Yoav ‘Yellowbrite Smile’ Video

Yoav is out with the music video to his new single ‘Yellowbrite Smile’, off the Israeli-South African singer songwriter’s second albm ‘A Foolproof Escape Plan’, out now on Phi Group Inc. Watch the George Fok directed video via YouTube below.

Yoav Ready To Tour And Release Second Album

Yoav checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@yoavmusic) on Thursday (January 14), talking about hitting the road to perform some new material from his upcoming sophomore album. The Israeli/South African singer songwriter tells readers:

A Foolproof Escape Plan… new decade new record
Hey friends
Last few days of summer here in South Africa before I start my year of missioning round the globe performing my new bunch of tunes. I have my first show of the decade here in Cape Town at a club called the Assembly on Saturday night.

I am quite excited. Been working like a hound to get the new sounds ready and I will be debuting some songs nobody has yet heard. Meanwhile, my trusty manager Mr. Field is I believe this week going from country to country meeting all my labels and potential record labels in all the different places my new music will be coming out, making plans and figuring out where and when I get to connect with you all. I think I have some shows coming up in France and all over Canada and then the rest of Europe will follow, then the States and everywhere else, but nothing is certain just yet. Hope to play loads of festivals too. Not expecting much sleep this year, but that’s ok.
Much love from the deepest most beautiful south
cheers for now

Yoav Just A Few Tunes Away From Finishing Next Record

Yoav checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@yoavmusic) on Wednesday (December 31). The singer songwriter tells readers:

Greetings friends…guys and girls

I realize I haven’t connected with you as much as I should have this past year and one of my resolutions is to let you know more of what’s up,where I am in the world and my slightly weird view of things more often.

This last year has been the most testing and bizarre year of my life so far. I am quite surprised that I survived it. I find myself now, after hundreds of performances, zero sleep, scores of flights, untold pressures, joys, frustrations… back in Cape Town under the mountain in the African sunshine, just a few tunes away from finishing writing my next record.

Yoav Denmark Mini Tour Highlight Video

Yoav posted a collection of footage from his brief mini tour of Denmark at the end of January, including bits from his radio sessions and live shows. Watch it via YouTube below.

Yoav ‘Club Thing’ Video

Yoav is out with the music video to his new single ‘Club Thing’, from the singer songwriter’s album ‘Charmed & Strange’, out now on Field Recordings/Island; Verve Records in the USA. Watch it below.

Yoav ‘Beautiful Lie’ Video & Making Of

Yoav is out with the music video to his new single ‘Beautiful Lie’, from the singer songwriter’s forthcoming full-length debut album ‘Charmed & Strange’. Watch it below.