Victoria Justice Rewards Fans With Online Chat For 700k Followers

Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice checked in with her Twitter followers (@VictoriaJustice) on Monday (June 20), celebrating the fact that she passed the 700,000 follower milestone on the micro blogging service. The ‘Victorious’ star said to reward her fans, she’ll be doing an online chat this weekend. The 18-year-old writes:

Woohoo! I’ve hit 700k followers. Another amazing milestone, thank you :{). You guys are the best!!! As promised, I’ll be hosting a live chat this weekend. I’m going to try & pick a good time so most of my international friends can join in too. I can’t wait! Keep you guys posted.

I would LOVE to stay up & celebrate with you guys, but I have a crazy shooting schedule tomorrow, so I’ve got to get a good night’s sleep. I’m going to be filming from 6 PM to around 5 AM. Talk about about being a night owl… haha. Thank you guys again. I appreciate all your support more than you know. xoxo ~VJ

Victoria Justice ‘Best Friend’s Brother’ Video

Victoria Justice 'Best Friend's Brother' single cover

Victoria Justice is out with the music video to her new single ‘Best Friend’s Brother’. The song is off the soundtrack to the 18-year-old’s Nickelodeon series ‘Victorious’, out July 12th on Sony Music Entertainment. Watch it via below.

Victoria Justice Doesn’t Expect To Win Awards

Popstar! magazine spoke with ‘Victorious’ star Victoria Justice about her Kids’ Choice Award nomination for Favorite TV Actress. “I don’t think I ever practice winning an award because I don’t think I ever expect to win an award to be honest with you,” the 18-year-old said. “I don’t expect to win this award either by the way, just to put it out there. Just to be nominated and to be thought of was really cool.” Watch the comments via YouTube below.

Victoria Justice Congratulates ‘Freak the Freak Out’ Hip Hop Cover Winner

Victoria Justice is picking winners for her ‘Freak the Freak Out’ covers or dancing along to contest. The winner gets a trip to meet the 18-year-old on the set of ‘Victorious’. The fourth place winner was @Infamousmig, who gets a poster. “I was watching the video you just couldn’t take your eyes off the screen because it was just so cool how you mixed it up,” Justice said. Watch Victoria’s congratulations video and the @Infamousmig hip hop cover of the song via YouTube below.

Victoria Justice ‘Beggin’ On Your Knees’ KCA Rehearsal

Victoria Justice posted a behind the scenes video of her ‘Beggin’ On Your Knees’ rehearsal for ‘Victorious’ star’s Kids Choice Awards pre-show performance. “This is not a live vocal, just us running through it and having fun,” the 18-year-old writes. Watch it via YouTube below.

Victoria Justice Performs ‘Begging on Your Knees’ On ‘Victorious’

A preview of the ‘Victorious’ episode that will air after the Kids’ Choice Awards on Nickelodeon features Victoria Justice’s character Tori performing her new single ‘Begging on Your Knees’.

Tori was asked by the cutest guy in school to perform a duet of the song at the Full Moon Jam, and while excited at first, she then finds out he has a reputation. The duet then becomes more of an on-stage lecture for the player.

‘Victorious’ airs Saturday. Watch the teaser below.

Victoria Justice Answers Fans’ Twitter Questions

Victoria Justice answered several questions from fans on Twitter with a video at YouTube. The ‘Victorious’ star talked about how she likes her eggs, wanting to be a marine biologist when she was little, still being a little afraid to sing in public, loving the new Adele album, the new season of her ‘Nickelodeon’ series, and not liking to have just one “best friend”. Watch the comments via YouTube below.

Victoria Justice Excited For Kids Choice Awards

Popstar! magazine spoke with Victoria Justice about her first ever live performance over the weekend at Nickelodeon’s “Upfronts” presentation. The ‘Victorious’ star also talked about the Kids Choice Awards and her just released music video for ‘Beggin’ On Your Knees’. “Kids Choice Awards is a big night for me, I’m also nominated for the first time in the Best Actress category which is really exciting, and I’m very honored to be thought of in that way, so it’s really cool for me,” the 18-year-old said. Watch the comments via YouTube below.