelle Branch 'Hotel Paper' album cover

Pamela Apuhin of the Philippines Daily News reviewed Michelle Branch’s latest effort ‘Hotel Paper’, calling it “remarkably good album that can truly please listeners regardless of age and sex.”

Apuhin said, “Upon hearing Michelle Branch’s latest single, ‘Are You Happy Now’ for the first time, I could clearly tell that the 20-year-old guitar goddess, who paved the way for young singer-songwriter acts such as Vanessa Carlton and Avril Lavigne, has grown up. Not only has her voice grown notably stronger, the guitars in that single are more aggressive (courtesy of Jane’s Addiction’s Dave Navarro) and the overall message of the track employs an ‘in your face’ quality (courtesy of an old boyfriend who dumped Branch for another girl) that would’ve made labelmate Alanis Morrisette proud.”