VV Brown ‘Shark In The Water’ Video

VV Brown 'Shark In The Water' single cover

VV Brown is out with the music video to her new single ‘Shark In The Water’, the third release off the British indie pop artist’s debut album ‘Traveling Like The Light’, out May 11th via Universal Records. Watch via YouTube below.

VV Brown Putting Penis Pictures On Her Album Artwork?

VV Brown updated fans on her Twitter account (@VVbrown) earlier today, with a provocative idea for her ‘Travelling Like The Light’ album artwork. The ‘Crying Blood’ singer writes:

Had an acting class for video? Then counted my Polaroid collection, I have bout 3000, Africa express, indie bands, penis’, vaginas’, sunsets..

I’ve decided I’m gonna do a Polaroid diary, this is mad, some of my pics are bloody iconic! My put inside album artwork! Espec 1″s of penis’

Prompting this response from Calvin Harris (@calvinharris):

@VVbrown did you actually just say you’re putting pictures of penises in your album artwork?! Just when I thought I had you figured out…!

VV Brown Backstage At London Fashion Week

t5m caught up with VV Brown backstage at the A/W 09/10 Ashish fashion show during London Fashion Week, where the British pop singer performed live. VV talked about her plans to walk the runway for the Luella show, her feeling that “London fashion is generally very innovative” thanks to “all the new and fresh designers that come through”, and being excited to be touring with The Ting Tings and Gary Go. Watch the interview below.

VV Brown Hates Valentine’s Day

VV Brown sounded off on Valentine’s Day on her blog at MySpace (@vvbrown) on Thursday (February 12). The London pop singer tells readers:

I hate Valentine’s Day! It sucks acne ass! I mean it really is made up so that Clinton can slowly get out of the credit crunch… like a contingency for zeitgeists such as these. Love, boyfriend… I’m actually a social retard and have no social understanding of reading any signs of fu** off I don’t fu**ing like you, why can’t people just be real and just say “leave me alone!”

That way is better than not texting back !

So I’m still drunk but hey, I’m gonna ramble about this institutionalized love fest of unrequited funny delusional day of “love”.

VV Brown Performs With Lady Gaga At Koko

VV Brown updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@vvbrown) on Wednesday (February 4) after performing a show in London with Lady Gaga earlier in the day. The British pop singer tells readers:

We performed with Lady Gaga at the Koko in Camden today. It was fab. My camera broke and I couldn’t take any pictures. We are both fashion lovers as you can tell I guess. Very lovely girl and great gig. I always get astonished when people know the words to my little songs. x

We did get a bit of bad news today … but keep fighting on…. and the gig just made the frown go away… cause live music is the reality…


VV Brown Takes On Comparison Talk

VV Brown apparently must have read something where a music writer compared her to another artist and sounded off about it on her blog at MySpace (@vvbrown) on Wednesday (January 28). The British pop artist tells readers:

Analyzing of similarities is important, are they really similar, or do you see 2 black girls not doing R&B, so they must be the same? Or do you see 2 white girls with synth electro parts, so they must be the same? Or do you see 2 radio presenters saying similar things, so they must be the same? Or do you see 2 athletes wearing the same bid, oh they must be the same. Are they same or is it laziness to look beyond the obvious?

VV Brown Tipsy & Happy After Performing At The Astoria’s Final Night

VV Brown

VV Brown updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@vvbrown) on Thursday (January 15) after attending the last show at the Astoria in London before the iconic venue will be demolished to pave way for the new Crossrail project. VV tells readers:

Fu**ing tipsy and happy. Drew from the Babyshambles and I were the last standing on the stage singing together, Bob Marley. THE LAST PEOPLE PERFORMING AT THE ASTORIA, OMG! Before the finale we were the second on stage and it was very festival like, line checks…. so our sound was atrocious !! But we got through it and by the 2nd song we were cool. The crowd was fairly packed and even the emos at the front who usually frown on us and crave the mosh pit, swinged danced with us! LOL, gotcha. My sisters and brother are in a new metal band and and are absolute emo’s so I know I know.. trust me I know ! So it was amazing and King Of blues were sick… ! Absolutely brilliant! Had a nice chat with journalist from NME in the changing room, nice dude and got tipsy with some guy that works at FLY mag, hot guy! Sat on the Mystery Jets, tech’s moped, awesome purple thing. They were brilliant! Exchanged numbers and will soon go for a ride together racing.

VV Brown On ’50s Inspiration, Songwriting As A Tot

VV Brown was profiled in a BBC News segment, where the British pop singer talked about being inspired by ’50s pop music and having a “complete feeling of exhileration” writing a 3-note song on her piano when she was 5 years old. The interview at del.interoute.com has since been removed.

VV Brown Missing The Studio, Reads Up On Japanoise

VV Brown checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@vvbrown) on Friday (December 26) after celebrating an “amazing” Christmas with her family. The British singer songwriter tells readers:

So I’ve been a little bored amongst the festive love… etc. I wrote two songs today which I’m dying lay down… omg… I’m missing the studio so badly. I hate not working gigging… grhhhh. The first song is quite epic sounding and the second one is like White Stripes meets Billie Holiday. Pain and Pain and then first one I spoke about is Pain and Pain. These songs are alot darker than the rest and lyrically more darker. I have a huge unrequited crush on someone so there’s lots to pour out on the one string.

Becoming obsessed with Japanoise music. Being readin up on it and listening to a lot of the music. It’s really interesting. I really wanna train my ears to unusual sounds this new year and get my heads space in a different world. It makes u more creative and more honed into a new experience and reflecting in a new reproduction of sound and fusion.

VV Brown Protective Of Her Flat-Top Hairstyle Secret

VV Brown

John Earls of News of the World chose VV Brown as the #1 artist to watch in 2009, talking to the singer about her musician ex boyfriend, how her songs were too personal for others to sing, and modeling for Naomi Campbell in September at a charity event after she met the supermodel’s agent on a plane. “I was worried Naomi was going to copy my hairstyle,” joked VV, who sports a ’50s-style flat-top haircut. “She asked me all about it. As soon as she left the room, I told my hairdresser ‘Don’t you dare tell her how it’s done, I don’t want Naomi Campbell copying my look.’ Well, everyone would think I’d nicked it from her, not the other way round!”

The entire story at newsoftheworld.co.uk has since been removed.

Meanwhile, perhaps in response to the News of the World interview or another, VV sounded off on being victim of a fabricated remark. She writes on her MySpace blog:

I’m quite new to the whole interview game and am such a chatter box I generally pour it all out… but now I’m getting a bit weary cause I read something today that was completely made up. I’m might close up a bit. Don’t always believe what you read. They really do make things up sometimes…. x Like out of nowhere! Not all journalists but some…. and it’s crazy cause people will genuinely believe that what u said is true. Sometimes it looks real bitchy or big headed and they have worded it differently to how you said it or completely made it up..! From absolutely nowhere! So please…. don’t always believe what u read xx