Willa And Max Dating?

Willa Ford and her dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy spoke with ‘Access Hollywood’ about how ‘Dancing With The Stars’ is implying the pair are dating. Willa also weighed in on the other celebrity contestants.

The video at accesshollywood.com has since been removed.

Willa Ford Discusses ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Starry Constellation magazine caught up with Willa Ford in a Q&A and asked the singer what made her sign on for this season’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’. “It’s funny, it came across my desk and I was asked if I would be interested in doing the show,” Ford responded. “I didn’t know, I had to think about it. The thing is, last season was such an amazing season, they did such a good job with it. I just felt like they were stepping it up again this year, they’re putting it all in HDTV. It’s done really great things to people’s careers. The thing for me, a big portion that’s always been missing from my career is people being able to relate to me and seeing the real person. Who I really was versus just this Willa Ford music video character. What’s fun about it is that you get to see my personality and who I am. It’s a totally different fan base for me! It’s middle American women who probably never watched MTV and a lot of these people probably don’t even know who I am. This isn’t my normal demographic that we’re dealing with here.” Read more.

Willa Ford Attends Ultimate Fighting Championships

Playboy’s latest centerfold Willa Ford was in the crowd Saturday at the Ultimate Fighting Championships at Mandalay Bay Events Center, according to The Las Vegas Review Journal. Ford was at the event to cheer on boyfriend Chuck Liddell, the UFC Light Heavyweight champion.

Willa Ford: I’m Not Spread Eagle In Playboy

WillaFord.org reports that Willa Ford had this to say about her pictorial in the new issue of Playboy magazine: “Also Playboy is coming out in the March issue. So I want to prepare everyone! All natural looking shots no spread eagle; yuck! I had to be crazy and just do it! Hope you all agree. It was so liberating!”

Willa Ford In March Issue Of Playboy

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The rumor was that Willa Ford was to pose in Playboy’s February issue. The truth is that Willa is not in that issue, but she will be featured in the March issue. You can find a preview of her picture at Playboy.com.

Willa Ford To Pose In Playboy’s February Issue

The New York Post reports Willa Ford will be featured in a nude layout in the February issue of Playboy magazine. They add that the singer and TV host is now dating DJ Cassidy. The couple recently were spotted at Urth Cafe, where they made out in between eating from their vegetarian meals.

Willa Ford Not Signed To New Label

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A while back, it was reported here that Willa Ford had been signed to a new label and was about to release a new single. The website willaford.org has posted an update about this very subject, announcing that it’s a false rumor. “Several of you have referred me to some news that was recently posted at PopDirt.com regarding Willa signing a new label deal and releasing an upcoming tracklisting. I want to take this time to inform everyone that that news is 100% FALSE. We’re not sure where it came from or who started it, but it is not true. Please spread the word!” Just thought the record should be set straight.

Willa Ford Returns

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Willa Ford will finally return to the music scene this summer. After being dropped from her record label in 2004, Willa was picked up by Sire Records and has since been recording, ‘The Return Of,’ her second studio album. The album has no set release date but Sire is aiming for June. The first has single has yet to be determined however, Willa has a clear choice which is, ‘Poppin’,’ a song which she wrote and produced herself. The tracklisting was released a few days ago. Read on for the complete tracklisting.

Willa Ford Discusses New Spike TV Show

Willa Ford holds back no punches as host of Spike TV’s ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ series. Ford talked with WB11 on Tuesday (January 11) about the training she received too during the show, pick-up lines she got from the guys competing on the show, and her defense of the controversial sport. Feedroom.com has since shut down, so video is gone.

Willa Ford Takes Extended Break From Music

Struggling pop singer Willa Ford, whose only commerical hit was 2000’s “I Wanna Be Bad”, did an interview Jan. 5th in which she dicusses taking a hiatus from music, and focusing on TV and possible film work. She later posted a message on a fan message board to further explain her decision to leave music behind. Read on for her message-

Hey guys,

I’m doing really well! I didn’t mean I’m giving up on music ,its just that its been really difficult to bring it to you the way I’ve always wanted and promised,I’m currently focusing on a tv and film career yes but I am also looking for a new home for my music that would allow me to put out a credible record. Please understand I want it worse than any of you can possibly know, I just realize the better I do in all fields the more likely to get to the point where I can always deliver great tunes.. Its really been bumpy and it’s important that we all stay positive and that I hope even without music you’ll all support my shows,etc.! I wish 2005 to be the year to really make an impact and hope the same for all of you in your ventures!- really miss you all, and hope to be on that stage again soon for ya!……love,willa