Talent Vs. Looks AKA Christina Aguilera Vs. Britney Spears

First of all I have to say I don’t support either of these weird pop tarts, but I feel like if you’re going to bicker over album sales, do it right!

…Baby One More Time VS.
… Oops I Did It Again VS. Mi Reflejo
Britney VS. My Kind of Christmas
…In The Zone VS. Just Be Free
…Greatest Hits My Prerogative VS. Stripped

I do realize that Just Be Free was not supposed to be released due to it’s “quality”, but it is included in her album sales so I had to include it.

Album Sales Christina Aguilera 45 million
Album Sales 60 million

In the true nature of this being an annoying essay I do have to pick one of these artist and tell my opinion, I pick Christina Aguilera because I respect her singing ability. And because all Britney does is place top three with Angelina and Halle or Holly in sexiest, beautiful polls, get overrated, make a lot of money off of being pretty and proves that like a screen name on Popdirt, true.talent.is.never.appreciated, but being a woman and having Geisele looks will get you further in this industry then having Whitney’s voice.

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