VV Brown On Writing For Yourself Vs. Others

M magazine caught up with VV Brown in a Q&A, asking the British singer songwriter about penning songs for other acts such as Sugababes and the Pussycat Dolls. “I call it dress up,” Brown explained. “I get into the minds of other artists. I try and walk and talk like them and put on their personalities. I try and understand their melodic mathematics. What would they sing and how. It’s a different process from writing for yourself because when you’re writing for someone else it’s like becoming an actor or actress. When you’re writing for yourself it’s 100 percent real, naked and true.” The article at prsformusic.com has since been removed.

VV Brown Escapes A Wardrobe Malfunction With Style

VV Brown posted an update for fans on her blog at MySpace on Sunday. The British pop artist writes:

We are doing a mini Northern tour supporting the script, who buy the way are so lovely, and in the mean while Ive been stuffing my face with northern junk food and worrying that I might not be able to fit into the black and pink mini dress I bought the other day. My boobs neally fell out at the show I did to day and I had to pretend I was doing a goofy dance to try and convince the crown I wasnt a hoe trying to get a quick lay from the guy at the front buy showing my tits off… in fact I put them away in a sophisticated manner and then shouted to the crowd, I think my boob came out ! lol Thank God they laughed other wise the cricket sound of the arena would have been painful sonics.

VV has since removed the post.