Willa Ford Comments On Dating A Backstreet Boy

Askmen.com caught up with Willa Ford for a Q&A session and asked the singer about the negative websites concerning her past relationship with Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter. “Hmm… you know, it was crappy,” Ford admitted. “It was crappy only because, screw the fans, what about the fact that we were going through our relationship and this was breaking us up at the seams? Recently, we have reconciled, you know… we even thought of patching things up and getting back together, but the more we hang out, the more it seems like an unrealistic desire. I have grown to be quite independent. I am really dependable, but he is the opposite, he is real flaky. You know? Some people are really sadder and they cannot help others… but in terms of the drama with the fans… whatever!” Check out the entire interview here.

Willa Ford Speaks Out About Nick Carter And New CD

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While Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore, and Jessica Simpson have all become household names, Willa Ford has always been on the outside. As the “bad girl of pop” she has been surrounded by a storm of rumors since her career began. The attention on Willa all started when she began dating Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter. Fans of the boyband soon turned against Willa as rumors spread that she was physically abusing Carter. Today, Willa looks back at that experience and says that it did hurt her then. “It actually got to me a little bit at first and then I was like this isn’t my problem, this is their own internal issues,” she told TeenSceneMag.com. “At that time I was only like 18, now I’m 22. Those things don’t even matter to me now. A lot of those fans who hated me then are my fans now. They realized that it was ridiculous. Me and Nick are friends again, which took a lot of time.”

Nick Carter Talks About Willa Ford

Not-Like-You.Com has the audio of a Nick Carter interview recorded last week at the Radio Music Awards for the Z-Morning Show. The DJ asks him how it was to see Willa Ford there, he talks a little about her and relationships in general. He also talks about his new album, the Backstreet Boys, and his little brother, Aaron Carter.

Willa Ford ‘A Toast To Men’ Video

Willa Ford 'A Toast To Men' single cover

American pop singer Willa Ford’s new video for ‘A Toast to Men’ is out now and is online. The track is from Willa’s upcoming debut album on Lava Records. Watch the video here.

New Willa Ford Single To Drop In October

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WillaFord.org has reported that Willa Ford’s new single, ‘A Toast To Men’, will go out to radio around October 1st with a new album dropping in January.

Nick Carter & Willa Ford Rare Private Home Video Auction

An auction on eBay is featuring a videotape of Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter with Willa Ford from when they were dating back in April of 2000 at a friend’s house in Ruskin, Florida. The auction states, “You’ll see them hanging out by their car and messing and dancing around in the driveway. Other private moments incl. Also you’ll see Willa Ford playing Nintendo (and losing!) with Nick walking in and out of the room.”

Willa Ford’s New Single ‘The Men’ Due Soon

WillaFord.org reports that they have received confirmation from the LAVA/Atlantic camp that Willa Ford has a song coming out “soon” called ‘The Men’. BDS Radio has listed the title of the track as ‘Fu** The Men’.

Willa Ford’s Cell Phone Number Posted

In buddyhead’s most recent gossip update, they posted the cell phone number of Willa Ford and asked readers to “tell her to quit dropping our names around town.”

Willa Ford Finishes New Album

Willa Ford fan site WillaFord.org reports: “Great news! Willa has finished her new album! There are still some specifics with Atlantic that need to be worked out, but it should be out soon! Willa is very happy with how things turned out and says that the album is very representative of who and where she is at this point in her life!”