Varsity Fanclub’s Drew And Jayk Thank Fan Site

Drew Scott and Jayk Purdy of Varsity Fanclub sent out a video message to their fan club, with Drew and Jayk stealing a mall poster of themselves to introduce their non-present bandmates, since they went home for the holidays. The pair thanked the fan site and wished them Happy Holidays.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

The End Of The Road For Varsity Fanclub?

With the economy in shambles and a suggestion that their debut album was getting pushed back, it wouldn’t be a shock to hear Varsity Fanclub might be calling it quits, which had their emerging fans panicked by their latest YouTube video. The guys were seen packing up their stuff and heading out of their shared apartment, with Drew Scott explaining how an email from bandmate David Brandt who said he was quitting the boy band prompted to throw in the towel… Or maybe not.

Video showing what happens at YouTube has since been removed.

Varsity Fanclub Album Release In Jeopardy

Jayk Purdy of Varsity Fanclub checked in with fans on the Los Angeles based boy band’s blog at MySpace (@varsityfanclub) on Wednesday (December 10). Purdy revealed that their self-titled debut album may be pushed back by their label Capitol Records due to poor online sales of their first single ‘Future Love’, making the label hesitant to pour more money into the project in current economic conditions. Purdy writes:

To the MAN………….

Hey y’all it’s your boys VFC.. Well we regret to inform you that our album is in danger of being pushed back once AGAIN.. The original date which all of you know is Jan. 13th… The reason being is because our single “Future Love” was available on the iTunes and no one is buying it because it was accessible on Limewire or whatever download sites months before… The people higher up unfortunately look at these statistics and think people are not “reacting” like they should and don’t think it’s the right time to put anything out yet… What they don’t look at is all of your amazing comments, the millions of plays we have, the millions of channel views, your constant promoting to all of your friends, your fan videos, your messages that we love reading, and your beautiful faces at our shows.. THE SAD REALITY is that if you don’t get on iTunes and buy the single our album is being pushed back to who knows when OR even us going over seas for a while to release.. This is heart breaking, but this is the situation we have been dealt.. Trust us we will come out on top with ALL OF YOU.. We love all so much, you have no idea.. Thank you

Jayk of VFC

Varsity Fanclub Perform At Suns Vs. Jazz Game In Phoenix

Varsity Fanclub documented their day at the US Airways Center in Phoenix Arizona, where the boy band performed at halftime of the Suns game against the Utah Jazz on Saturday (December 6). The first clip features the guys doing a shoot around on the court ahead of their soundcheck. Part two sees them in their dressing room getting ready for their performance, while the third and final part has the guys exiting the venue talking about the players they met and autographs they scored.

The videos at YouTube have since been removed.

Happy Birthday To Varsity Fanclub’s Thomas Fiss & David Brandt

Thomas Fiss and David Brandt of Varsity Fanclub both celebrated their birthdays at a party with some fans in Phoenix, with bandmate and resident cameraman Drew Scott leading them in a ‘Happy Birthday’ sing-along, before going all Marilyn Monroe in the end. Before waving out their candles, Thomas joked he wished Drew would disappear.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

1 Boy Band, 1 Bottle

Varsity Fanclub posted footage of the guys on a long journey in a van, with Thomas Fiss complaining about having to go to the bathroom. He then appeared relieved after proudly displaying a water bottle filled with yellow liquid. Things got really gross when Tim complained about the heat and needed something to quench his thirst.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Drew Of Varsity Fanclub Reacts To Someone Burning Their Poster

Drew Ryan Scott of Varsity Fanclub posted a video clip on the group’s YouTube channel reacting to a male Slipknot fan who got a signed poster from the boy band and decided to burn it in protest. Watching it with the Jonas Brothers ‘Burnin’ Up’ playing in the background, Drew didn’t appear amused by the footage, which features a girl mildly protesting the torching. The burning video has since been removed, as has Drew’s reaction at YouTube

Varsity Fanclub Throw A Dinner Party

Varsity Fanclub got chewed out for leaving their place a mess by the boy band’s co-manager Sybil Hall, so they decided to try and shock her by cleaning up and throw a dinner party. Unfortunately, none of them knew how to cook and the results weren’t pretty.

Video of how the cooking effort went down at YouTube has since been removed.

McDonald’s Playground Fun For Varsity Fanclub

Thomas Fiss, Jayk Purdy and Drew Ryan Scott of Varsity Fanclub dropped by a McDonald’s to play at the fast food chain’s playground, despite not fitting the height requirement. When Thomas and Jayk took got on the slide, suddenly their bandmate David Le Brandt emerged at the bottom, complaining that his butt was wet.

The video at YouTube has since been removed.

Jayk Purdy Long Jump

Drew Scott of Varsity Fanclub witnessed a live hotel room long jump by his shirtless, boxer wearing bandmate Jayk Purdy in a video clip at VFC’s YouTube channel while the boy band was in Sacramento… Actually jumping twice so Drew could get two camera angles.

The footage at YouTube has since been removed.