A Day In The Life Of Vistoso Bosses

Vistoso Bosses

Vistoso Bosses are out with “A Day in the Life” clip, documenting Taylah P. and Kelci doing a teen radio phone interview and shopping at Cherry Bomb before heading home and showing off their new outfits. Watch it via the duo’s YouTube below.

Vistoso Bosses Camping Trip

Vistoso Bosses posted highlights from their wilderness adventure, where Taylah P. confessed she was “scared out of my mind” about the camping, while Kelci was fine with it. After the experience, they said it was good to be back home but it was a good experience. Watch it via the duo’s MySpace below.

Vistoso Bosses ‘Delirious’ Video

Vistoso Bosses

Vistoso Bosses are out with the music video to their new single ‘Delirious’, featuring Soulja Boy, off the Atlanta, Georgia pop duo’s upcoming debut album on Collipark Music. Watch the Kai Crawford directed video below the cut. (more…)