Willa Ford To Host Spike TV’s ‘The Ultimate Fighter’

Willa Ford has just finished filming “The Ultimate Fighter” for Spike TV. She will be hosting the show. Check out the website and new promotional pictures of Willa at TheUltimateFighter.tv.

With Love Like That, Who Needs Enemies?

Contributed Anonymously:

Why is it that whenever a woman appears with bruises, it’s automatically her boyfriend or husbands fault? Yes, history has proven to us that in most cases, it’s the truth but what about when it isn’t?

Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys and Paris Hilton were together for 7 months. In all those months, never once was she seen with a bruise or so much as a mark on her body. They break up, Nick says they didn’t trust each other and the next thing anyone knows, and Paris is flashing herself around town with bruises everywhere. A person has to ask themselves, why would this suddenly happen? She KNOWS she has cameras on her 24/7 and she KNOWS if she were to go anywhere all bruised up, it’d be considered news and yet she does it anyway. And when someone ASKS about it, if it’s Nick or not, she’s all of a sudden coy and sweet, replying no comment and whatnot.

Paris has always been one to grab at the public eye. She gets on bars and flashes people. She gets drunk and gets into catfights with other women (Hello, anyone else remember the fight she got into with Shannon Doherty over Rick Solomon?) have people forgotten that this IS a girl who has gotten on the wrong side of other females many many times? Is it not conceivable that this has happened again?

Nick dated Mandy (Willa Ford) for how many years? And God knows Mandy is a publicity whore. If Nick had ever laid a hand on her, she would have spoken up about it–especially when everyone was going nuts over her supposedly hitting Nick herself. But no, she hasn’t said a word. Even now with all of this flying around.

Paris knows that people will automatically suspect Nick and yet she’s done nothing about it. She hasn’t accused and she hasn’t denied which in my opinion, is just as bad. She’s letting him take the fall for something he probably didn’t do and yet, if he DID do it, she won’t press charges either–so why walk around showing everyone your bruises?

This is a girl who supposedly loved Nick, yet as soon as they break up, she’s allowing this to happen to him. He hasn’t said anything besides defending himself and saying he cared about her yet she continues to allow her ‘friends’ to ruin any reputation he may have had. How can you love a person and let them go through this?

With love like this, who really needs enemies?

Willa Ford Dropped From Label

According to WillaFordZone.com, the only active Willa Ford message board on the net, Willa Ford has officially been dropped from her label, LAVA. The news came after a group of fans became tired of waiting for news on the upcoming album and started a letter writing campaign to the record executives. Two members received replies, both stating Willa was no longer on the label’s roster. This hardly comes as a surprise to fans and haters alike. After a less than stellar debut album, and a two year delay of her new disc, fans had been fearing the worst.

Correct Comparisons

There seems to be a problem with people making incorrect comparisons between artists. Christina Aguilera, who is the most fabulous singer I have ever heard, should be compared with the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, the other powerhouse vocals. Britney Spears, who is the most fabulous entertainer I have ever seen, should be compared with other performers such as Janet Jackson, Mandy Moore, Willa Ford.

Willa Ford Leaving Howard Stern Show

Willa Ford was photographed leaving the Howard Stern Show in New York City on Tuesday (February 10) after being stood-up by a fan who wanted to introduce her to the joys of being a lesbian.

Willa Ford Visits Howard Stern Show

Contributed anonymously:

Willa Ford did an interview with Howard Stern this morning. Willa told how she grew up in Florida on a farm. She said when she first came out to L.A. to record she was sent out here by a con artist with a fake credit card. Willa also stated she had plastic surgery on her breast because she was tired of trying to perk them up for photo shoots. Willa also stated that people should be smarter than to think Britney Spears’ boobs are real. Willa talked about Nick Carter and how she lost her virginity to the Backstreet Boys singer at 16 years old. Her and Kelly Osbourne used to get along, they met at a Spring Break event for MTV and got along until Willa wanted to wear sunglasses to hide her identity. Kelly claimed she had not made it far enough to do such things. Willa claims she has a top 10 selling album and is on covers of tons of magazines so she obviously has made it with out her father being famous.

Willa and Paris Hilton also do not get along. has nothing to do with Nick Carter. She claims they were doing a fashion show together. Willa was in a chair getting her makeup down when Paris very rudely stated, “Don’t you know who I am?” Willa did not know who she was but said she did like Nicky Hilton.

Willa Ford Comments On Ex Dating Paris Hilton

Billy Manes of Orlando Weekly recently chatted with Willa Ford, who commented on her diss of Paris Hilton in Blender, Britney Spears’ wedding to childhood pal Jason Alexander, and her ex boyfriend Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys turning his affection to Paris. “It’s hysterical, because I made the comment about Paris Hilton way before. I’m like, ‘That little fu**er, he saw my interview and was like ‘huh, huh,'” she said in ‘Beavis and Butthead’ tone. “I used to know him, but he’s not the same guy anymore. I’ll say that much. That being said, the old Nick would laugh at this. But Nick’s just about what he’s about now. He’ll eat it up for a little while. And that’s cool.”

Nick Carter And Paris Hilton Go Shopping In Beverly Hills

January 26, 2004 – Contributed anonymously: Not-Like-You.Com has pictures of Nick Paris shopping last Saturday (January 24) in Beverly Hills surrounded by the media.

Nick Saw The Paris Video Too

January 24, 2004 – Contributed by elgato: On Thursday’s episode of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jay joked, “You know, Nick Carter has been seeing Paris Hilton for three weeks… Two weeks on the internet, one week in person.”

Bathroom Break For Nick Carter And Paris Hilton

January 23, 2004 – Us Weekly reports that while partying at the Sundance Film Festival, Backstreet Boys star Nick and galpal Paris “disappeared into a men’s bathroom” of the Motorola Lodge for 20 minutes.

Willa Ford – Infinitesimally Black Listed?

Contributed anonymously:

On future VH1 teen shows, Willa Ford will probably be lumped in with Christina Aguilera / Hilary Duff / Britney Spears / Jessica Simpson / Mandy Moore, and seen as the one teen queen who was never able to do very good in any field. Especially because most people speculated she never did well because she came out too late. In a contradiction to this theory, Hilary Duff recently appeared on the pop radar and is now the biggest of the pop princesses in North America. Read on for more insight into the cruel world of pop, which has apparently black listed Willa.

Willa Ford Toasts Girl Power

On her second album, tentatively titled ‘Sexysexobsessive’ and due early next year, Willa Ford mixes Christina Aguilera’s dance-influenced raunch with Pink’s confessional pop. The set’s first single, ‘A Toast to Men,’ transforms a salty sorority chant into a female-empowerment anthem. “I was hanging out at a sorority party with some friends, and I heard these girls raise their glasses and do this chant,” Ford tells RollingStone.com. “It was a no-brainer. I had to do a song about it.” The taunt goes: “Here’s to the men we love/Here’s to the men who love us/Fu** the men, let’s drink to us.”

Willa Ford Comments On Jessica, Britney & Christina

Hip Online recently caught up with Willa Ford and asked the singer about how she contrasts with her more successful pop counterparts Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. “Right and I’m not into Britney,” Ford said. “She is cool, but I’m not into her flavor. We art totally different artists. She doesn’t create music or a self-proclaimed vocalist. Christina is a singer and writer, but I can pick up an instrument and play it. That is no mystery to people and I have studied classical opera for four years. I just happen to have a certain look and my body looks a certain way and that is what the general public wants to see.” She also weighed in on Jessica Simpson’s ‘Newlyweds’ show. “She thought buffalo wings were from buffaloes. That just isn’t normal,” she said. “The fact that she said it I wondered if she was serious, but she wasn’t kidding. And the chicken of the sea thing. I might have actually wondered if it was chicken salad or tuna salad, but when you taste it, but it’s the fact that when he told her that she was so confused.”