Wallis Bird ‘Your Morning Dream’ Home Video

Wallis Bird made a home video set to her song ‘Your Morning Dream’, off the Irish singer songwriter’s second album ‘New Boots’. The clip, shot on the Rodrigo y Gabriela tour, demonstrates what it’s like trying to get her up the morning after a late night show. Watch it via YouTube below.

Wallis Bird ‘Measuring Cities’ Home Video

Wallis Bird has created a home video series for her second album ‘New Boots’, crafting together a low-tech treatment for the song ‘Measuring Cities’. The Irish singer songwriter released ‘New Boots’ last July in Ireland, while it had a wider European release in March/April. Watch the clip via her MySpace below.

Wallis Bird Can’t Wait For The Tour To Kick Off

Wallis Bird updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@wallisbird) on Tuesday (January 26), discussing what she’s been up to lately, places she’ll be touring, and getting a nomination for Irish Female Of The Year for the Meteor Music Awards. The Irish singer songwriter tells readers:

How have things been going? I’ve been having long holidays and family visits and plenty of good times over the last few weeks….the new year. God how time flies, It’s almost the end of January. I have another little time off to relax and prepare myself for all that the next couple of months have to offer. I cannot wait for the tour to kick off and spend time with my lovely bandmates and Bird Crew. I’ve missed them terribly.

So there’s a few fresh countries and cities on the tour line up, which is wonderful news, it’s always good to try something different and spread myself out a bit. Germany, Ireland, Switzerland and Austria here I come!

Wallis Bird Irish Tour Update

Wallis Bird updated fans while on her Irish tour on her blog at MySpace (@wallisbird) on Thursday (October 22). The Irish singer songwriter tells readers:

How are things? In my end we’re in the middle of The Irish tour, gigging away, fighting off constant sore throats and slightly tired heads ‘cos of the change in weather. But we’re really enjoying ourselves and having the craic as always- actually, a little bit more than usual these days, it’s the best on tour group we’ve ever had.

I have my brother Edgar doing guitar tech so that’s been a lovely piece of home with me. He’s doing a great job and we’ve really enjoyed having him with us! Sarah Horgan is joining us from today onwards doing support, so that’s another good friend with us. Aidan has been the brunt of jokes on one of our most wiped out days of the tour. We had serious giggles and changed the setlist to songs with his name: When we Kissed the World fell in Aidan, Measuring Aidan, Blossoms in the Aidan and so on! Fun Fun fun!

Wallis Bird Talks With Global Cool

Wallis BirdWallis Bird was interviewed by the organization Global Cool while at T in the Park in Balado, Scotland in July.

“Just look around you,” Bird writes on her blog at MySpace (@wallisbird). “Have you ever seen a town when the heroic Street Cleaners and Binmen go on strike? Disgusting. To think that we accumulate so much waste with plentiful, little or no interest as to where it goes makes my skin crawl. Have you ever been to a landfill site? What happens when you throw your rubbish in the bin… ‘that dirt get’s taken out of my life so I don’t have to worry about it’. Well it has to go somewhere. Some people across the globe live off our waste in the western world.That’s a sight.”

Watch the interview below.

Wallis Bird Doing Final Mixes For Her New Album

Wallis Bird updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@wallisbird) on Friday (May 1), talking about the new album and the big move. The Irish singer songwriter tells readers:

In the run up to these off days, I’ve been doing final mixes on the album, doing magazine photo shoots, lots of moving out, lots of moving in, lots of sleeping, jamming, dancing and laughing. Happy times! I had to move all my “Early 20’s” (As Aoife called it) out of my Mannheim Flat. I’d had it for around 3 years and shared it with many’s a cool person. Each one writing a memory, a joke, a small phrase or a picture on the wall. The flat was covered in photos. When I eventually had to get around to cleaning/ moving out of the flat, I took the first photo off the wall, and just broke down into tears.

Wallis Bird Scared By Auto-Tune Making Artists Obsolete

Wallis Bird updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@wallisbird) on Thursday (April 16), talking about the state of pop music and what she thinks about the rise of Auto-Tune. The Irish singer songwriter tells readers:

One thing that I’ve really been honing in on lately is perfection in popular music. Though I have my own standard of perfection, it is a natural perfection (for instance; keeping mistakes and not overdubbing- it’s real, it’s charming.) But over the years, music has been hurting my ears, boring me, making me tired. Not cos I don’t like it, it’s just the new standard of popular music nowadays. It’s aurally tiresome. It’s loud, smashed in mastering, smashed onto an mp3 player so the sound quality is even poorer, all the edges are sanded down and there can be no, i repeat NO dynamics! But on the other hand, real instruments are becoming fashionable again so it’s great to see people actually playing something!

I think even the untrained ear has heard about ‘Auto tune, Fine Tuning’ or ‘Melodyning’ a vocal. This is where you manipulate an existing recording through a piece of software and pitch shift or ‘tune’. An extreme example of this is the classic vocal effect of Cher, “Do you believe in life after love”. This was the beginning of the new vocoded or pixelated style computer voice that’s being rinsed in R&B music of late. Well, Auto tune is seen as a necessity now and most time to the detriment of the vibe of natural sound. But it was revolutionary for the music business. i.e. if you’ve got some good looking kid, with the whole package except for a voice- Auto Tune will fix that right up for ya!

Marcus- who I’m producing the album with- said something that scared me the other day: Tuning softwares are possibly becoming the new super tool for the R&B music business. Now that the trend is a completely unnatural pixelated voice, essentially the talent of the artist becomes obsolete. Labels don’t actually NEED someone who can sing, they just need a voice.

That’s a handy selling tool. You don’t need talent, you avoid diva like standards and demands from artists with musical integrity, you can churn a new artist out week in, week out and what saddens me is that for the most part- you don’t even need a good song! I say bring back the RHYTHM and BASS back to R&B!

Wallis Bird Still Hasn’t Recovered From An Amazing SXSW

Wallis Bird updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@wallisbird) on Saturday (March 28), talking about her record deal with Rubyworks, winning a Meteor Award, and taking part in SXSW in Austin, Texas. The Irish singer songwriter tells readers:

South By South West: Was fuuuuuuuuuuu**in amaaaaaaaazing! Really, this is where I run out of words. It was such a head trip of a festival. 24hrs of constant music, where everyone is singing for dear life, in every single bar lined up consecutively on 3 parallel streets. Mental. M.e.n.t.a.l. I spent some time with my good friend Victoria Smith and the wonderful Lorna Smith and her gorgeous family, the band One Day International, talked to countless amounts of good people, got married to Gavin Glass in a beer garden on my first night and have bruises across my back from mosh-pits and jet-lag to boot! Ha! Thank you so so so much to Matt for driving me and Aidan to the hotel at 8 in the morning before we cught our flight. You Rock man x x x Turns out I had plenty to say about it after all. Mental! Thank you to Bjoern, Ann, Moritz and everyone at Reeperbahn Festival for making it possible, it was fantastic of you, let’s do it again tomorrow! x x x

Wallis Bird Performs ‘Blossoms In The Street’ On 3FM

Eric Corton of 3FM interviewed Irish singer songwriter Wallis Bird at the radio station’s studio inside Vera in Groningue, The Netherlands on Thursday (January 15), talking about the lawnmower accident that messed up her left hand and described her sound before she performed her single ‘Blossoms In The Street’. Wallis was in town for the Eurosonic 2009 European showcase festival. Watch the interview and performance via YouTube below.

Wallis Bird Records New Material At Her Parents’ Home

Wallis Bird checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@wallisbird) on Thursday (September 11). The Irish indie pop singer writes:

The recording is going excellent. I recently went home for a week after the picnic to go down to my parents’ house to annoy/record them!! It was so nice. Myself and Marcus went down with a whole load of equipment and a whole load of happiness! I wrote a couple songs while I was there and the sound of the room that came across on their recordings just felt like the house was breathing. The wooden floor became the bassdrum, the squeaky chair became and toot-flute, the dogs became a regular instrument cos they sneaked into tracks non stop! My neighbors sang, anyone that was there sang, the rain pelted tracks of atmosphere, my parents of course walked in on the quietest of tracks without knowing: Mam walks in and asks Aidan “would you like something to eat?” to which she got pelted with flailing arm gestures and quiet signs… She get a fright and shouts “OH SORRY!!” Then Dad walks in and I dunno why he shouts, but he does: “DID YE GET SOMETHING TO EAT?” to which we all just crack up laughing!!! There’s loads of funny incidents, hopefully it comes across on tape! Brillo Pads!