Target To Sell New ‘Justin & Christina’ CD

Listen to star and together on the new CD ‘Justin & Christina’, available July 1st. As they ramp up their 45-city concert tour, Target Stores will offer this exclusive CD featuring new and remixed songs from both artists. The CD represents the first-time pairing of the two double-platinum artists. The disc features an entirely new, never-released recording from each artist — ‘That’s What Love Can Do’ by Christina and ‘Why, When, How’ by Justin. Also included are two remixed tracks from each artist: Christina’s ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Fighter’ and Justin’s ‘Rock Your Body’ and ‘Cry Me A River.’ “I’m so happy to have our CD at Target for all the fans who might not be able to come to our concert — or just want a little more of our music,” said Christina. Justin added,” Target is the perfect store for our CD because it’s such a great place to shop — and we’re excited for their support on our tour.”

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