Tapes & Affidavit Could Be Jacko’s Ticket To Freedom

Former U.S. attorney Kendall Coffey appeared on CNN on Sunday to weigh in on audio tapes and the signed affidavits in Michael Jackson’s child molestation case apparently from the accuser and the mother of the accuser. “Well, if those tapes and that affidavit exist from the alleged child victim and the mother, and if those declarations were made after the fact of the alleged molestation, Catherine, that’s devastating for the prosecution’s case,” Coffey told CNN anchor Catherine Callaway. “They may try to say that the mom and the child didn’t learn the truth until some time later through psychotherapy of the child, but clearly that’s very harmful to the case. And what’s going to be critical is what other evidence is the prosecution going to have, either from the search of Neverland or perhaps from this veritable all points bulletin that they put out to everyone everywhere, calling on all alleged child victims to come forward and provide more information about Michael Jackson.” Read more.

Decline Of Says Much About America

December 1, 2003 – Farai Chideya of AlterNet.org has written an open letter to Michael following the singer’s child molestation charges. “I remember you. Your lips were full and your nose was wide and your face was brown,” she writes. “This only rates mentioning because it is no longer true. So untrue, in fact, that sometimes I wonder if I imagined you as you once were. I’m sure at night, as a child, I dreamed of the boy with the Afro who sang and spun on his heels like a miniature James Brown. I wish that boy had become a man. That wish seemed reasonable all the way through ‘Off the Wall,’ when your nose grew narrower and hair more lank, but you were still visibly black. With every subsequent album your relationship to your original appearance grew fainter and fainter, until you were no longer even an echo of yourself. But the further you fled from black masculinity, the more international crowds lionized you. Today you are a grotesque.”

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