Jayk Purdy Lashes Out At His Own Line Of Questioning

Twit Richard is back with his second interview, this time with Jayk Purdy of Varsity Fanclub. Jayk must have not known about him because he kept calling him Chip and wasn’t happy with his line of questioning.

Video of the Chris Brown ‘GMA’ loose parody, aka Jayk talking to himself, at YouTube has since been removed.

Varsity Fanclub Check Out The Blue Man Group

Varsity Fanclub’s latest webisode features the boy band attending the Blue Man Group show and meeting backstage with the colorful trio. Some time on a bus dancing and sleeping to music followed before they arrived at Radio SAW in Germany for an interview and performance. During the interview, they talked about their U.S. roots, living in Berlin now, and their musical style. The episode ends with the boy band performing before the radio audience.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Varsity Fanclub Behind The Scenes In Germany

Popcorn magazine and StarFlash.de are presenting the crazy tour diaries of Drew Ryan Scott, TC Carter, Jayk Purdy, Bobby Edner and David Lei Brandt in Germany. The video features highlights from the boy band’s ‘Looking For Love’ performance, touring an office building, drinking some Red Bull, having trouble reading a German menu, and doing a ‘More Than Words’ a capella performance.

The video at YouTube has since been removed.

Varsity Fanclub’s Bobby Edner Shows Off His Pipes In Germany

Varsity Fanclub’s Bobby Edner was feeling bold while the boy band was in Germany, taking it upon himself to really put his heart into singing ‘Tearin’ Up My Heart’ by *NSYNC and ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney Houston as German locals and his laughing bandmates looked on in disbelief.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Varsity Fanclub’s Jayk & David Prank TC

Jayk Purdy and David Lei Brandt of Varsity Fanclub pranked the boy band’s newest member TC Carter by saying a certain European food is really delicious, but it’s not. The guys somehow get TC to try it easily, though he wouldn’t swallow the food especially after they said it was whale genitals – it was actually some kind of fish.

Video of the hijinks at YouTube has since been removed.

Jayk Purdy And TC Carter Try A Habanero Pepper & Live To Regret It

Varsity Fanclub lost a friendly bet to their friend Chester See and the loser had to eat a Habanero pepper, which the boy band documented on their YouTube channel. Jayk Purdy and TC Carter were the guinea pigs, and after eating the spicy treat, the audio on their video camera died, but they were seen drinking plenty of milk. Later, they discussed the experience, with both complaining of chest pains. “We hope you guys get your kicks out of this video,” Jayk said, before TC cautioned, “Don’t ever do that. You’ll regret doing that situation.”

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Drew Ryan Scott’s Daddy Says

Drew Ryan Scott of Varsity Fanclub adopted a British accent to offer some “my daddy says” advice to viewers.

The video at YouTube has since been removed.

Varsity Fanclub Lash Out At Their Unnamed Production Company

Varsity Fanclub checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@varsityfanclub) on Tuesday (October 6), discussing how they’ve been in professional limbo of late, pinning the blame on their production company. The boyband, who were dropped by Capitol Records earlier this year, write:

We were created by a production company. This production company controls virtually everything we do based on our contracts with them. From the start of being signed to Capitol records, every decision was made by them whether good or bad.

You would think that when you sign a record deal everything in your dream comes true. Not in our case…… It is hard work….. Extremely hard work. When you sign, there is no money, no cars, no housing, or fame waiting for you. Only the dedication you have to your fans and your love of music. In fact, the only money we make is with merchandise, writing songs, or touring. What really sucks is when you work your tail off for three years, only to see all the money you have made be given to a certain company and then never given to us at all. Can you imagine being penny less when your working as hard as we are and you think your band is doing huge things, only to find that your being held back?!

Let’s set the record straight. Capitol never dropped us because we were “untalented”! They let us go because they couldn’t deal with “those who cannot be named.” Basically… it’s a lot like when a mom gives a little boy lunch money… but then a bully steals it… and then the little boy has nothing to eat for lunch…

Lady GaGa Has Competition With Gentleman HaHa

Lady GaGa has competition with Drew Ryan Scott’s alter ego. Joey McIntyre of New Kids on the Block and Drew show viewers the new artist, Gentleman HaHa, the male answer to the ‘Poker Face’ singer. “Being Gentleman HaHa is not always fun, glitz and glam,” Drew explained. “Gentleman HaHa has got a personal life and addiction to love and mirrors. I’m addicted to looking at mirrors.”

The video at YouTube has since been removed.