Willa Ford Talks Gangsta Past

FHM talked to Willa Ford about her high school days where she admitted to driving a Honda Prelude with 17 inch rims saying, “When I rode over the speed bumps at school, I had to take them sideways — if you know about that, you know you’re ghetto.” Ford didn’t sound too ghetto though when asked who the O.G. was replying, “Who’s the O.G.? Uh, Olive Garden?”

MTV Packages TRL Formulated Christmas Album

MTV marketing genius is at it again as the network has packaged a Christmas greatest hits collection with songs by *NSYNC, Willa Ford, Christina Aguilera, and LFO, not to mention familiar TRL rock acts. Read on for a full track listing.

The Nude/Lyric Ratio

I put together a list of the top female pop stars to try and get a grasp on what people are really looking for during their searches using Overture.com. The best ratio perhaps for a female musician is the nude searches versus lyrics. By far, Britney Spears’ ratio of only about 12 searches for lyrics for 100 searches for nude demonstrate the true interest behind the singer. On the opposite end are the likes of Whitney Houston, Dido, and Michelle Branch, where nude searches didn’t even make 10% of searches for lyrics. For the full list and ratios, read on.

Pop Hotties In Las Vegas Benefit

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports KISS-radio, FM 101.9 is sponsoring “KISS Cares Freedom Fest” on October 25 at the House of Blues in Mandalay Bay. Performing at the show include Jessica Simpson, Willa Ford, Christina Milian and Sarina Paris.