Victoria Beckham Visits ‘Larry King Live’

Victoria Beckham visited ‘Larry King Live’ on Monday (December 10), where the Spice Girls star talked about the British girl group’s reunion, as well as how she and husband David have made their marriage work so sell as two celebrities in two different venues. “You know, me and David, we’ve been together for 10 years now,” Posh said via satellite from Las Vegas. “And when I met David, I didn’t just meet someone that I fell in love with, you know. I met my soul mate. And I respect everything that David does and he respects and loves what I do. And we really complement each other. We really do. And we support each other. We have a lovely family. And we’re very, very happy. We’re very lucky.”

Victoria also revealed she and David sleep naked. “Well, I sleep naked when I go to bed every night,” she explained. “I’m getting in bed with David Beckham so it’s not hard getting in bed naked every night. That’s just the way I am. I do wear pajamas sometimes. Though I do generally sleep naked.” Larry then asked about David sleeping in the nude. “Yes, he does. We both sleep naked in bed,” she said. “A lot of women would understand that if they were getting in bed with David Beckham. They wouldn’t complain.” Read the complete transcript at and watch highlights below.

Victoria Beckham Checks In With Fans During Rehearsals

Spice Girl Victoria Beckham checked in with fans on the reunited British pop group’s Spice Blog on Wednesday (November 14). “I’m currently sat in our rehearsal studio and I am about to have another fitting with the Cavalli team for our costumes,” Beckham writes. “The other girls will kill me if I give anything away and I don’t want to ruin any surprises… but they look amazing! Roberto and his team have done us proud. Rehearsals are going really well, I can’t believe that there are only a few weeks until the first show in Vancouver. It’s really scary but exciting at the same time.”

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Is Posh Abusing Barneys New York’s Return Policy?

Has Spice Girls member Victoria Beckham been a nightmare customer for employees at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills? A source close to the 33-year-old claimed to “She buys so much in every department. But she demands it all be special-ordered. And then she returns tons of it – and they can’t put her altered clothes on the sales floor!” But a Barneys rep told the mag, “I have heard nothing of the sort.”

Posh Snubs Coffee Made From Tap Water At Hospital

A visitor to the London Chest Hospital tells News of the World that Spice Girl Victoria Beckham refused a cup of coffee while visiting her sick father-in-law Ted because it was made with tap water. “She was offered a cup of coffee by one of the staff,” the source told the tab. “But he wanted to know what kind of water had it been made with—bottled or tap. Obviously it was tap water and she said, ‘No, thank you’. The staff were bemused. Water is boiled anyway, so people didn’t understand what the problem was.” The full story at has since been removed.

Posh Comforts Becks As Dad Battles Near Fatal Heart Attack

Victoria Beckham cut short a promotional trip to Japan to fly back to comfort her husband David after the soccer star’s father Ted suffered a heart attack. “She’s been a rock for David,” a friend tells News of the World. “She keeps telling him, ‘Don’t blame yourself for this, stop having a guilt trip—it’s not your fault.’ The two of them have been sitting in the corridor together and she clasps his hand in hers. David’s like a little lost lamb at the moment.”

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Posh Snubs Damon Dash At New York Restaurant

The New York Daily News reports that when Damon Dash stopped by Victoria Beckham’s table at a New York City restaurant to chat the other night, the Spice Girl gave him the brushoff. “You could see she didn’t want to talk to him,” a spy said. “She left shortly after he arrived.” Dash had worked with the designer/singer in 2004 on an album which was never released.

Two Nannies Walk Out On Posh & Becks

News of the World reports two nannies walked out on Victoria Beckham and hubby David after both complained about how they were treated. “You’d imagine it’s a dream job working for celebrities like that in California,” a source said. “But these two trained professionals said it was a nightmare. They complained Victoria spoke down to them, her mother Jackie bossed them about and they felt like dogsbodies.” Though they were hired only to care for Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz, they ended up “having to cook and clean up for all the family.”

Beckham Bodyguard’s SUV Too Big For Parking Garage

Broken pieces of a parking gate went flying to as a monster SUV carrying Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and hubby David’s hired muscle tried to squeeze out of a parking structure, after a mid-day shopping spree.

Footage from has since been removed.

Britney Refuses Table Next To Posh At Chateau Marmont

With Spice Girl Victoria Beckham a new regular at Chateau Marmont, another star who frequents the West Hollywood celeb hangout is keeping her distance. “Britney Spears turned up at the Chateau and the only table available was the one next to Posh,” a snitch tells the New York Daily News. “But Britney didn’t want to sit next to her, so she and her friend stormed off to Il Sole instead.” Read more.

Posh & Katie Holmes Didn’t Stiff Asia de Cuba

A rep from Asia de Cuba is denying Liz Smith’s claim that Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and pal Katie Holmes stiffed the Hollywood restaurant. “That it is false and the only truth to this story is that they did come in to Asia de Cuba for lunch,” a rep tells “The server told me they were delightful, Katie paid while Victoria was away from the table and left a generous tip.”

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Posh To Cameo On ‘Ugly Betty’

‘Ugly Betty’ executive producer Marco Pennette tells Spice Girl Victoria Beckham will be making a guest spot on the ABC series this fall, possibly as a bridesmaid. “There’s a wedding dress involved,” Pennette dished. “There’s a wedding involved with her storyline.”

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Excited Over Posh And Becks In LA?

Jimmy Kimmel joked during his ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ monologue on Tuesday night, “David and Victoria Beckham arrived in L.A. from England last week. She’s the former Spice Girl, he’s the famous soccer player. I guess we’re supposed to be excited about this, even though we don’t care about soccer or the Spice Girls.”

Posh Recoils At Paris Hilton Friendship Offer

The Sun reports that after hearing Paris Hilton wants to be friends, Spice Girl Victoria Beckham told a pal: “Over my dead body! We couldn’t be more different. You won’t catch me falling out of nightclubs with no knickers on.”

Posh Brands Eddie Murphy ‘Beverly Hills C**k’ In TV Special

News of the World reports that Victoria Beckham takes a shot at her Spice Girls bandmate Melanie Brown’s ex Eddie Murphy on her NBC special ‘Victoria Beckham: Coming To America’. Asked who’s her least favorite celeb she replies instantly: “Eddie Murphy.” Then Posh quips: “Beverly Hills c**k.” Asked if she would spit in the actor’s food, Posh replied: “I’d spit in his food definitely.” The singer/designer added, “I’d chop his dick off too.” Murphy had contested paternity of Mel’s baby daughter Angel Iris until DNA tests proved he was the father.

Posh Visits ‘Today’

Victoria Beckham 'Today'

Matt Lauer of ‘Today’ recently caught up with Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, who discussed her family’s move to Los Angeles, dealing with the paparazzi, her reluctance to smile, her friendship with Katie Holmes, and more.

Video of the Posh segment, aired Thursday (July 12), at has since been removed.

Posh And Becks’ ‘Tough Time’

W magazine spoke with Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham and husband David, where she addressed how she dealt with rumors that David had an affair three years ago with his ex-personal assistant Rebecca Loos. “I’m not going to lie. It was a really tough time,” Posh admitted. “It was hard for our entire families… David and I got through it together. No one said marriage was going to be easy. Yes, there have been bumps along the road. But the fact is we’ve come out of everything we’ve been through stronger and happier. It’s even better now than when we were first married. After all these years, we can just come home and have a laugh together.”

The full story at has since been removed.

Posh Flexing Too Much Power In Spice Girl Reunion?

A source tells News of the World that Victoria Beckham is the driving force behind the Spice Girls finally reuniting. “Posh is the one who is behind the whole thing,” the tipster revealed. “And to make sure everything goes her way she’s having her own meetings with Nicky Chapman and Simon Fuller.” A major factor in Posh getting the girls back together is her hopes to re-launch her failed solo singing career. “Posh’s power has not gone down well with Geri [Halliwell], who was always seen as the leader before she walked out on the band,” the source added. “Now that role has gone to Posh.”

Posh & TomKat Watch Becks’ Soccer Match In Madrid

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham watches from the crowd as her son Cruz and friends Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes looked on during the Spanish Prime League soccer game Real Madrid v Mallorca at Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, Spain on Sunday (June 17). Check out pictures from Daily Mail.

Rock & Republic Wasn’t Impressed With Posh

With former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham debuting her dVb denim on Thursday afternoon (June 14) at Saks Fifth Avenue, The New York Daily News is hearing about her previous line with Rock & Republic from a source close to the label. “Victoria was horrible to work with – indecisive and inconsistent and generally not present at all,” said the tipster, who claimed Posh’s partnership was terminated with the brand. “She attached her name to it but didn’t want to do any of the work – unless she was promoting the line in front of the cameras, of course.”

‘Victoria Beckham: Coming To America’ No Longer A Series

NBC announced this week that Beckham’s reality series, ‘Victoria Beckham: Coming to America’, has been truncated from a six-episode series to a one-hour primetime special. “Viewers will get a first-hand glimpse into what it’s like to be one of the most sought after celebrities in the world,” NBC Entertainment exec Craig Plestis said Wednesday in a statement. “Victoria’s every move is documented by the paparazzi, but only our cameras have been allowed inside the world of what being Victoria Beckham is really like.” The special airs July 16th.

Posh And Mel B Dine At Saddle Ranch

Victoria Beckham and her Spice Girls bandmate Melanie Brown were spotted dining with Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend Paul Sculfor at Saddle Ranch on the Sunset Strip. Posh had a camera crew in tow filming for her reality show.

Pictures from Splash have since been removed.

Posh Hates Celebrity Bloggers

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is no fan of celebrity bloggers. “I think these people are pretty spineless, the way they hide behind pseudo-names,” Posh moaned to Neil Sean of Sky News. “They don’t really know what’s going on in anybody’s lives. They’re just sad people sat behind their computers.”

Eddie’s Keeping Mel B From Bringing Baby To London

May 4, 2007 – Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown spoke with OK! magazine about how she was unable to bring her baby girl Angel to London for David Beckham’s 32nd birthday bash, blaming the situation on Eddie Murphy. Mel complained, “Eddie is refusing to do a DNA test and refusing to sign the birth certificate. I can’t register my baby or get her passport. I really wanted to bring Angel over during my visit this week to meet David and the rest of the Spice Girls but I can’t take her out of the country… I’m so upset.”

Mel B Shopping Eddie Murphy Tell-All?

April 22, 2007 – Sources tell that former Spice Girl Melanie Brown is currently negotiating to sell a tell-all interview and accompanying photo shoot, where the singer/actress will talk about her ill-fated romance with Eddie Murphy.

Braless Posh Arrives In LA

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham was spotted arriving at LAX Airport on Saturday (April 28), with her breasts on nearly full display much to the delight of a pack of male paparazzi. Watch footage from TMZ below the cut. Check out pictures from X17, BigPictures, and TheSun. (more…)