Hangin’ Out With Hung

‘American Idol’ loser William Hung looks to capitalize on his sudden fame with a new album called ‘Inspiration,’ released this week. The Early Show’s Hattie Kauffman hung out with Hung. Watch the report at CBSNews.com.

William Hung Makes Good TV

When asked about his pop culture success, William Hung tells Reuters he can’t explain it. “There is something about my act that is captivating people or what they call ‘makes good tv’.” His fans also seem to agree that Hung is the real thing. “My roommate and I think he’s the cutest thing ever,” says one fan. “He’s hilarious, he’s awesome because he’s not tainted like everyone else who is a musician or a star.”

‘American Idol’ Bosses Fed Up With William Hung

A source tells ‘The New York Post ‘American Idol’ reject William Hung was threatened with a lawsuit when he tried to title his debut album ‘Real Idol.’ “The ‘American Idol’ people were up in arms,” the source revealed. “It was funny at first, but now they just want William to go away. They feel he is making a mockery of the show.” Hung’s album is now called ‘American Inspiration’ and is set to be released on Tuesday (April 6).

Eliminated Idol Amy Adams Visits Fox News

April 2, 2004 – Amy Adams was on the Fox News Channel on Friday to talk about what she wants to do after being eliminated from ‘American Idol’. She talked about Simon Cowell comparing her to Jay Leno, and how Jay impersonated her on the ‘Tonight Show’. Adams admitted singing after she was eliminated from the show Wednesday night was very hard to do. FoxNews.com has since removed the video.

A Backup To Fox’s ‘Playing It Straight’

April 1, 2004 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Wednesday night, “The Fox Network has cancelled the show ‘Playing It Straight’. A Fox spokesman went on to say that if viewers want to watch gay men pretending to be straight they can still watch ‘American Idol’.”

Amy Adams Voted Off ‘American Idol’

April 1, 2004 – Amy Adams Wednesday night became the third pop- star wannabe booted off ‘American Idol,’ leaving only nine more contestants vying for the $1 million recording contract with RCA. “I just want to say thanks to everybody who got me here – friends, fans, everybody,” Adams said after learning her fate.

‘Idol’ Trimming Down With Matthew Rodgers Ouster

March 31, 2004 – Now only 10 ‘American Idol’ hopefuls remain and the Fox News Channel discussed Tuesday night’s competition with last week’s ousted ‘Idol’ Matthew Rodgers. The former football player talked about his chummy relationship with judge Simon Cowell, and how poorly the top 10 performed as he had to watch from the sidelines. Rodgers says Fantasia Barrino is his pick to win. FoxNews.com has since removed the video.

Creepy-Crawly ‘Idol’ House Gets Fumigated

March 26, 2004 – The New York Post reports the Hollywood Hills house the ‘American Idol’ contestants were sharing last week had unexpected guests. “The house was infested with termites and other bugs,” revealed an insider. “It was disgusting. Nothing was done about it until the contestants threatened to not go on air unless they were moved out.” The show’s finalists were moved to a Beverly Hills hotel for several days while the Hollywood Hills home was fumigated. They returned on Friday after work was completed.

‘American Idol’ Alumni Update

March 26, 2004 – TV Guide Channel answers what the ‘American Idol’ stars have been up to in ‘American Idol: Where They Now?’, airing Sunday at 6 pm/ET. “We caught up with a lot of last year’s Idols to see what they were doing,” says host Kimberly Caldwell, an ex-Idol contestant who’s now a TV Guide Channel correspondent. “Some of them were modeling or recording an album, some have their own fashion line. Some are still at home, and that’s where they want to be. We’re just letting America know there’s life after American Idol. They’re not just done because their show’s over.”

Simon Cowell Denies Middle Finger Gesture

March 24, 2004 – Reuters reports Simon Cowell denied flipping Paula Abdul the middle finger on Tuesday night’s ‘American Idol’. “I certainly would never make a gesture like that toward Paula or on national television,” Cowell said. “Sometimes I lean on my index finger. Sometimes a different finger. Sometimes two at the same time, or, God help me, even the whole hand. I never even thought about it until now.”

FOX Execs Warn Simon Cowell Over Middle Finger Salute

March 24, 2004 – ‘American Idol’ judge Simon Cowell gestured a middle finger during Tuesday night’s broadcast from Hollywood during a heated exchange with fellow judge Paula Abdul and host Ryan Seacrest after the performance by Fantasia Barrino. A FOX executive told the Drudge Report: “We were not sure he was doing what he was doing, quite frankly. It appeared he was simply resting his head on his middle finger, but I now think we made a mistake, the gesture should not have aired.”

Simon Cowell Apologizes To America For William Hung

‘American Idol’ reject William Hung’s success seems to have left Simon Cowell shaken and feeling a bit guilty. “Sorry William, you’re a nice guy but you are one hell of a bad singer, mate,” he told ‘Extra’. “The world has gone mad, and I feel slightly responsible, so America, I apologize.”

William Hung Confuses Video Fiction With Reality

Las Vegas entertainer Stephen Sorrentino plays the shady talent manager Frankie Contino in a video mockumentary of ‘American Idol’ cult legend William Hung, that was filmed in Los Angeles this week. “He wasn’t sure if I was his real manager or not for the 15 hours we spent together,” Sorrentino tells The Las Vegas Sun. “I’m not sure if he was simply confused or overwhelmed by his sudden success.” The video is scheduled to air during a future ‘American Idol’ episode.

William Hung Offered A New Set Of Choppers

Jeannette Walls of MSNBC.com reports that a dentist for ‘Extreme Makeover’ has been trying to give failed ‘American Idol’ contestant William Hung a free and improved set of teeth, but there have been complications according to a source. “Hung’s spokesman is his brother, and he doesn’t speak English very well,” the insider revealed. “Plus, his cell phone keeps breaking down. There have been communications problems.”

William Hung Performs On ‘Countdown’

Rejected ‘American Idol’ contestant William Hung performed ‘Shake Your Bon Bon’ and ‘She Bangs’ by Ricky Martin, and ‘Rocket Man’ and ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’ by Elton John on MSNBC’s ‘Countdown’ with Keith Olbermann. MSN has since removed the video.

William Hung Signs Deal With KOCH/Fuse

After a surprise offer from Fuse Music Network and KOCH Records, William Hung has accepted a recording contract and video production deal with the two companies. Hung will release a full-length record, tentatively titled ‘The True Idol,’ on KOCH/FUSE Records on April 6th. The anticipated release will include Hung’s signature rendition of ‘She Bangs,’ as well as another Ricky Martin hit, ‘Shake Your Bon Bon’ and Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man’. The initial run of the CD will include an exclusive 40- minute DVD bonus featuring behind-the-scenes of Hung’s studio recording sessions, scenes from a “day in the life” with William and fan question and answer commentary.

Steve And DC Talk To William Hung

The most famous ‘American Idol’ reject ever William Hung, famous for his version of Ricky Martin’s ‘She Bangs’, was on the Steve and DC show. Hung says he’s reviewing the $25,000 offer by Fuse, and says the attention has been overwhelming at times. Hung admits he was surprised by his ‘She Bangs’ dance being a new craze at night clubs. The interview has since been removed from steveanddc.com.

William Hung Ponders New ‘American Idol’ Tryout

Star magazine spoke with ‘American Idol’ reject William Hung and asked if the petition lobbying him to get back on the show next season would work. “I don’t know if I could go back — it’s too early to say,” Hung said. “If Ricky Martin bangs with me, I’ll do it.” Asked what he’d sing the next time around, Hung responded, “Something different. Everyone knows me for that song. I’d like to do ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’ by Elton John. I like Phil Collins, too.”

‘Idol’ Diana DeGarmo Sweet At 16

February 24, 2004 – ‘American Idol’ finalist Diana DeGarmo spoke with TV Guide Online about getting on the show after making a trip from Georgia to Honolulu to audition. The 16-year-old admits she’s a fan of the not so friendly judge Simon Cowell. “I think Mr. Simon is a softie at heart,” she said with a giggle. “He’s not afraid to give his opinion, though. It wasn’t that enjoyable when he said I was too cutesy, but it wasn’t that bad. Considering what he said to other people, I’ll take it! Luckily, he hasn’t said anything like that since, which is really nice.”

Simon Cowell’s TV Guide Interview Discussed

February 19, 2004 – Michael Ausiello of TV Guide was on the Fox News Channel to talk about his interview with ‘American Idol’ judge Simon Cowell, who had tough words for last season’s champ, Ruben Studdard. The also talked about the fame of William Hung, who is horrible, and the extremely bad bunch of singers that were on this week’s show. Ausiello predicted that Fantasia Barrino would be this season’s winner. FoxNews.com has since removed the video.

Is Randy Jackson The Next Simon Cowell?

February 18, 2004 – Randy Jackson came to ‘Extra’ to come clean about the Tuesday night massacre on ‘American Idol’ and why he’s sounding a lot more like Simon Cowell these days, with one verbal assault after another. “In the group last night there were three people who definitely should have sung a lot better,” Jackson said. “It is about greatness, it’s about finding the next superstar, and it is not about mediocre talent. It angers you sometimes.”

How ‘Idol’ Beat The Grammys In The Ratings Game

February 12, 2004 – CNN’s ’90-Second Pop, Culture Watch’ on ‘American Morning’ featured the guests talking about how ‘American Idol’ manages to get more viewers than the Grammy Awards did on Sunday. “I know. I know. Four million more. I mean, to me, I mean, it’s obviously enormously popular. But I think what ‘American Idol’ has that the Grammys doesn’t is Simon,” humorist Andy Borowitz responded. “I think Simon is the key, because actually when I was watching the Grammys, I was wishing Simon was there, especially when Sting was doing that tribute to the Beatles. I wanted to cut to Simon and have him say, you have no future in the music industry.” Read more.