Tamyra Gray Stops By TRL On Monday

Tamyra Gray stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to speak with Carson Daly and before hand, she did a little singing number before the show started telling fans she’s not going nowhere. Tamyra again was a good sport about getting booted off last week, and said anyone that wins from here on out is deserving. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: That you go. Live from New York, I’m Carson Daly. The lovely voice of Tamyra Gray. The latest to get voted off of “American Idol” and the tradition of speaking them on the Monday, what a voice. What a shock this whole thing is. Tamyra, it’s great to meet you.

Tamyra: It’s wonderful meeting you, too.

Carson: And congratulations on get making to it the top 4.

Tamyra: Thank you.

Tamyra: What happened? You were clearly the most talented of everybody that was left?

[ Cheering ]

Tamyra: You know, I honestly think that each week is judged by their performances and my performance on Tuesday wasn’t as strong as it usually is. So my performance would have been the weakest one, so it was only fair that I go home.

Carson: That was a strong 10 seconds. We have more with Tamyra. We’re going to get into should Kira performing this Thursday. Here’s “Objection” at 10 on TRL.

[ Cheering ]

Carson: There’s the tango mix objection at 10, kicking off the week. Tamyra Gray, the latest on get voted off American Idol, is here. And so all the contestants got the wrath of Simon, the judge. He was pretty good with you, though.

Tamyra: Simon is great. I set out each week the do the best that could I and make sure that my best self was presented and each week, I had a challenge for myself. To make sure that I did better than I did the week before. You know, and so I really didn’t focus too much in on what the judges’ comments were as to how much I was critiquing myself each week. So I’m grateful for everything they said because they had so many great comments.

Carson: Simon called your performance world class and he said if you get voted off, then observe nobody is voting on talent, so what’s left?

Tamyra: I do think they’re voting on talent and I think each week’s performance is going to dictate whether or not you make it on to the next round.

Carson: Right. Quddus is out in times square. This lady can sing.

Quddus: It’s too bad they can only pick one winger. I’m out here with Jessica, another “American Idol” fan. How are you?

Fan: I’m good, how are you?

Quddus: Are you bummed that Tamyra got booted off?

Fan: I think she was the best.

[ Cheering ]

Quddus: You had a question for you?

Fan: I did. I just wanted to know, when you got voted off, how did it feel? He said he would help you out.

Tamyra: That’s a great feeling. I’m taking each day step by step. And I hope that in the future something wonderful does happen, because I’d hate to think that I did all this for nothing. So if anybody’s listening, and Randy, you know, I’m looking forward to you keeping your word.

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheering ]

Carson: Thanks, guys. Appreciate that. Quddus, talking to you a little bit. Get to the next video. The guys from Good Charlotte premiered the next void. This is Good Charlotte, “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”

Carson: That’s Good Charlotte. Now you’re looking at Tamyra Gray, just voted off American Idol. And we’ve been doing this with all the contestants. We’ve been doing this with all the contestants. We’ll ask you, who’s going to win this thing?

Tamyra: I think that each and every one of them are great and I feel they all deserve it, so whoever wins, I’m supporting you 100%.

Carson: Justin should win best hair, if nothing else. I wish you’d a ton of good luck, but I don’t think you’re going to need it. You’re incredibly talented. We look forward to seeing you on different circumstances.

Tamyra: Thank you so much.

Carson: That’s Tamyra Gray. Be sure to watch “American Idol” this Tuesday on Fox.

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