Varsity Fanclub’s Jayk Purdy Celebrates Birthday

Jayk Purdy of Varsity Fanclub

Jayk Purdy of Varsity Fanclub checked in with fans on the Capitol Records boy band’s blog at MySpace (@varsityfanclub) on Friday (August 8). Purdy writes:

Wow, such an awesome day!

Well today was my birthday, awwww… First off, I just got to say thank you to everyone who left me awesome comments, messages, and texts.. Seriously I love you all so much and didn’t think I was gonna get that many messages or anyone really knew it was my birthday at all… It was an awesome day all together… We’re actually in San Diego right now getting ready for the NBC show tomorrow! I’m so stoked!!! We all went out to dinner tonight and went to one of my favorite sushi restaurants (It’s called Raw Sushi) Yumm it was amazing… We actually just got back to the hotel have to wake up in a few hours.. Ah I’m tired and don’t know if I’m gonna be able to sleep because Bobby [Edner] is so loud and obnoxious before he goes to bed hahaha… Well I can’t wait to see all of your beautiful faces tomorrow at the show… I love y’all and thanks


Jayk Of Varsity Fanclub Checks In After Palm Springs Visit

Varsity Fanclub

Jayk Purdy of Varsity Fanclub checked in with fans on the Los Angeles boy band’s blog at MySpace on Tuesday (August 5). Purdy writes, “Alright well we are about to Depart from Palm Springs! We had a lot of fun yesterday, they played ‘Future Love’ on the big top 40 radio station out here like twice in an hour.. it was surreal… Alright well I’m being told we gotta go.. Next stop Tucson and Phoenix today! If you’re in the area stop by the station!”

Varsity Fanclub Check In After Two Saturday Shows

David Brandt of Varsity Fanclub checked in with fans on the Los Angeles boy band’s blog at MySpace (@varsityfanclub) on Sunday (August 3) with the following message:

Our 2 shows yesterday!

So yesterday we had our show on Hollywood and Highland, and our show at the Teen choice pre-Party. Our very first show and the sound board blew a circuit. It was crazy! But we held it down and kept singing and dancing with no music. Check out all the videos our fans filmed on You Tube. I though it was a pretty good show though all around.

The Pre-Party could not have gone better. It’s crazy that we performed with and in front of some the largest celebrities in Hollywood. It was such an honor and awesome experience. Can’t wait for the next show. See you all on the road.

Ps. Our album comes out in stores Oct. 28th. ‘Future Love’ hits main stream radio in August so get ready to request. You can still request us on Radio Disney though. :)

-David Brandt

Varsity Fanclub Apologize For MySpace Neglect

Varsity Fanclub

Thomas Fiss of Capitol Records’ boy band Varsity Fanclub checked in with fans on the Los Angeles group’s blog at MySpace (@varsityfanclub) on Wednesday (July 30). Fiss writes:

Alright everyone, look. We have been so busy!! We haven’t had any time to spend serious time on MySpace at all. and we are so sorry for that, but we promise that we will be changing that soon. Its just right now we are gearing up for our promo tour, the Teen Choice Awards pre party, and a few other shows in-between. Okay, so look. Please keep writing and calling us. Just because we don’t always reply, doesn’t mean we don’t read your comments. WE LOVE TO READ EVERY SINGLE COMMENT!!! Anyway, I gotta hop back on stage….I promise I’ll talk to all of you soon, or see you in your town very soon! The guys all say Hi also! Drew is waving….haha…oh Drew. COME TO HOLLYWOOD AND HIGHLAND THIS SATURDAY @3:00pm. VARSITY FANCLUB IS PERFORMING A FULL SET FOR FREE!!!!!

Love ya all…

Thomas “Big Bird sometimes scared me” Fiss

Varsity Fanclub Behind The Scenes On ‘The Middleman’ Set

Footage of Varsity Fanclub on set of ‘The Middleman’ has been posted online, where the boy band is faced with a pyscho fan. The clip ends with the guys pitching their MySpace and new single ‘Future Love’. The episode ‘Boy-Band Superfan Interrogation’ airs Monday (July 21) on ABC Family.

The footage at YouTube has since been removed.

Varsity Fanclub Guest Star On ABC Family’s ‘The Middleman’

Varsity Fanclub guest star in the new episode of ‘The Middleman’ on ABC Family on Monday (July 21). The Los Angeles boy band, set to release their debut album next year on Capitol Records, are described as “five intergalactic dictators” in the preview. Watch it via YouTube below.

Varsity Fanclub’s Thomas Fiss Promo Video

Thomas FissFootage of Thomas Fiss of Capitol Records boyband Varsity Fanclub has been posted at the group’s YouTube channel.

Watch the video, featuring photo shoot and dance rehearsal highlights and ending with Thomas briefly saying “Peace” at the end of the clip, via below.