Taking Britney’s Virginity No Big Deal For Justin Timberlake

Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Tuesday, “I got to mention this big, big Hollywood dish, big celebrity dish. The other day, told a deejay on a New York radio station that isn’t a virgin anymore because he had sex with her while they were going out. That’s what he said. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, Timberlake says it wasn’t a big deal to him because he also deflowered all the guys in *NSYNC. [Laughter] He said it really wasn’t a big deal. That’s true.”

Justin Timberlake’s ‘Justified’ Exhibits Consistency & Diversity

November 6, 2002 – Barry Schwartz of DiamondbackOnline.com reviewed Justin’s debut solo effort calling ‘Justified’ the “best and most enjoyable R&B album this year.” Schwartz said, “In this age of watered-down and repetitive production, so few albums can exhibit the consistency and diversity of ‘Justified’. By employing the production of incomparable Neptunes and the eccentric Timbaland, his credibility is kicked up 10 notches. The Neptunes have shown a tendency to bring the best out of the artists with whom they work. True to form, the duo’s compositions, fusing hard rhythms with warm melodies, bring the best out of Timberlake’s distinct rhythmic vocal delivery.”

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