Tamar Kaprelian ‘New Day’ Video

premiered the official music video for her single ‘New Day’, where the 22-year-old takes her piano through beautiful fields and forests in the ultimate fairytale setting. Tamar has been writing since she was just fourteen years old and hopes to send a profoundly positive message with ‘New Day’. “It’s about struggling, persevering, and being in a situation where you don’t know how you’re gonna dig yourself out of it,” she explained. “And at the end of it, life is like a road—you don’t stop in the middle of it. I really want people to listen to this record and get a sense of hope from it.”

‘New Day’ will appear on Tamar’s debut album, ‘Sinner Or A Saint’, due out later this summer on Interscope Records. Check out the album cover below the cut.

Tamar Kaprelian 'Sinner or a Saint'

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One thought on “Tamar Kaprelian ‘New Day’ Video

  1. Truth says:

    This song is a total rip off of Joy William’s “Say Goodbye.” Plagiarism at its most blatant. The girl should be sued.

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