Varsity Fanclub Photo Shoot

Varsity Fanclub posted highlights from their recent photo shoot, taken the day after Jayk Purdy had to go to the police station to get handcuffs he put on without having a key removed.

The clip, featuring new member TC Carter shirtless, has since been removed at YouTube.

Jayk Purdy Stuck In Handcuffs, Requires Police Assistance

Varsity Fanclub’s Jayk Purdy managed to put a handcuff on, but didn’t have a key to free himself. Bandmate Drew Ryan Scott got the videocamera out and recorded their visit to the Newport Beach Police Department where they had officers get the boy bander out of the bind at 3 AM.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Things/People Have Been Holding Varsity Fanclub Back

Jayk Purdy of Varsity Fanclub checked in with fans on the boy band’s blog at MySpace (@varsityfanclub) on Tuesday (July 7), reacting to those concerned their music career seems to be in limbo. Purdy writes:

Some of you are curious and wondering why we’re not touring and why new music hasn’t come out.. believe us when I say that it is not our fault and that certain things/people have been holding us back for quite some time now.. We don’t want to get into the details but just know we’re still working day in and day out for all of you.. it kinda feels to us that some of you have thrown in the towel on us and just given up.. trust us, we will win this battle and prevail… all we ask is that you please stay with us on this journey… We promise it will be worth the wait, we have no reason to BS you.. Thank you for reading this, it’s just something I have been pondering for the past week and had to express it to you all.. :) Know that we love you all so much..

TC Carter’s Favorites

Varsity Fanclub’s newest member TC Carter is introduced on the boy band’s YouTube channel. Watch his very first interview with “Twit Richard” (Jayk Purdy), where he talked about his favorite color, his birthday, his hobbies, favorite movies, favorite artist, and if he’d eat himself if he was made of cheese.

The interview video at YouTube has since been removed.

Varsity Fanclub ‘Future Love’ Video Behind The Scenes

Mandy Jiroux joined Varsity Fanclub on their ‘Future Love’ video shoot, where they recreated the Miley and Mandy Show, with Drew Ryan Scott playing the role of Miley Cyrus.

The highlights from the day, interviews, and high pitched voices at YouTube have since been removed.

Drew Ryan Scott Talks About Changes With Varsity Fanclub

Drew Ryan Scott of Varsity Fanclub

Drew Ryan Scott of Varsity Fanclub updated fans on the boy band’s blog at MySpace (@varsityfanclub) on Saturday (May 30), talking about the news Thomas Fiss is leaving the group and Thomas Carter is his replacement. Drew writes:

Thomas can never be replaced… so I don’t want anyone thinking TC is his replacement or that TC is the reason Thomas is gone. It’s not like that at all.

TC is a great kid from Georgia…. he’s 16, about 5 ft 9/ 5 ft 10… amazing dancer and singer… fun… energetic… honest… and has that desire to do this in his eyes that I need to see in the eyes of someone who I’m putting my life on the line for.

He has all the great personality qualities that I saw in Thomas. No he isn’t Thomas and no he’s not trying to be Thomas…. he is just being him. We need a 5th person to sing in our 5 part harmonies. And we need someone to make all our steps and moves complete. Someone we can trust, someone we can build a VFC future with. And TC seems to the perfect fit with us…so please give him a chance..

You have someone new to learn about and someone new to laugh at. Thomas is still a couple MySpace clicks away… promise… he’s the same ol good ol Thomas we always knew and loved.

All I ask if you all give TC that shot you gave me and Thomas and the rest of the guys when you first heard about us…do you remember back then? The first time you heard or saw us… when was it??? where was it?? Give TC that same welcome feelings you gave us… The same feelings that make me want to wake up everyday and work around the clock to bring you new music, videos, and friendship. I am willing to not sleep at all for all of you… I will post videos, songs, pictures whatever you want all night. Because I am dedicated to all of you. Let’s take over the world together!

Thomas Fiss Departs Varsity Fanclub, Replaced By Thomas Carter

Thomas Fiss of Varsity Fanclub

Varsity Fanclub checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@varsityfanclub) on Thursday (May 28), announcing that Thomas Fiss has left the boy band on friendly terms, being replaced by Thomas Carter. They write:

VFC has been a group for almost 3 years. In those three years the 5 of us have grown to love one another as brothers. In life, everyone hits their own fork in the road where they need to decide if the road they’re traveling on is still the right one for them. In our case one of our brothers felt they were meant for something different. So for everyone who doesn’t know; Thomas decided to leave the band.

We want everyone to know that there are no ill feelings towards this move. It was something that the 5 of us had been talking about for a while. Thomas is an amazing person and we will miss him very much. We all knew he had that San Diego Breeze calling him from the start anyways. :) We support him with whatever he chooses do, as he continues to support us. Our hearts are broken, but we must continue on as Varsity Fanclub. Don’t worry.. you can still find all of our videos as the original group on YouTube.

With light of our sad news, our day does end on a happy note. The newest member of Varsity Fanclub is TC (Thomas Carter). You can find him on our top friends. We believe he will bring a strong presence to the group, and we think you all will like him very much.

We hope that you all understand and will continue to support us. We promise that we will always continue to bring you the best that we have to offer. Look for a new Photos of the group in the next couple weeks, as well as videos and merch. We love you. Have an amazing day!!! :)

-Varsity Fanclub

Varsity Fanclub Are No Longer With Capitol Records

Varsity Fanclub

Varsity Fanclub checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace on Thursday (March 26), revealing what many had expected was coming given the current economic environment – they are no longer with Capitol Records. The boy band tell readers:

We are writing this letter to say thank you so much for your support and loyalty. Yes, it is true that we are no longer with Capitol Records, but we are still signed to StoneHall Records. Let us be the first to say that we were not dropped, but that we are in the process of negotiating away from the label. As everyone in the industry knows, Capitol has gone through several changes with in the company. The team of people who originally signed us is not the same team we have ended up with. Capitol is an amazing label and we hope them much success. Unfortunately we all came to the same understanding that it was just the wrong match for us.

We, VFC, want to let everyone know that we are not going away. We are in the process of talking with other labels, and are recording new songs with new choreography. Songs that you will not be able to find on YouTube this time. ;) We are excited to say that we still have an album coming out and its an album that has better and more updated songs.

Jayk Purdy Survives Surgery Scare

Jayk Purdy of Varsity Fanclub experienced a “surgery scare” after a medical trip to Las Vegas, but after a few aspirin those puffy cheeks returned to normal and the boy bander was okay. “I can do photo shoots,” a relieved Purdy joked.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.