Victoria Justice Loves Shopping For Boots

Popstar! magazine joined Victoria Justice for a shopping spree at Olive and Bette’s boutique in New York City. “They have really cute clothes here, but my favorite thing to shop for is probably boots,” the ‘Victorious’ star says. “I really am obsessed with boots right now and I like jeans and probably like a cool jacket.” Watch behind the scenes footage from the photo shoot via YouTube below.

Victoria Justice’s Advice For Those With Low Self-Esteem

Victoria Justice advice

Victoria Justice, Liz Gillies and Ariana Grande of ‘Victorious’ want to make sure that young ladies everywhere know that they are beautiful in a video for Popstar!. “My advice to someone who has low self-esteem would just be I think overall people put a lot of pressure on being beautiful and this and that, and I think beauty really is in the eye of the beholder,” Justice explained. “I think what live is more about is finding your spirit and having a great energy and being a nice person and being kind to other people. I think once you have that and just making great friends and being supportive to your family and all your friends and I think that’s key.” Watch the message via YouTube below.

Victoria Justice Answers Twitter Questions

Victoria Justice answered some fan questions in a new Twitvid clip. The actress/singer was asked by her Twitter followers (@VictoriaJustice) if she ever thought she’d be enjoying the success she is now, her favorite ice cream flavor, a good deed nobody knows about, who she’d like to record a duet with, books she reads, her bucket list and her one wish. Watch the video below.

‘Victorious’ Cast Ft. Victoria Justice ‘Freak the Freak Out’ Video

Victoria Justice 'Freak the Freak Out'

Victoria Justice is joined by her ‘Victorious’ castmates in the ‘Freak the Freak Out’ music video, from the show’s upcoming movie ‘Freak Out’. “It was shot, for the most part, in a warehouse space in downtown Los Angeles,” Justice told PopEater. “The creative sounded great to me, but I wasn’t sure of how the sets would look. When I walked in, I knew then that there would be a very cool vibe to the video, which was what I was hoping for. The atmosphere was a lot of fun. The whole cast was there and it was like one big party. I loved the choreography and I love the song. It has such high energy that it’ll make you want to get up and dance. I really hope everyone loves it.” Watch it via YouTube below.

Cody Simpson Wants Victoria Justice In One Of His Music Videos

Victoria Justice talks Cody Simpson

Cody Simpson spoke with Popstar! magazine about how if he could invite three guests dead or alive to dinner he’d select Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali and Jake, and how he’d cast Victoria Justice as a love interest in a music video if he could choose anyone.

Later, the magazine got a reaction from Victoria. “I think that’s so sweet, and there are so many other people that would be so cool, but that’s really sweet that he said my name, and I think he’s adorable and he’s Australian, he has that cute little accent which is so cute, so who knows what will happen.”

Watch the comments from both via YouTube below.

Simon Curtis Discusses ‘8Bit Heart’, ‘Glee’ & Victoria Justice

Simon Curtis from Nickelodeon’s ‘Spectacular’ talks to Hollywire about his new album ‘8Bit Heart’, rumors that he’s dating his co-star Victoria Justice, his desire to be on ‘Glee’ and his recent trip to Uganda. “I’m really excited, I’m doing things very, very differently,” Simon says of his music career, explaining that the more Twitter followers he gets, the more music he’s been releasing. Watch the interview via YouTube below.